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The Right Resistance: Take this job and shove it, Joe, Americans ain’t workin’ for you no more

“Take this job and shove it, I ain’t workin’ here no more.” It’s a song popularized by country music singer Johnny Paycheck in the late 70’s and later featured as the title of a movie in 1981.

Students of popular American culture recognize the saying if not the song itself. And the movie wasn’t exactly a box office hit despite its catchy description and starring two of the big celebrities from the time period, actors Robert Hays and Barbara Hershey. Most folks probably couldn’t tell you who sang the song much less recall the on-screen version’s plot. But it doesn’t matter. The feelings behind the headline remain for all-time.

More and more Americans are expressing the “shove it” sentiments these days, as 4.2 million workers quit their jobs in October, the third highest monthly total on record. Further, October’s tally was slightly lower than the 4.4 million doing the same thing in September, equivalent to about 3 percent of the workforce according to the government’s Department of Labor.

The hugely high number includes those voluntarily leaving their positions to pick up another job. There were 11 million openings in October as well, despite only 210,000 new jobs added to the economy. Pundits will argue back and forth on whether this is good or bad news, but the Biden administration will no doubt spin the figures into something approaching a boom for American employment, especially since the overall jobless rate is down to 4.2 percent (up from 3.5 percent under President Trump).

The causes of the “Take this job and shove it” mindset are many. I personally know of people who plan to leave their current situations if the onsite conditions and scheduling don’t improve for them. Being understaffed is a much more serious plague than anything caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus to those needing able and healthy staffers to man (and woman?) their businesses.

So it seems that this job-transitioning -- “quitting” -- will linger into the near future, particularly with seasonal workers being factored in during the holiday season, not to mention the ongoing war over vaccines and mandates.

Why the turnover? The bottom line: the government’s overzealous tampering with the economy at a time of prosperity -- a.k.a., the Trump administration and its policies -- is showing up in ways that weren’t anticipated two years ago. Unnecessarily spreading fear and terror of sickness and death at the hands of the CCP virus has invaded the psyches of American workers and those who would normally look for employment. First they were ordered to stay away; now they’re making up their own minds to get out.

Certainly, many, many millions realized that Congress’s sending generous government benefits to ordinary citizens regardless of need supplanted the urge to work and senile Joe Biden’s and the Democrat leadership’s push to pass Build Back (More) Better will only worsen the crisis if the pork-laden proposal sneaks into law. Anyone who values fiscal responsibility prays West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin means what he says about inflation worries and kills it.

COVID changed the American population’s views towards work itself. Millions got a sample of work-from-home and discovered they had a taste for it. Zoom doesn’t produce for school kids who need an in-person learning environment, but there’s little need for companies to reserve office space if meetings and consultations can be held with folks located in an infinite number of locations.

That bell’s already been rung and can’t be undone. We ain’t goin’ back. Employers who go overboard on insisting their mid-level people come into the office or shop when the same production can be achieved at home will have difficulty keeping their best employees. Too many jobs are waiting out there to be had. “Take it and shove it”? It’ll be fascinating to see where this leads in the next few years.

As previously mentioned, the Biden message spinners will insist they’re responsible for the positive aspects of the societal change and that “quitting” constitutes a notch in senile Joe’s accomplishment bed post. And, as usual, the media will cooperate in presenting the liberals’ side of the story. Despite the talkers being fully in the tank for senile Joe and company, Biden wants the establishment media to present him in a better light.

Get ready for the snow job! It’s raining horsepucky! Jeff Mordock reported at The Washington Times:

“The White House is reportedly unhappy with the media coverage of President Biden and has embarked on a mission to change that, according to a report...

“CNN reported that three top White House officials are secretly meeting with major news outlets to persuade them into more favorable coverage of the president.

“The officials also are seeking positive stories about job creation, the economy and the supply chain, arguing the economy is in better shape than it was last year, according to the report. The White House officials attending the meetings are said to be National Economic Deputy Directors David Kamin and Bharat Ramamurti along with Ports Envoy John Porcari. While CNN did not name any of the outlets they met with, it did say that they’ve spoken with anchors, producers and reporters.”

One can only imagine what these meetings must’ve sounded like. Even setting up an appointment for a face-to-face must’ve been quite amusing to listen to.

“MSNBC, how do I direct your call?”

“Um, this is Joe here at the White House. I’m callin’ to complain about the coverage your network is giving to the awesome not-Trump Biden administration. I saw a story about illegal aliens from Haiti being whipped by border patrol agents and it showed Maxine Waters saying what those horse-mounted yahoos did was worse than slavery. They’re not portraying Democrats in a positive enough light. Who cares if the photographer who took the images indicated that no whips were used. We need the viewing public to see Biden and Kamala Harris as heroes, not incompetent goats.

“How about you people showing pictures of aliens being driven back to Mexico in buses? That’ll do it.”

The funniest thing in all of this is liberal establishment media writers complaining that Biden is receiving more negative coverage than Trump did during his initial months as president. Did they forget or simply ignore the fact that “Russian collusion” claims against Trump began before he even took office? This same media, along with the willing cooperation of the Obama/Biden Deep State, was well on its way to railroading Gen. Michael Flynn out of the administration within its first few weeks.

Is there a similar fabrication like the Hillary Clinton paid-for Steele Dossier to excite the journos? Did Hunter Biden get caught in a rumor peeing on a hotel bed in Moscow while Vladimir Putin watched mesmerized?

Further, even the obnoxious and biased establishment media can’t put a positive face on the completely botched Afghanistan withdrawal. When you’ve got pool media photos of Afghanis clinging to C130 landing gear and climbing on top of moving planes in a desperate attempt to get out of the country, as a journalist, what are you supposed to do, bill it as senile Joe’s way of boosting plane carrying capacity?

And what does one do when the president is caught on video looking at his watch 13 times (or however many it was) when the bodies of American military personnel killed in a terrorist attack are brought home for the final time? Making Joe Biden appear as though he’s awake and alert is challenging enough. Making him seem like he cares… it’s impossible!

What about gas prices? Must an ABC or NBC producer avoid the topic when many parts of California require $5 or more for a gallon of gas? Is this not having an impact on the way people think? Should the media instead depict senile Joe riding in an electric car towards a 400-foot high windmill and claim he's really chasing the three pronged monsters in Don Quixote-like style to impress Kamala Harris (in this analogy, his Dulcinea)?

As demonstrated above, the American economy is a total wreck, and it’s not just because of COVID (voters now prefer Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic to Biden’s, by the way). When there’s a doddering old doofus talking about vaccines and boosters and demanding every employer insist that their employees get stuck twice against their will, how are the people at home supposed to take it?

If Americans are already quitting their jobs in record numbers, what’s going to happen when the vaccine mandates take full effect? Will small businesses shut down? Will police forces retain enough officers to battle the raging street crime? Will airlines have enough pilots? How about hospital personnel?

Joe Biden campaigned on his ability to bring people together and govern competently as opposed to Donald Trump only caring about himself and further enriching the rich. The Democrat has proven to be a miserable failure, a fact the media can’t hide despite its best efforts to do so. Biden’s approval ratings reflect the way the public views him, not how the media spins him. Big difference.

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