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The Shock Troops Of The Great Reset: 87,000 New IRS Agents

The Nevada Independent had a great take on the IRS hiring binge funded by the Democrats’ inappropriately named “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Michael Schaus wrote given how skeptical many Democrats generally are of empowering law enforcement agencies with more authority or resources, their enthusiasm for spending $80 billion to bolster the Internal Revenue Service as part of the “Inflation Reduction Act” is odd.

Certainly, it makes sense that progressives would be excited about mobilizing an army of revenuers to make the rich “pay their fair share.” Nonetheless, such exuberance should at least be tempered given the agency’s institutional tendency to target disadvantaged individuals and communities rather than lawyered-up millionaires and billionaires.

Perhaps sensing that an army of 87,000 new IRS employees (more than doubling the current workforce) might not be an inherently popular way to spend money during tough economic times, Democratic leadership has assured the American people that average middle-income Americans have nothing to fear.

Audits, we are told, won’t increase in regularity for anyone making less than $400,000 per year.

Such an assurance would be more believable, wrote Mr. Schaus, had those very same Democrats not torpedoed an attempt to codify such language in the bill. Ultimately, there’s no reason to believe the IRS’s expansion won’t land more average Americans in the agency’s crosshairs… other than a few promises made by Democratic politicians facing a potentially brutal midterm election year.

Or, as our friend Stephen Moore put it, the geese they will pluck are the defenseless small business owners and people who make between $75,000 and $250,000 of income.

We think Mr. Schaus and Mr. Moore are on to something regarding who will be targeted by the new, and armed with deadly force, army of IRS agents.

Our take is that this is part of a very well thought out plan to target and eliminate a large percentage of America’s small and independent businesses as a means of eliminating the primary stronghold of conservatives in general and the MAGA Movement in particular.

Small businesses and independent tradesmen are the backbone of Middle America, and Middle America is the backbone of the conservative and MAGA Movements.

And what better way to eliminate the spirit of independence that undergirds the politics of the MAGA Movement than to remove the source of that independence – an income independent of government and not derived from a “woke” corporation?

It is easy to look back on the past three years and see the pattern and why crushing small business and independent tradesmen are crucial to accomplishing the Left’s Great Reset.

Who quickly fell into line and did the Left’s bidding to close stores and factories, mandate masks and vaccines and fire anyone who resisted?

Big business, big labor, big government.

Where was the center of opposition to this abusive government overreach – small and independent businesses and independent tradesmen.

According to a 2016 survey by data research firm Infogroup, most small business owners vote Republican.

The company merged voter registration data from critical swing states with its proprietary database to come up with a combined pool of 5 million businesses and consumers that were asked questions about their party affiliation and other topics.

Of those surveyed, business owners were 24 percent more likely to be Republican than Democrat.

What do Democrats do more than Republicans? Yeah, you guessed it — 70 percent are more likely to be in social services and 40 percent in education. Democrats are also more likely to work in larger businesses and have a 30 percent more chance to work at the greenest businesses in the country.

That’s why small and independent businesses and independent tradesmen have been the primary targets of the government’s lawfare to impose and normalize same-sex marriage, Critical Race Theory, transgender ideology, and other Leftist ideological goals.

Big business didn’t resist any of that stuff – indeed they are largely all for it. It has been independent businesspeople, like baker Jack Phillips, who have been the leaders of these principled fights.

Democrats have long recognized this dynamic, that’s why they are constantly pushing to add more and more “clients” to the government-dependent class, and we’re not just talking about welfare recipients when we talk about the government-dependent class.

Unionized government workers are a key constituency of the government-dependent class, and a group easily bullied and manipulated into such things as mandatory vaccination, “wokeism” and of course supporting higher taxes and more government spending and intrusion into the lives of their fellow citizens – that’s their job after all.

Even the Republican establishment has figured this out with Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), telling Fox Digital an ominous concern. "The IRS targeted conservatives during the Obama Administration, so it's fair to wonder whether Joe Biden will use his new IRS Army to attack conservatives," he said.

There’s no “wonder” about it, concluded Steve Moore, conservatives haven’t (or shouldn’t have forgotten) the outrageous weaponization of the tax collection agency during President Barack Obama’s administration. Obama political appointee Lois Lerner targeted the Tea Party and other taxpayer groups with a conservative orientation.

If you have a conservative voice in this country or you have any affiliation with the Republican Party or donate to Republican candidates, they are coming after you. Maybe soon.

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