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Viguerie Launches Paul Revere Lantern To Brand Democrats And Make The Red Wave Real

Last week in our article “Conservatives Must Nationalize The Election: The choice is whether America will remain America” we made the case that the Republican Establishment is blowing what should be a Red Wave election. A few days later, CHQ Chairman Richard A

Viguerie launched a new online publication The Paul Revere Lantern to help conservatives BRAND Democrats and make the Red Wave real.

Please click here to subscribe to Richard Viguerie’s Paul Revere Lantern.

In the first issue of the Paul Revere Lantern, Mr. Viguerie discusses some of the many ways you can be an important and effective conservative leader, including using new and alternative media to BRAND the Democrats.

Why is BRANDING important?

Because once something is BRANDED, positive or negative, good or bad, it’s like Super Glue—usually permanent.

Throughout the 20th Century, Democrats BRANDED Republicans as the party of the rich, big business, Wall Street, trickledown economics, etc. This BRANDNG of the Republicans lasted almost 100 years and helped Democrats win many elections.

Now, it’s our turn.

As the Democrats move hard and far-Left, conservatives have a once in a century opportunity to BRAND them as being anti-God, anti-America, anti-police, soft on crime, open borders, socialists/Marxists, and that BRAND will likely prevent them from ever again winning national elections (White House, control of U.S. Senate/U.S. House).

And if millions of conservatives become modern-day political Paul Reveres, we will be so successful in BRANDING the Democrats that they may have to abandon the Democrat Party and form a new political party.

As our beloved Ronald Reagan used to say, “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Obviously, we can’t depend on Big Media—most all have joined with the progressive/socialist/Marxist Democrats.

And the same for Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.).

If that’s not bad enough, we also can’t depend on the Republican Party and most national Republican politicians, because too many are weak, boneless, and spineless in fighting Democrats. Most national and state GOP committees and politicians are under the control and/or influence of content-free consultants.

Also, the leadership of every other major institution in America is arrayed against the views and values of most Americans. In addition to Big Media and Big Tech, these major institutions include lower and higher education, entertainment, Hollywood, the legal community, the nonprofit community, organized religion, big business, Wall Street, the government (including IRS, FBI, CIA, the military, and the U.S. Justice Department).

Just 50 years ago, only a small number of people could be a leader in politics or public policy. Usually, you had to hold public office, or write for or own a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV station, or be a multi-millionaire making big political contributions.

However, those days are gone, and the new king makers are those who use the new and alternative media to promote their views and values. Today, retired people, professionals, housewives, young people, veterans, small businessmen and women, are providing leadership in their community and making a significant difference.

Marketing studies show that receiving information from someone you know, like, admire, and respect is up to 1,000% more effective than receiving the same information from a stranger.

Therefore, when you send information to family members, friends, and your neighbors about the dangerous ideas and policies of Democrats, it will have far more effect than if they are given the same information by a stranger on radio, TV, or in a newspaper or magazine.

In the coming weeks, Mr. Viguerie will send you information, ideas, articles, videos, eBooks, about important ways you can help BRAND Democrat politicians and the Democrat Party as supporting:

Defund the Police

Opening the southern border to all who want to come in

Encouraging illegal voting

Wild spending, leading to runaway inflation

Weak national security defenses against our enemies: China, Iran, and Russia

Corruption of FBI, IRS, CIA, and U.S. Justice Department

What this election really comes down to is that contrast between maintaining our traditional individual liberties in the limited constitutional government bequeathed to us by our Founders, or surrendering them to empower violent mobs and their allies in government to create an oppressive socialist state where everything is decided on the basis of race and gender and no dissent or freedom of conscience is tolerated.

The Paul Revere Lantern will cover those and other important issues Americans need to know before the November 2022 election. Click here to subscribe to Richard Viguerie’s Paul Revere Lantern. Also, click here for an important 2 question survey. I’ll send the results soon to national and state conservative and Republican leaders.

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