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The Right Resistance: Time to think the unthinkable – life with Democrat control in 2023

Any responsible military commander knows it well: you must plan for what comes after victory, but also make allowance for what might take place if you lose a battle… or even the

war. This is sometimes referred to as keeping avenues of retreat open in case the carefully plotted offensive campaign comes up short of its objective.

If you don’t explore all the possibilities, you could face what Vladimir Putin is encountering in Ukraine these days, where his Russian forces have been withered by a devastating, U.S. weapons-led counterattack by a Ukrainian army that wasn’t supposed to still be functioning at this point. No doubt Putin banked on his numerically superior and equipped invading force to just roll into the adjoining territory and take over everything without enduring any hardship whatsoever. It didn’t work out that way for the Russians, however, who could now feasibly be staring defeat square in the eyes. As Patrick J. Buchanan wrote last week, “A desperate Vladimir Putin is a dangerous Vladimir Putin.”

Under such circumstances, the future isn’t always foreseeable, but in American politics, there are definitely many contingencies related to the question of what would happen if Republicans were to lose seats to the Democrats in eight weeks. Contemplating such a defeat is not pleasant, yet it’s something that every conservative should and must undertake.

For months, pollsters and political experts have propped up the confidence of Republican leaders and candidates, telling them that everything from the issues to history is on their side in 2022. With a flailing incumbent president with approval numbers in the high 30’s or low 40’s in the White House, Republicans clearly licked their proverbial chops anticipating an easy cakewalk to majorities in the U.S. Capitol and statehouses and governor’s mansions across the nation.

It still could turn out the way and every conservative hopes that certain polls and what usually transpires during a president’s first midterm election happens again this year. That’s the best-case scenario everyone desires. But what if the opposite happens and Democrats whip up an army of screeching, abortion-loving feminists and the evil party maintains – or even grows – majorities in Congress?

It's hard to think about. But it could happen, folks. Mark Antonio Wright broached the hard-to-fathom subject at National Review:

“If you thought it was frustrating when all that stood between America and trillions of dollars of new spending was a wobbly Joe Manchin, just wait until the Democrats no longer need his vote.

“From abortion, to gun control, to H.R. 1 — the Democrats’ 791-page behemoth of a bill that amounts to a federal takeover of elections — don’t expect an empowered Democratic caucus to take the moderate path. Why not? Because today’s Democrats aren’t your father’s Democrats...

Dobbs changed the political environment by energizing the Democrats’ left-wing activist base. And the result, Continetti writes, ‘has moved inflation, border security, and CRT off the front page.’ If the Democratic coalition is energized and its Republican counterpart is subdued, a coalition of ‘college-educated white voters behind pro-choice candidates’ could ‘prevent a Republican takeover of the Senate.’ You’d better buckle up, America.”

If this actually becomes reality, buckling up won’t be sufficient to save you from the hellish ride. More likely, conservatives would be better off keeping the car in the garage and barricading ourselves in our houses, figuratively armed with a new battle plan to survive the impending storm on the horizon.

You’d better lay on that supply of emergency food, folks. With Democrats in charge, there won’t be affordable energy or food any longer. Here’s thinking we’ll be forced to do what the Germans are doing in a natural gas-starved Europe – foraging through the woods for dead trees to use for firewood. We don’t have a wood burning fireplace in our recently constructed home, but can’t we just bust out a wall and make one?

All kidding aside, it really would be a total disaster for Democrats to hold onto the levers of national power. It could potentially be counterbalanced by the plethora of capable Republican governors in a majority of states, and there’s always the conservatives serving on the U.S. Supreme Court, but at least for a little while, the Democrats would run roughshod over the nation’s laws and traditions to try and foster the worst woke socialist dystopia on planet Earth.

To begin with, if Democrats hold the House, gnarled old Nancy Pelosi won’t be sent back to Napa Valley to swill booze with hubby Paul and then have them both go out for a joy ride around the wine country. No, San Fran Nan will get another two years’ worth of chances to cement her legacy as the most consequentially harmful U.S. House Speaker of all-time. The old hag will recommission the January 6 Committee, sans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, but will empower the remaining Democrats to subpoena and search anything they like.

