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The Right Resistance: Predictions on the Year of the so-called anti-Democracy Election Denier

On Election Day 2022, it’s put up or shut up time, and that means it’s the occasion for offering predictions on what will ensue in the coming hours.

It’s old news by now, but last week senile president Joe Biden offered his own vision on what should happen – starting tomorrow – if Republicans achieve what practically every poll in the country has been alluding to for well over a month now, namely a victory of “wave” or “tsunami” proportions, powerful enough to sweep Democrats out of power in the House of Representatives and likely the U.S. Senate, too.

Should this optimistic scenario come to pass, starting in about two months, current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and current Senate Majority Leader “Chucky” Schumer will lose their capacity to dictate legislative policy. The swearing-in of the next Congress will mean new party leaders and, hopefully, a dramatically different ideological and practical approach to the types of bills sent to Biden’s desk for a signature or veto.

Before any of this transpires, however, conservatives must get out to vote (if they haven’t already). Senile Joe cast his ballot in Delaware (he had to show ID, too) the weekend prior to his final big statement on the election, but he didn’t hold back on what he insisted citizens must do to save “democracy” in the United States on this day.

“The president did briefly talk about the economy, but he went to great extents to say that democracy was also at stake in November. ‘I know there’s a lot at stake in these midterm elections, from our economy, to the safety of our streets, to our personal freedoms, the future of health care, Social Security, and Medicare. It’s all important.,’ Biden said.

“’But there’s something else at stake—democracy itself … our democracy is under threat,’ Biden continued. ‘Democracy is on the ballot this year.’

“That threat was posed by ‘extreme MAGA Republicans,’ Biden said, referring to former President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, Make America Great Again. The president claimed that such Republicans are preparing to question the results of the November elections. ‘Extreme MAGA Republicans aim to question not only the legitimacy of past elections, but elections being held now and into the future,’ Biden claimed. ‘The extreme MAGA element of the Republican Party, which is a minority of that party, as I said earlier, but is its driving force, is trying to succeed where they failed in 2020.’”

I was unfortunate enough to be watching TV when Biden stood in front of a flag-draped blue curtain to deliver what amounted to a sad follow-up on his horrific, Nazi-imagery-inspired Philadelphia speech from two months ago. No borrowing and using the U.S. Marines to shore up his dark and sinister message this time though, unless you count American flags as props for a decrepit and deranged democracy-expounding lunatic.

Biden keeps repeating that “Extreme MAGA Republicans” constitute only a minority in the GOP, but where does he get his figures from? Almost to a man (or woman), Donald Trump’s endorsed candidates did well from coast-to-coast during this year’s GOP primaries, and even the non-endorsed candidates still paid homage to the concepts embodied by the MAGA agenda. Put it this way, I don’t recall anyone succeeding from relying on trashing MAGA, though a few, like Colorado’s Joe O’Dea, won by criticizing Trump himself.

Senile Joe should know by now – and I’m guessing he does realize, but won’t admit it publicly – that MAGA = the Republican Party in 2022. The old go-along-to-get-along Bush-ian GOP is long gone, a footnote in a history book and a rarely utilized pair of boots in the back of conservatives’ closet. No one is out front campaigning on going back to the pre-Trump universe, unless you’re talking about Liz Cheney, and she’s about as popular as a burp in church in Republicans’ estimations these days.

In fact, as one observer wrote last week, Liz’s endorsement now amounts to the political kiss of death. If you don’t believe it, seek out Arizona’s soon-to-be-trounced Democrat Katie Hobbs in Arizona, an election non-denier who was “blessed” with Cheney’s campaign-killing death kiss weeks ago. And there are others, too.

Americans will turn out in force today to show that MAGA is not only not destroying American “democracy” – it is building on it. What other legal means is there for conservatives to express their disapproval for the awful Democrats and garner a power switch at the same time? If that ain’t “democracy”, then I’m a little fuzzy on the true definition of the word.

Joe Biden has always been a lying, incompetent bloviating idiot, but even he must comprehend that Americans have rejected him as well as adopting MAGA. As I’ve argued many times, Donald Trump’s public appearances are always upbeat and positive, lending the impression of optimism, and, for lack of a better way to put it, a good time.

The current president just snarls, feigns anger, grits his teeth and suggests doom will result unless Democrats maintain control of the government’s purse strings. It’s the same bullcrap fright fest liberals use whenever they claim “climate change” is destroying the planet. It’s nonsense. Man can’t alter Mother Nature (either positively or negatively), but Joe Biden and the Democrats’ awful policies sure can tank the economy, bankrupt the nation and possibly, if things continue the way they are, lead to nuclear war.

