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We Endorse Adam Paul Laxalt For Nevada’s Senate Seat

Endorsing Adam Laxalt for Senator during the Nevada primary was an easy choice. An Iraq war veteran who was an outstanding conservative Attorney General for the state of Nevada, Laxalt is also the grandson of our late friend Senator Paul Laxalt.

As Attorney General Adam Laxalt was a steadfast conservative. When the well-liked establishment Republican Governor Brian Sandoval wondered off the conservative path on taxes, Adam did not hesitate to oppose Obamacare and the commerce tax that Sandoval supported.

Laxalt says Democrat Senator Cortez Masto has empowered the left's efforts to "demonize police officers and supported taxpayer-funded assistance for criminals, even after a Las Vegas police officer was shot during the 2020 riots."

Laxalt added, "Nevada law enforcement deserves an advocate in the U.S. Senate who will consistently support them every single day, not just when an election year comes around."

As his support for the police and law and order indicate, Adam Laxalt has been campaigning as an unabashed conservative on other important elements of the conservative agenda. However, perhaps even more important than his policy prescriptions is Adam Laxalt’s style of politics – he is a talented, hardworking grassroots campaigner.

And Adam Laxalt’s hardworking grassroots campaigning is paying off in the polls.

NewsMax reports Laxalt holds an overwhelming 37-point advantage over his closest Republican primary competitor for this year's U.S. Senate race, according to a WPA Intelligence poll.

Citing the survey, which charted 503 respondents April 24-26, Laxalt garnered 57% of the primary votes.

Sam Brown, who rates second in the poll, collected just 20% of the Nevada GOP vote.

The other Republican candidates, Bill Hockstedler and Sharelle Mendenhall, received 1% apiece.

For the remaining percentage tallies, 9% of those polled opted for "none of the candidates," and 12% were still undecided on a GOP representative.

The WPA poll cited that Laxalt scored 88% with "name recognition" and an overall "favorability" rating of 70%.

The GOP Senate primary takes place on June 14.

In mid-April, a Suffolk University/Reno Gazette-Journal poll found that Laxalt — who brands himself as a "consistent ally for law enforcement" — had a 3-point lead (43% to 40%) over incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev.

We are proud to join former President Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, the Nevada Right to Life and National Right to Life Committees, the Club for Growth and many other conservative organizations and individuals in endorsing Adam Paul Laxalt for the United States Senate.

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