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FedUp PAC's Latest BRANDING Tool


Help BRAND the Democrats to make them toxic to voters.

These postcards and talking points help voters BRAND Democrats as mean, evil, anti-God, open borders, pro-teacher’s union, violent, anti-police, anti-American elitist socialists/Marxists.

Please print these out, as many as you like, or order more. Click here for the print copies.

These postcards are not copyrighted and are intended for distribution.  Please feel free to distribute them and add your contact information.  FedUp PAC waives any and all claims to copyrights or ownership to these postcards and talking points.

Postcard - ORDER FORM

YES, please RUSH me 10 more postcards. I understand I will receive 10 free postcards. 

For every $15 after that, I will receive 5 more postcards up to 25 total.


Thanks for your order!

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