By rejecting Democrats today, Republicans and conservatives aren’t soiling “democracy” – they’re roaring as citizens of a great republic. And that’s the way it should be.

Now, without further delay, here are my predictions for today’s elections:

Election “Deniers” hold the field after the epic battle. This is the historic moment for the “Election Denier” -- the complete turning of the tables on Democrats who still won’t concede that Donald Trump won in 2016 and have now casted doubt on any candidate who dared articulate questions about 2020 in their campaigns this year.

Democrats are like the wimpy kids on the playground who naively believe the yard teachers will look kindly on snitches and whiners, whereas Republicans who called out the broken system will end up the heroes. Decent thinking people ceased listening to the January 6 Committee as soon as Nancy Pelosi stacked it full of Liz Cheney and Adam Schiff-types, and now the Republicans who “deny” the 2020 results are the cool ones.

After today, the 2022 vote may be known in establishment media circles as the “Year of the Denier”. Adam Laxalt in Nevada, Blake Masters and Kari Lake in Arizona and Mehmet Oz all win today with victories outside the margin of fraud. All were endorsed by Donald Trump, and the only “deniers” left after the ballots are counted tonight are the ones who thought bashing on the folks who protested after 2020 would win the day for them.

The polls were wrong and Democrats “underperform” again. Conservatives don’t trust pollsters, so if for some reason Republicans do worse than their polls have indicated, there will be even more suspicion of election funny business than there has been in the past. In recent federal elections (meaning in the past couple decades), polls have consistently undervalued Republican supporters, lending the impression that many close GOP conquests were “upsets” rather than clear wins.

Polls didn’t reflect how big the 2010 and 2014 elections would be for Republicans, and we’re not even mentioning 2016 here.

This year, if Democrats win anywhere except where they enjoy a huge registration advantage with a healthy preponderance of liberal constituents, I would consider it an “upset”. If J.D. Vance, for example, only wins by a point or two – or even loses – in Ohio, it would be a major upset for Democrats. As the past couple presidential elections have demonstrated, the Buckeye State is a red enclave now, almost akin to Indiana next door.

Other so-called Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin (and Minnesota, too) are moving in a similar direction. With white working-class voters now solidly favoring Republican, and Hispanics gradually rejecting Democrats to the extent that both parties are about even in this category, the Republican party should be considered the majority in numerous ways. Yet pollsters continue treating Democrats as though they’re even or should be leading.

There aren’t enough abortion-lovers in Santa Monica and Manhattan and Austin and Minneapolis to account for all the Democrat attrition everywhere else.

Therefore, Ron DeSantis will score at least a double-digit win today. Probably more like fifteen points. Georgia’s Herschel Walker will get more than 50 percent plus one because Gov. Brian Kemp will trounce Stacey Abrams in their 2018 rematch, and there won’t be hardly any ticket-splitters in the Peach State. And Abrams will still refuse to concede.

Donald Trump and the “MAGA Republicans” aren’t toxic at all, Democrats are. For nearly two years now, Democrats have delighted in predicting that Republicans will suffer because of their ongoing admiration for and allegiance to the former president. This is simply false. Outside of the Liz Cheneys and Adam Kinzingers of Congress (and neither of them are on the ballot today either), I can scarcely think of any elected Republican who is salty enough to openly disassociate themselves with the undisputed party leader.

Maybe Mitt Romney still does. But he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. That’s bad in a two-party system. Even “Cocaine Mitch” McConnell keeps his opinions pretty tight to the vest these days, and Kevin McCarthy appears to have pretty well adopted the MAGA brand.

The few “Trump deniers” who remain probably won’t do well today. Colorado’s Joe O’Dea likely loses his otherwise winnable race because the Trump base won’t be 100 percent behind him -- even if Ron DeSantis gave his own endorsement to the man. Some percentage of Trump backers won’t vote for O’Dea even if it means a loser schlep like Michael Bennett gets another 6-year term.

When all is said and done, Republicans win big. I won’t offer a straight-up seats pick-up, but I do believe the GOP achieves virtual RINO-proof majorities in both the House and Senate after today. This means there’s a solid chance for conservative legislation to be passed – only to be roundly rejected by senile Joe’s veto pen in the next two years.

Joe Biden cares only about expanding federal power, not effective government. After today, there will be a historic battle between the parties, setting the stage for an even bigger scrum in 2024. Americans will do what they need to do in the voting booth, and Biden will spend his final half-term in the White House as a lame duck.

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