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The Right Resistance: Not even Dr. Jill Biden can save the Democrat party from her husband

Is “Dr.” Jill Biden the potential savior for the Democrat party?

Yesterday being Christmas Day and the entire season having been dedicated to tossing about the term “savior” in polite conversation, many of us contemplated the meaning of the notion once again to see how it fits into our own lives – and that of the nation. Christmastime presents many opportunities for reflection, including moments and hours to look to the past as well as the future with time left over to recharge and prepare for the tumult to come in 2024.


Many a Democrat – and some Republicans – have floated Michelle Obama as someone who could potentially right the noticeable slide in the liberal party’s fortunes of late, but nothing will happen unless the current White House occupant – senile president Joe Biden – agrees to take himself down from his considerable pedestal to make way for some other ideological leftist to assume his leadership of the movement.


Whereas Republicans devoted months during the campaign this year to talking about “electability” and who should carry the GOP’s presidential nomination banner forward, Democrats have raged back-and-forth recently on the question of whether senile Joe has the right stuff to make another successful let’s-fool-‘em-all campaign. The man has never lost a ballot challenge, so naturally, many liberals are hesitant to outright declare that the Biden mystique has lost its mojo.


The president himself has emphasized, over and over, that he has no intention of taking himself out of the running, apparently because Joe’s convinced that he’s the only Democrat who could be elected next November and thus save the world from a second term for the heinous MAGA fascist dictator, Donald Trump. In speculating so, Biden either judges himself invincible (most likely), or he possesses zero confidence in his party brothers and sisters to fare better than a severely mentally and physically faltering 81-year-old who can barely articulate a coherent sentence when he’s not reading from a teleprompter or a notecard, much less endure the rigors of the office and the campaign trail simultaneously in a matter of months.


Senile Joe’s considerable ego won’t be dented by reason. But it may just be penetrated by the one person who seems to tug at his heart strings the hardest – and make him obey. Can wife Dr. Jill come to the Democrats’ rescue?


In an opinion piece titled, “Will Jill Biden save the Democrats?”, Longtime Washington politics observer Douglas Mackinnon wrote at The Hill recently:


“In terms of Machiavellian politics, Jill Biden is far removed from Hillary Clinton. While she for sure has her beliefs — and has freely expressed them — for many, on both sides of the political divide, she comes across as a dignified and classy first lady.


“And, more importantly, one who does seem to have her husband’s best interests at heart. This creates possibly the most important political question of the election: To protect her husband and the greater Biden name, will the first lady quietly but insistently intercede to convince President Biden that it is in his best interests — and that of their family — not to run for reelection?


“Literally every single Republican or conservative I know is hoping and praying that President Biden is the Democratic nominee in 2024. There’s a reason for that. Likewise, every single Democrat I know is hoping that Biden steps aside and gives his approval to the Democratic National Committee to open the process…”


The reason being that, as it stands now, very few suppose senile Joe Biden can beat Donald Trump. Recent polls (or more accurately, polls covering the past half-year or so) have shown the Democrat Oval Office occupant sinking like a stone in a deep lake, with most surveys placing his approval rating in the low to mid 30’s now. “Historic” is another word that’s been bandied about a lot these days, as senile Joe’s chances to stay past January, 2025, appear to be receding by the minute.


Which encourages senile Joe’s nervous one-time loyalists to be desirous for a political family coup by the one Biden who isn’t the subject of nightly news reports for being crooked as a gnarled old tree. Mackinnon is correct, “Dr.” Jill still is viewed as having some smarts as well as a soul. And common sense, though her unwavering dedication to her husband’s reelection effort calls the latter attribute into question.


Democrats want a change because they’ve got a bad case of “White Knight” fantasy longing disease, the myth being that any liberal who can walk and chew gum at the same time would present a better option for America’s voters vis-a-vis Joe Biden. Pick a Democrat’s name out of a hat and put it in place of senile Joe’s, and the party’s 2024 odds improve dramatically, right?


But who? That’s always the sticking point. As has been noted numerous times, the “bench” of younger Democrats, the party’s next generation, is conspicuously bare. Vice president Kamala Harris is more unpopular than senile Joe. Biden’s cabinet doesn’t contain many pols who stand out, not even gayer-than-gay Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg leaves an indelible impression.


