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The Right Resistance: We’ve had more than enough of the Bidens, but we’re way short on remedies

If Joe Biden seemingly can’t do anything right of late and even his own party and the normally friendly and deferential establishment media are turning on him, there’s only one recourse remaining for the poor dunce who was somehow gifted the presidency of the United States: send his wife out to beg for sympathy for him.

“Dr.” Jill Biden did just that the other day, when she addressed her husband’s rapidly sinking popularity with the American people. The Washington Times reported that the first lady complained, “’He had so many hopes and plans for things he wanted to do, but every time you turned around, he had to address the problems of the moment,’ Mrs. Biden said, according to CNN. ‘He’s just had so many things thrown his way. Who would have ever thought about what happened [with the Supreme Court overturning] Roe v. Wade? Well, maybe we saw it coming, but still, we didn’t believe it. The gun violence in this country is absolutely appalling. We didn’t see the war in Ukraine coming.’”

Huh? They didn’t see the “gun violence” coming? Is this a new phenomenon? Here’s thinking Barack and Michelle Obama should’ve given the Bidens a tour of the south side of Chicago any time in the past half century and then the new first couple might’ve become aware of the weekly carnage there. And the demise of Roe v. Wade is at least a few decades in the making.

If we gathered that Dr. Jill was just as thick and dull-brained as her husband when she made that “Hispanics are like breakfast tacos” quip during a recent speech in Texas, now it’s confirmed that the woman is easily as naive and clueless and beyond redemption as bumbling Joe. Maybe it’s time both of them were tested for cognitive decline. Hunter, too.

But oh, the sorrowful feelings her words engendered! They produced imaginative images of senile Joe dressed in his pj’s perched on the edge of their presidential bed at night spilling his guts to Dr. Jill about how unfair life is, and, and -- how he didn’t see any of this coming when he spent all those hours playing Pong on his old computer in his basement while the country was locked down during the government bureaucracy fostered COVID farce two years ago.

It’s unbelievable that the wife of the president would ever gripe about being saddled with unforeseen foreign and domestic crises in the world, isn’t it? One wonders if Eleanor Roosevelt similarly sought out compassionate ears for the non-predictability of that Hitler guy in Europe in the 1930’s, and whoever would’ve foreseen the Japanese mounting a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor? What a pity!

Or Mary Todd Lincoln tugging on the heartstrings of White House visitors just after husband Abe’s inauguration in 1861, griping that they never, ever, thought those conniving southerners would make good on their vow to fire on Fort Sumter? Or what if Laura Bush observed that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center completely derailed her husband’s agenda and forced him to turn his focus towards radical Islamic ideology rather than spreading “compassionate conservatism”?

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, was it? Let’s not forget that senile Joe was elected as the answer to many a leftist agnostic prayer before the 2020 election, billed as the one politician in America who could unify the country after four turbulent years of the always volatile, Russian collusion worshipping Donald Trump.

The previous president was said to be awful to work for or with, perpetually on the edge of a temper breakdown 24/7/365, and now, thanks to the testimony of former Trump staffer Cassidy Hutchison in front of the January 6 Committee, we understand that the chief executive willingly tussled with Secret Service agents and had a fondness for throwing ketchup on the walls of the White House.

But not Joe Biden! Dr. Jill swears the Democrat’s intentions were always as pure as the new fallen snow on a dormant Minnesota cornfield in winter, weren’t they? Joe had hopes of sprinkling borrowed federal money across the multitude of Democrat grifters with outstretched hands, dreaming of a country where no one had to work and the rich would automatically pay their fair share by directly depositing all but a few dimes of their fortunes into the federal treasury!

Or, Joe could’ve simply wished for a Congress without Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema so the senate filibuster would be done away with, opening up the floodgates to allow statehood for Washington DC and Puerto Rico, Supreme Court packing, federalizing elections forever and, last but not least, “climate” laws that would essentially ban carbon-spewing private enterprise!