With no Republican House majority there will be no good-guy investigations into Hunter Biden’s laptop, no study of the botched Afghanistan pullout, and no looks into retired Dr. Anthony Fauci and the heinous COVID-19 lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. Senile Joe’s deep state witch hunt will continue unabated by common sense and the Constitution. Who knows, maybe the FBI will publish an “enemies of the state” list and amp up searching private residences for firearms or other tools of resistance against “democracy” and Democrat rule.

Legislatively speaking, there will be no preventing the full implementation of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal. The progressives will strike a deal with Madame Pelosi to allow her to reign a couple more years in exchange for complete control of the party agenda. Democrats will pass education “reform” mandating sensitivity training for all school districts that receive federal funding, and will trump any state-level protections for parents or private schools.

“Voting rights” will be the first item on the House docket just as it’s been since the Democrats took power after the 2018 election. “This time we’re serious” will be the rallying cry and the liberal party will band together to pass universal mail-in voting, ban Voter ID requirements, outlaw any state level cleansing of voter rolls and provide for 365 days of early – and late – voting.

The “Equality Act” will pass without any qualifications. A “diversity watch-human” will be appointed to oversee and enforce quotas in all aspects of American life. Private property will be condemned and “Sustainable Development” will become the law of the land. Better get ready for that high-rise apartment building next door to your property. Illegal aliens will all receive amnesty and citizenship.

In addition, Donald Trump will be impeached for a third time based on findings of “obstruction of justice” and possession of “classified” material that would otherwise implicate Democrats for the Russia, Russia, Russia investigation.

Unlike in the past two years, there will be no filibuster tradition left to prevent most of the most damaging House Democrat passed bills from becoming law. If Democrats manage to pick up a senate seat or two in November, they could have enough senate votes to ditch the filibuster for regular legislation, all-but opening the flood gate to anything Democrats can scrape a majority together to pass.

Next, are you ready for Supreme Court packing? Democrats will propose and then push through a measure to increase the size of the federal judiciary at all levels, not just the Supreme Court. The current 5 or 6 to three conservative majority on the high court will be swamped by six new liberal progressive “living Constitution” jurists patterning themselves after the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Substantive due process” will be read into the Constitution for all crackpot ideas of the cultural left. Hollywood, rather than the states, will be the laboratory for new and cutting-edge thought-control experiments and the liberal federal judiciary will rubberstamp the triumph of the state over the People.

Democrats will then scheme to allow Washington DC and Puerto Rico to become the 51st and 52nd states along with four new liberal senators who will join “Chucky” Schumer’s marauding liberal army of current senators to steamroll any future conservative opposition. The Democrats won’t have to fashion a contingency plan for losing because they never will be defeated again.

As far as the budget is concerned, Democrats won’t have to worry about a “moderate” Democrat senator throwing a wet blanket on their dreams of hiking taxes to confiscatory levels on anyone who makes money in today’s America – not just the rich. “You didn’t build that” will be the mantra of Democrat representatives and senators who will use their power to punish any productive citizens or entrepreneurs. The state will use the tax receipts to ban work requirements for Democrat constituencies and impose “Medicare for All” as ordered by Senators Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and Bernie Sanders.

The aforementioned senators will then author a bill to wipeout 100 percent of student debt forever, effectively federalizing higher education.

What else? With January 6 as an example, Democrats will outlaw “insurrectionist” protests, which will include Tea Party-type rallies and/or pro-life demonstrations in front of abortion clinics. Conservative free speech will suffer a similar fate and conservative publishers will be shut down and charged with incitement of a rebellion.

The noxious hags at “The View” will lend their input to congressional committees on who qualifies as an “insurrectionist” or “threat to democracy”.

Think none of these things can and will happen? When have Democrats ever exhibited restraint when given the opportunity (legal and otherwise) to impose their agenda? Anyone? Anyone?

Democrats used their power the moment they took over the House in 2019. They impeached Trump later that year. They passed the “For the People Act.” They staged a stupid kneeling ceremony for George Floyd in the capitol building. They made jerks of themselves at every opportunity. What would change if they felt uninhibited?

It’s a scary thought. Make those “what if we lose” plans now. And fight for every Republican candidate from sea to shining sea to stave off this fate. This is for all the marbles, folks.

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