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The Right Resistance: Senile Joe Biden and the hopeless predicament of 2024 Democrats

The other day I argued that former president Donald Trump needs, and would benefit from, rigorous primary competition from within the Republican Party if he decides, as everyone expects him to, to run again.

Today I offer the same treatment to current president (legally speaking, anyway), senile Joe Biden. The 79-year-old chief executive, who wanders around rooms searching for someone, anyone, to talk with him, breaks wind loudly in front of foreign dignitaries and seemingly shakes hands with phantom well-wishers has repeatedly maintained that he intends to run for reelection, and even emphasized how much he would enjoy a rematch with Trump if it came to pass.

The bumbling old fool reportedly told his Democrat predecessor, The “Big O”, Barack Obama, that he is going to do it. Why would senile Joe spill the beans to the much more popular (within Democrat circles) first African-American president if he wasn’t serious? Could it be that Biden was attempting a preemptive strike against Lady Obama (Michelle) possibly entering the fray?

Time will tell. For right now, the mystery hand-shaker is planning a little road-tripping to “help” Democrat congressional candidates hoping to win election this year. The question on everyone’s mind is, will seeing the visibly faltering head of the Democrat party bring out the leftist voter masses by the millions or more likely just cause the few rational minds among them to recognize how bankrupt the entire faction really is?

If you were a Democrat candidate, would you really want Joe Biden next to you on the stump? Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner:

“President Joe Biden has upped the tempo of his travel before the 2022 midterm elections, months after expressing his desire to return to a campaign-style schedule to underscore his accomplishments.

“But now that the Russia-Ukraine war has entered another phase, the White House's renewed focus on the November contests, which will decide which party controls Congress, presents challenges for the president.

“Biden's New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington itineraries this week, after trips to Iowa and North Carolina last week, emphasize the importance he and his White House aides are placing on the midterm cycle as his average approval rating hovers around 41%, or net negative 11 percentage points. But Biden is an inconsistent performer on the campaign trail. While he may forge inroads with persuadable voters one on one, he can just as easily distract from the White House's intended message with an off-script comment or a viral video clip.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the last point. One can only imagine TV news producers watching a Biden appearance with eager anticipation, the whole time figuring that the intellectually challenged president will say -- or do -- something that’s newsworthy. And that the tidbit of information has zero connection with the theme of his speech or subject of his visit matters not.

The same could certainly be said for Donald Trump’s appearances during his time in the White House. Left-leaning mainstream establishment media sources salivated whenever Trump went off topic and uttered something “incendiary” (according to them) or mean or that could be twisted out of context to make Republicans look like the second coming of Jefferson Davis and the hotheads in the Confederate Congress. The difference being Trump was a showman and a fierce advocate for his agenda; Biden is an idiotic opportunistic dufus who can’t do anything that requires spur-of-the-moment thinking and speaking. Poor Jen Psaki -- she probably reserves half her daily briefing preparation time to go over the latest gaffes and to receive instructions on “what he meant to say”.

As far as 2024 goes, according to reporting from The Hill, Biden told Obama that he’s running again because the man thinks he’s the only Democrat walking on two legs that could beat Trump in 2024. Senile Joe has always had an outsized ego, but is he right? Democrats wanted Biden as their candidate in 2020 for the same reason, didn’t they? Heck, Bernie Sanders was much sharper and more “with it” than Joe was, but the establishment powers-that-be panicked when it looked like The Bern was running away with the nomination after the first three primary states that year.

Is the calculus all that different now? Who would beat Trump among today’s Democrats? Anyone? Anyone?

