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To Govern Conservatives Must Win Elections Outside The Margin Of Chaos And Fraud

This morning when we posted today’s ConservativeHQ the known results of yesterday’s House elections were:

Republicans: 200 (+4) Democrats: 179 (-4) Still to be officially called: 56

The known results for the Senate elections stood at:

Republicans: 49 (-1) Democrats: 48 (+1) Still to be officially called: 3

As midnight rolled around last night many important elections in Democrat-controlled states remained without a final tally, let alone an official victor. This was not because there was some technical or physical impediment to completing the count. After all, France, a nation of 67.5 million, votes the entire country on one day with paper ballots and gets the results out within hours of the polls closing. It is because America’s Democratic Party is the only political party in the free world that relies on vote fraud and chaos as a fundamental campaign strategy.

One quick video clip is indicative of how Democrats rely on committing election crimes to win, even in areas where they hold a legitimate advantage.

And it is an endemic problem anywhere Democrats are in charge. In Arizona, where Katie Hobbs, the Secretary of State and the official ostensibly in charge of elections, was running for Governor, some 20% of tabulators in Republican-heavy Maricopa Country inexplicably went down – leaving thousands of likely Republican voters stranded in lines reaching around the block.

And, as our friend Harmeet Dhillon tweeted, it should surprise no one that Democrat Senator Mark Kelly's campaign intervened to OPPOSE people who were disenfranchised today in Maricopa County, from being allowed to vote. Goes to show you that Democrats' platitudes about voting rights are often situational, at best.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch was also engaged in trying to sort-out the Arizona debacle, tweeting, "At least 36% of all voting centers across Maricopa County have been afflicted with pervasive and systemic malfunctions of ballot tabulation devices and printers".

Charlie Kirk, of Turning Point USA gave us a heads-up about more printer issues reported in very conservative Wickenburg, AZ in the outskirts of Maricopa County, Arizona. And asked, “Why are we putting up with this?”

In New York City, precincts in conservative Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods where religious leaders had endorsed Republican Lee Zeldin, after Democrat city officials had ignored a long series of Anti-Semitic attacks their congregations, Democrat election officials were no-shows or precincts were intentionally understaffed, again leaving voters stranded in lines that stretched hundreds of yards around the blocks in the city heat.

In Portland, Oregon – a city largely destroyed by the feckless Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler, Democrat aligned Communist and Anarchist ANTIFA operatives openly bragged about stealing ballots and strategized how to get around ballot drop box monitors.

And in Northern Virginia, where Democrats run the county election offices, and Soros-backed Commonwealth Attorneys ignore complaints about vote fraud, former Wall Street Journal writer Asra Nomani, a leader of the parents rebellion against wokeism in schools, noted this strange thing happened, very similar to the disappearing votes observed in 2020.

In Democrat-run Pennsylvania problems with casting and counting votes were also pervasive.

And John Fetterman, the Democrat candidate in the closely fought campaign to succeed retiring Republican Pat Toomey, is suing to count illegal ballots.

And Fetterman is suing to count illegal ballots even after Project Veritas caught Democrats committing election crimes to help Fetterman.

However, in Florida – once the epicenter of election chaos and mismanagement – it was different. One man, Governor Ron DeSantis stood up and said, “no more.” He fired incompetent or more likely corrupt election officials, in Democrat-run Broward and Palm Beach counties, led the legislature to enact crucial ballot security reforms and established an election crimes investigatory agency to root out vote fraud and election crimes. The result was the smoothest election in decades.

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