Couldn’t it be said that everyone has these types of “hopes”, too? It was my personal dream that I wouldn’t have had to deal with an unforeseen issue with our household’s irrigation system and county certification, but that’s not keeping the local government authorities from threatening to fine and penalize us if the problem isn’t taken care of – pronto. Or the notice from the IRS that one of our tax returns was incorrect and we needed to pony up more dough for ol’ Joe B. and company to distribute to welfare recipients and buy more ammunition for Ukrainian fighters.

Joe Biden succeeded spectacularly in one area – he unified the country alright… against him. And no amount of Dr. Jill’s excuse-making will make a difference in public opinion polls, or in reality. We’re stuck with senile Joe and his merry band of Obama leftovers until the next presidential election two years’ hence.

Or are we? In a piece titled, “That’s Enough”, the always entertaining and on-point Scott McKay wrote at The American Spectator:

“[I]f [Democrats] really want the distance from Biden they don’t deserve, then it’s time to dust off the 25th Amendment and put it to use. Come on Chuck, come on Nancy. Before the August recess, start that ball rolling. Demand Biden submit to the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, as your Republican colleagues have insisted for more than a year, and, if he won’t do it, then start the proceedings to declare him unfit...

“They’re so afraid of Kamala Harris finishing off any claim they might have to national leadership that they won’t do the obvious thing and rid us of Biden. They know that, once Harris takes office, as it’s increasingly clear she’ll have to before this presidential term is up, there will be no more excuses, and the public will understand that Joe Biden isn’t the real disaster — the Democrats are.”

McKay was particularly unimpressed with senile Joe’s recently concluded visit to the Saudi Arabian royal family, where the American leader made a complete [donkey] of himself and utterly failed to read the proverbial tea leaves regarding the filthy oil rich kingdom’s willingness – or lack thereof -- to bail out America’s leftists who’d chosen to curtail production in order to please their climate alarmist followers.

McKay argues that Biden is much more than just an idiot who the world laughs at – he’s actually dangerous to America’s national security.

The American Spectator writer presents a compelling case for why Biden needs to be removed as soon as possible. McKay advanced a similar set of rationales not long ago. I don’t think there’s a conservative in the hemisphere who doesn’t wish he or she could wave a magic wand and make the Bidens – and most elected Democrats -- disappear.

But short of Biden himself having a remarkable epiphany regarding his own cognitive decline and mental fitness for office, don’t count on it happening. Though it was reported the other day that cracks are starting to form in Biden’s support among senate Democrats, few of the cowards would go on record or directly criticize anything that Biden has done.

The DC establishment likes Biden’s agenda but they’re turning on the man because Americans are unhappy with Democrat policies. They see the president groveling to the evil Saudis for more oil but won’t cease spouting his own climate mumbo jumbo to stave off opening up every single U.S. domestic source to ensure that gasoline price spikes never happen again.

Biden realizes if he were to take a practical approach to the energy situation, his base of disaffected limousine liberals, the noxious old hags at “The View”, university academics, African-American women and white suburban college-educated elites would cut bait and head back to the dock – and find some other candidate “fish” to back in 2024.

As far as removing Biden now, the aforementioned “Chucky” and Nancy would have to do a lot more than beat around the proverbial bush. Removal through the oft-cited 25th Amendment starts with vice president Kamala Harris and goes straight through a cabinet chock full of Biden loyalists who couldn’t give a hoot whether their boss was on his last brain cell. Their livelihoods would be at stake if he were ousted. Would these pols even keep their jobs if Harris were to suddenly ascend to the Oval Office? Would they be willing to swap the easily controllable Biden for a mercurial unknown like Kamala Harris? Who would’ve ever “foreseen” that, one day, cackling Kamala could be the key to their political future?

It almost appears as though straight impeachment of senile Joe could be a more productive removal avenue, but this wouldn’t happen for at least another six months (and the instillation of a different, Republican-controlled Congress), and even then, the pro-removal side would have to convince a heck of a lot of Democrat senators to go along with it.

Again, even if impeachment were successful, we’d begin the next sentence with, “Congratulations, Madame President Kamala!”

There are no easy answers here. Scott McKay was correct when he wrote that we’ve had enough of Joe Biden. But short of hoping for a political miracle, what else is there to do?

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