Michelle Obama is often mentioned as a quick fill-in with star power, but does the former First Couple really want to go through with a full vetting again? Besides, being in the office of president would limit their ability to drum up a personal fortune, which is all the powermongers care about other than stomping on the last vestiges of American traditions.


Who would replace senile Joe? Would Dr. Jill supply an heir apparent if she persuades her hubby to spend his remaining years on the beach in Delaware eating ice cream instead of being served by yes-men and servants and staffers and lobbyists? Or by his son, fixing him a retirement nest egg?


Speaking of, I’ve finally figured a way that senile Joe could insist that he never took part in Hunter’s corrupt influence peddling businesses all those years and still be able to sleep at night (this, of course, assumes that Biden has a conscience, but there’s no convincing evidence that he does). He’s simply concocted a means to keep himself apart from Hunter’s sleaze but reap the benefits from it, nonetheless.


How? A story shall reveal. In the nineteenth century, there was an establishment called Benny Havens’ Tavern in central New York, which served as a respite for West Point cadets looking for libations and a good time. As legend would have it, the military students snuck out of their barracks in the dark reaches of the night and headed to Benny Havens’ to drink and get away from the intense hazing of their daily lives. In order to keep to West Point’s Honor Code, they positioned themselves back-to-back and stare straight ahead so as to be able to answer truthfully, if asked, that they “Didn’t see another cadet drinking while on duty.”


Perhaps the Biden family adopted a similar modus operandi, agreeing in advance to sit back-to-back whenever they were in a room by themselves – or purposely avert their eyes – to get away with claiming that they never had anything to do with each other’s crooked businesses. Senile Joe Biden, through his cavalcade of lies about his personal background and plagiarism scandals, has demonstrated that he has no qualms about telling whoppers or stealing someone else’s ideas and work product.


Having served in Barack Obama’s administration, senile Joe found the perfect environment to grow his crooked soul. Like bacteria in a petri dish in a hot, muggy laboratory, the president and his errand-boy veep didn’t feel a need to defend anything they did, justifying the vast majority of their policies by demonizing whomever opposed them as racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, whatever.


The fact that their schemes always seemed to work, both Obama and Biden developed a “God complex” to match even the most self-admiring of physicians near an operating table. The law was just a play thing to be employed whenever they saw fit to punish their enemies – and they did it/have done it – a lot. No wonder senile Joe is so hesitant to give up the scam. He’s beaten the rap time and time again – what would be different now?


Dr. Jill could possibly lure Joe away from politics by telling him that giving up power could conceivably help the family avoid the worst of the legal and criminal troubles. Like with Hillary Clinton after the 2016 election, Republicans might lose the stomach for pursuing vindictive charges against their just-vanquished opponents. Though it certainly isn’t likely that Donald Trump would be in a forgiving mood, nor would the conservative grassroots this time.


Naturally, senile Joe Biden doesn’t fear official sanction – or the law – because he’s always skated by without being broken. In his heart, I don’t think Biden believes that anything can touch him, which would make Dr. Jill’s mission, should she choose to embark on a quest to get him to bow out, all the more exacting. Senile Joe has the justice department and the entirety of the deep state on his side – and the establishment media – so he’s got powerful allies, even if the polls suggest he’s a sure loser.


And, unlike with Donald Trump, Biden’s legal woes won’t help his political prospects. Trump’s problems are clearly the result of his antagonists going after him to stop him politically; senile Joe’s woes are policy-inflicted in addition to age questions and the mounting evidence surrounding his family’s businesses. Son Hunter’s laptop, now that it’s been authenticated, can’t be so easily dismissed any longer.


Lying ain’t cuttin’ it anymore, Joe. You’re not a sympathetic character, either. Not even Dr. Jill can make you look to be anything other than a truth-challenged, sleazy politician whose number has just been called.


Dr. Jill Biden can try as she will, but only her husband can save the Democrat party by eliminating himself from 2024 consideration. But, if Joe did decide to leave, who would be the new presidential nominee? Americans thought long and hard about what a “savior” does over the Christmas holiday. The Bidens will have to answer for themselves at some point.


Never send to know for whom the political bell tolls, senile Joe. It tolls for thee.

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