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The Right Resistance: Serfs! Ignoramuses! How Lunch Bucket Joe became Job Killer Joe

Anyone remember “Ol’ lunch bucket Joe”?

Over the course of decades it’s not surprising that Joe Biden acquired several colorful nicknames. It’s hard to be in Washington, D.C., the political gossip capital of the world, without garnering a reputation. Senator Ted Kennedy, for example, was often referred to as “The Lion of the Senate.” Teddy was called a lot of other things as well, but the major establishment media prefers to focus on the positive and/or momentous -- at least when it comes to Democrats. Most of Biden’s nicknames revolved around his perceived good-guy disposition and the media fostered notion that the longtime swamp dweller pol from Delaware was a regular Joe, the type of man who stereotypically relates well to the average hourly wage earner or union member. In addition to the above-mentioned moniker, according to Wikipedia, Joe is also referred to as, “Amtrak Joe, Diamond Joe (from The Onion), Uncle Joe (now Grampa Joe), Cup of Joe, Sleepy Joe and Creepy Joe.” With the possible exception of the latter two -- coined by Donald Trump and his supporters to portray what Biden’s real persona was like -- all of them give people a warm and fuzzy feeling about the new president. If you listened only to the characterizations of Biden offered by biased liberal journalists and cable TV hosts, he’s the type of dude who straps on boots every morning and wears the same blue jeans for about eighteen straight days without washing them. His duds have streaks of paint and putty all over them, which identify him as blue-collar but not necessarily a slob. When it’s cold in the morning, this kind of man dons a pair of earmuffs and stops by the local 7-11 or Dunkin’ Donuts (armed with a slight Indian accent, of course) to grab coffee and a breakfast sandwich before heading to his first assignment. His truck or van contains tools and parts for every known fix his customers might need. He packs his lunch like a regular schlep and gets upset when his thermos cup develops a crack in it. Hand Joe a pipe wrench and he gets busy fixing the sink. He knows how to do stuff. Always has. Biden isn’t often spotted in overalls and plaid socks, but would anyone be shocked if they caught him like that? At any rate, Biden’s harsh actions as president are already eating away at the friendly imagery, and it’s only been a week since his inauguration. His outright cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline has thrown an awful lot of “regular guys and gals” into the unemployment line. So much for being a man of the people. Valerie Richardson reported at The Washington Times:

“President Biden promised during the campaign to create ‘millions of good-paying jobs,’ but his administration already appears to be moving in the wrong direction. “Tens of thousands of oil and gas jobs were thrown into jeopardy by Mr. Biden’s first-day order canceling the Keystone XL pipeline permit and the Interior Department’s 60-day freeze on agency approvals for oil and gas leases on federal lands, fueling an outcry from unions, industry advocates and Republicans…

“Indeed, the layoffs already have begun. Calgary-based TC Energy, developer of the KXL pipeline, has let go 1,000 U.S. and Canadian workers as a direct result of Mr. Biden’s decision to cancel the 2017 cross-border permit for the 1,179-mile pipeline extension over environmental and climate concerns…”

Serfs! Ignoramuses! Let them eat cake! For all we know, Kamala Harris probably gave Joe the idea to apply the axe. But these are real people, not statistics in a university classroom. With the onset of the all-encompassing federal welfare system, they probably won’t starve, but so much for improving their standard of living, which should be the goal of every president from either party.

Instead, ol’ lunch bucket Joe caved to what Rush Limbaugh calls the “environmentalist wacko” fringe, which these days constitutes the mainstream of the Democrat Party. Group members suppress their guilty consciences by offering terrific-sounding “green jobs” as ready alternatives for the petroleum producing folks. The beautiful people condescend and lecture the callous-handed lot, telling them they shouldn’t be working at their harmful jobs anyway. They’re simply unenlightened!

Plus, the displaced rubes are now saving the planet from the “existential threat” that is climate change. Like sure, people, you’re in the jobless situation today, but rest assured that your family’s sacrifice will result in a global temperature drop of .006 of a degree in 2043 or something, if the latest models are to be believed.

Biden’s orders are so destructive that he should’ve already been gifted with a new nickname -- “Job killer Joe.” And instead of hauling around a lunch bucket, Joe should be viewed as eating off expensive China tableware at a fashionable dining establishment in a swanky well-secured urban neighborhood, the kind lobbyists and leftwing activists frequent. At such a place, the chef invariably has a French name, a title, and takes part in international cuisine competitions. There are several meal courses and you get a fist-bump (from the person next to you) if you can correctly pronounce everything on the menu. They order tofu and arugula and the preferred topic of conversation is Greta Thunberg’s latest voyage to preserve humanity.

Oh yeah -- they carry their own paper straws and shoot dirty looks at diners who take off their masks a moment too soon after seating themselves.

Ol’ job killer Joe ain’t finished with his nixing of the pipeline or banning new leases for energy exploration, either. Biden also hopes to impose a $15 minimum wage for federal contractors, doubling the current rate in one fell swoop of his executive pen. How many other poor unfortunate souls will find themselves without occupations when employers cut excess benefits, restrict hours and lay people off to absorb the greatly hiked cost of labor?

The only happy ones in this assault on America’s productive class is the leadership in countries like China, Russia and Saudi Arabia, all of which must be shaking their heads at the inane reasoning Biden provided for cutting off Uncle Sam’s nose to spite his face. Expect a public relations campaign where Grampa Joe talks about “unity” and “progress on saving the earth.”

The mainstream media won’t be interviewing the victims of the updated policy. But then again, ol’ lunch bucket Joe is sure a nicer guy than was that Trump character, isn’t he?

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