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The Right Resistance: ‘Shock’ poll shows Trump would win today. What a difference a year makes

What a difference a year makes.

With the nation’s -- and the world’s -- attention still concentrated on the shocking events unfolding on the other side of the earth in Afghanistan, perhaps it’s a good time to reflect on what was taking place a year ago this week here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., namely the holding of the (mostly) “virtual” Republican National Convention (where a stage was set up) in Charlotte, North Carolina, with additional distinguished invitees delivering their live testimonials at various sites around the nation. The Democrats had conducted their own nominating extravaganza the previous week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with speakers either appearing remotely or via prerecorded (canned?) videos.

As if anyone chooses to recall the Democrat event, it was a snooze-fest from start to finish with both vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris and presidential hopeful Joe Biden speaking to tiny audiences on coronavirus plague isolated stages -- very different settings than the typical party fiestas where thousands of screaming loyalists attend and shout themselves hoarse while partying like it was… well, 2020.

You receive extra points if you could name the salient things Democrats talked about (I had to check notes myself to remember) during their four nauseating nights of bloviating. Of course, liberals were up in arms about the establishment media’s assertions that Trump failed to contain the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus, resulting in a multitude of unnecessary deaths, etc. It was a full-on phony façade with witnesses lecturing that “if only Trump had taken the threat seriously, everyone would still be alive.”

Democrats talked about COVID-19 so much it seemed like the Chinese were a national sponsor.

None other than (former?) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo spoke on the first night, sharing his experience in leading through the pandemic. Cuomo threw in the typical dose of racial scare rhetoric, too. “He [Trump] didn’t fight off the virus,” the sexually harassing pol said during his five-minute talk. Poor Andrew… he was on top of the proverbial world in August of 2020. My, how the mighty fall! It’s a sad fact that Cuomo was forced to resign because of his perverted nature alone… not because his policies led to tens of thousands of dead seniors in care facilities.

The establishment media forgets -- or simply neglects to mention -- that there were whispers of “substituting” Cuomo for Biden after the former became a TV star with his many, many daytime “chats” in front of a giant projection screen. Women -- and (some) men -- across the country fell in love with him (the infamous “Cuomosexuals”), so if Andrew needs a fresh supply of willing women to receive his advances after leaving office, there should be lots of volunteers!

In addition to the CCP virus clamor, Democrats spent a great deal of their time and energy demonizing Donald Trump on the postal service controversy. Do you recall how Democrats accused the president of purposely defunding the post office so people wouldn’t be able to vote? Oh, the horrors! Voter suppression! How much time was spent by Democrats wailing and gnashing their teeth over the possibility (not real, mind you) that a mailbox was removed down the street?

It was that stupid, folks. The entire Democrat platform could be summed up thusly: Trump is bad; Trump is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths; Trump divides; Trump didn’t take the office seriously (Barack Obama’s main argument); Trump caused the nation’s racial tension; Democrats have a perfect race record; policing needs to be re-thought; and rickety old Joe Biden is the greatest human being on the planet. He’ll save us all!

The Republican convention was much more watchable and entertaining. What else would you expect when the program was conceived of and orchestrated by a master showman? Particularly memorable were speeches by former NFL star Herschel Walker, Sen. Tim Scott, First Lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence (at Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor, outdoors, with no masks!) and, of course, the president himself in a White House setting that will never be forgotten.

Afterwards, a mob of Democrat supporting Black Lives Matter hooligans was waiting to harass and assault Republicans who’d attended Trump’s acceptance speech. Remember how a heroic group of DC metro policemen saved Senator Rand Paul from certain harm? The thugs were shouting “Say her name! Say her name!” To my knowledge, none of them had to rot in jail for their overly aggressive and threatening actions. Quite a contrast to the Biden government’s treatment of this year’s January 6 defendants.

At any rate, after the conventions were concluded, I saw Trump as a heavy favorite to win reelection. The ironic thing is, if the election were held today, Trump would likely win it. Paul Bedard reported on a recent Rasmussen Reports survey at The Washington Examiner:

“[I]n an election do-over, Biden would lose to former President Donald Trump.

“By a six-point margin, 43%-37%, likely voters would pick Trump over Biden ‘if the next presidential election were held today.’ The details of the survey, which samples more Democrats than Republicans, showed that Trump would win more women and blacks than he did in 2020 when he lost to Biden, 46.8%-51.3%.

“A sizable 14% would choose ‘some other candidate,’ though none were named. The survey comes at a key point in Biden’s presidency. He is now under fire for bungling America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, increasing inflation, and spiraling crime.”

Of course there are lots of people who still insist that Trump did win the last election, so it wouldn’t be necessary to conduct another one today. The real story is slowly leaking from places like Arizona and Georgia, audits finding ballot irregularities that throw the whole result into dispute. But Joe Biden is president today. With all the turmoil around him this summer, maybe the longtime Delaware senator wishes he weren’t.

It’s curious how the survey showed Trump’s margin of victory would be bolstered by greater support among women and black voters than he had last year, because those two groups were, according to the establishment media, most oppressed under the policies of Joe Biden’s predecessor. Last week, Trump asked, “Do you miss me yet?, and apparently there are enough folks out in the hinterlands to answer in the affirmative.

Democrats hid Biden away all summer and well into the fall. He did consent to three face-to-face debates, only two of which ended up occurring because Trump tested COVID positive in early October. Recall how the first debate was a disaster for the incumbent, who might’ve been feeling the effects of illness on that evening. Why sugarcoat it? Trump was rude, overly aggressive and constantly interrupted Biden instead of letting the challenger hang himself with his own inane proposals.

With country-wide early voting by mail, I wondered whether Trump lost the election on that night. If only America’s citizens could’ve seen what a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration would be like at that point… but history is history. The president recovered nicely -- both from the virus and from the public relations hit from his bad debate showing -- to inspire mass rallies in every place he chose to visit, openly flaunting the stupid mask mandates and telling people to live their lives.

Joe Biden stayed away from the campaign trail. If you need a good chuckle, go back and review one of his “rallies”, where a constantly mask-adjusting Biden spoke to people in parked cars who honked their approval at applause lines. The level of enthusiasm was lowest for any candidate in recent memory, yet the “experts” say Biden received over 80 million total votes. How? It’s baffling.

On Election Night, just as with 2016, Trump won states he wasn’t supposed to (according to the polls and the media). And when America finally went to bed, the incumbent was safely ahead in every “swing” state, similar to the previous contest against Hillary Clinton. Then, in state after state, Biden’s totals mysteriously rose. The vote counters in blue cities couldn’t meet counting deadlines, yet every one of them ticked upward for senile Joe.

With polls now showing that Trump would win the election if the vote were held today, Americans will be even more desperate for the competent leadership that we so desperately need. If only the fence-sitters could’ve glimpsed how awful Biden has been -- on so many fronts -- during his first year in office, they would have acted differently last November.

Perspective is required in any endeavor. What a difference a year makes, indeed.

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