At the same time, it seems clear Biden will have primary competitors whether he wants them or not. As everyone recalls, senile Joe was able to spend most of summer, 2020, hiding away in his Delaware basement, safely isolated, supposedly, from the overhyped Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus that was lurking in every nook and cranny of the American landscape waiting to prey on the weak and unprepared, if you believed the federal health “experts”. Joe Biden fit both of those categories. His handlers had no choice but to lock their candidate in a protective bubble or face the prospect of one, him easily recovering from the ailment and therefore exposing all the hysteria surrounding the pandemic as Democrat-type baloney and hyperbole, or two, him actually getting very, very sick (like Britain’s Boris Johnson did) and needing to spend days or weeks in a hospital teetering on the edge of mortality.

Of course, there was always option three, which would be Biden succumbing to the virus. He certainly had several visible comorbidities to worry about and the little reported fact that he’d endured a couple brain surgeries when he was a mere lad in his late forties. Not to make light of COVID, but if senile Joe caught the bug back then, would they have committed him to a New York or Philadelphia care facility to infect others?

As a side note, could Biden’s brain operations from the late 80’s (1988) be impacting him now in ways that are hard to pin down? Some of senile Joe’s odd behavior could be attributed to the normal aging process, but the man often appears dazed and unaware of where he is at the moment. He mumbles and bumbles through teleprompter speeches, but he has a speech impediment, right? If he keeps going like this, he’s a prime candidate for the dementia ward.

At any rate, there probably isn’t a Democrat anywhere, including Barack Obama, who would prefer seeing Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s names appearing alone on the Democrat primary ballot. As the party incumbent, senile Joe would automatically command a hefty percentage of any state’s vote, or at least the ones that matter. Recent polls show Biden sinking like a stone with one main traditional Democrat constituency -- Hispanic voters -- but he surely must retain the preponderance of other core Democrat groups such as radical, shrieking, abortion-loving feminists, brainless welfare dependent single women under the age of 35, college educated suburban liberals who care more about climate change than they do the open southern border and the trickle down impact of inner city crime, plus the segment of African-American voters who would never abandon senile Joe as long as they believe he’ll spout their critical race theory agenda without question. And, as Scott McKay so ably pointed out earlier this week at The American Spectator, it’s primarily white leftist voters who elect contemptible America-haters like Ilhan Omar in the first place. The limousine liberal sect will almost assuredly stand behind whomever they view as the most electable Democrat. This is true in practically every primary contest, which explains why the party establishment choice almost always wins in Democrat-land.

So, it appears as though there would be more than enough support for Biden to win the Democrat nomination if he does indeed seek it out. There simply aren’t any potential challengers who jump out at current to take it from him. As if it were possible, Kamala Harris is a bigger joke than Joe Biden. Congressional Democrat leaders are either too old (Nancy Pelosi) or too off-putting (Chucky Schumer) to try and fashion a late-in-life switch to the executive branch.

Further, the Democrat “bench” of up and comers is basically empty. 2020 featured ambitious losers like Texas’s “Beto” O’Rourke, but the vetting process showed him and the others to be substance-free phonies who couldn’t keep their own positions straight. The party’s billionaire contingent -- Michael Bloomberg and “Howdy Doody” Tom Steyer -- were either lacking in charisma or just flat out boring and compromised.

The 2020 group of Democrat senators -- Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar, New Jersey’s Cory Booker, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren of Massachusetts and Colorado’s Michael Bennett (and now John Hickenlooper) -- would be unlikely to go up against Biden in 2024. Cackling Kamala was a senator, too, but she won the minority female affirmative action spot on senile Joe’s ticket.

Bernie Sanders? Too old in 2024.

This leaves Hillary Clinton, “Secretary Pete” Buttigieg and the “others”, such as Michelle Obama. Not a lot to get excited about, is there? Perhaps Oprah Winfrey or LeBron James? Or how about Mark Zuckerberg? Andrew Yang again? He couldn’t even win the primary for New York City Mayor against a relative unknown.

It's hard to say whether Joe Biden “needs” primary challengers in 2024, but he’ll likely draw some whether he wants them or not. Senile Joe has turned out to be every bit as personally unfit as his critics predicted he would be, but Democrats don’t care about such things. Just win, baby. Would Americans fall for the charade again?

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