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The Right Resistance: No diversion steals attention from Joe Biden’s dramatically failing presidency

There’s a tried and true military strategy known as “diversion” that is strangely applicable to American politics today.

According to, a diversion is, “The act of drawing the attention and

forces of an enemy from the point of the principal operation; an attack, alarm, or feint that diverts attention.” Simple enough to comprehend, right? It’s only surprising that such theatrical and risky tactics have worked so regularly throughout history. If you’re the army that got suckered, either your scouts weren’t very good or your commander was particularly cautious and scared of being caught by surprise. Sooner or later, experience teaches us to recognize a diversion and react accordingly.

Here on the peninsula in Virginia, during the spring campaign of 1862, Confederate General John B. Magruder occupied the much larger Union Army of the Potomac under George McClellan with a diversion at Yorktown to buy time for the main rebel force to mount a series of major defensive operations east of Richmond. Magruder isn’t well known in the annals of history, but his mastery over the federal leader known as “Little Mac” is legendary around here. But then again, the victors write the narrative, right?

Perhaps our current president, senile Joe Biden, is employing some diversionary tactics of his own to alleviate pressure on his faltering administration. Just a quick perusal of the news finds crises cropping up just about everywhere, yet the nation’s chief executive took to the op-ed page this week to write about… the El Paso shooting incident from two years ago…? It’s not that people shouldn’t remember what happened in west Texas on August 3, 2019, the question is why senile Joe saw fit to mention it… now?

This has “diversion” written all over it. President Biden wrote at USA Today:

“[T]o the country, this somber day is a reminder of the unfinished work to heal the soul of this nation. Two years ago, a gunman armed with rage and rifle targeted the people of El Paso, and our most deeply held American values. He chose this city defined by its diversity that celebrates its rich Hispanic heritage and connection with the people of Ciudad Juárez.

“He thought that his hatred of immigrants could prove more powerful than the culture and vibrancy of the people of this community. He was wrong. Yet America’s intelligence community has confirmed what the people of El Paso know all too well: the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland in recent years has been domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy. We cannot ignore it. We must confront the spread of hate-fueled violence in every form.

“To that end, in June my administration laid out our country’s first-ever comprehensive effort to tackle the threat posed by domestic terrorism. We are doing so by taking action to reduce online radicalization and recruitment to violence. We’re also disrupting the networks that inspire such violence by domestic terrorists and hate groups and providing resources to communities to build resilience.”

This was a snapshot of what ol’ senile Joe had to say about El Paso. He also included his standard liberal pitch to “ban the weapons of war” and to pass “common sense gun laws” that would supposedly save lives but have never demonstrated anything tangible other than making it more difficult for responsible law-abiding citizens and potential gun owners to obtain a firearm.

To refresh your memory, since it has been two years -- and let’s just say that a lot has happened since then -- the El Paso shooter was 21-year-old Patrick Wood Crusius, a mentally disturbed youth who wrote a rather lengthy explanation as to what motivated him to commit the most heinous of acts -- murdering other human beings. Quite simply put, Crusius didn’t fit in with mainstream folks. His manifesto touched on subjects such as environmental degradation, “cultural and ethnic replacement”, and a “Hispanic invasion”. He went on to bash corporations for using too much automation, too. He wasn’t a happy camper.

Crusius was a nutcase through and through and clearly motivated by racial bigotry, him being yet another kook that fell through the holes in federal law enforcement’s detection net. I can’t say for sure, but there must have been warning signs. There always are whenever these things happen. The shooter faulted both political parties and said his views predated the candidacy and then presidency of Donald Trump. This didn’t stop Democrats from blaming Trump and his “rhetoric” for the random act of unspeakable horror. And the gun got its share of emotion-fueled culpability, too. Let’s not leave that out.

Afterwards, the Trumps visited El Paso and met with some of the survivors and the wounded. The community itself didn’t appear to fault the president and his emphasis on border security policies for the rampage. If this weren’t the case, they did a good job of masking it.

It seems like an eternity ago, but this incident occurred just as the Democrat presidential primary race was beginning to heat up. Fake Hispanic candidate Beto O’Rourke tried using the tragedy to elevate his sinking campaign to ban guns and turn the American economy into a crusade to combat “climate change” -- but it didn’t take hold. The diversion didn’t work for the dumber-than-heck boy wonder “Beto” and it won’t have any greater impact today for bumbling Joe Biden.

Americans aren’t in the mood to be distracted by Biden’s overt pander to a political constituency that is already moving away from the Democrat party. Much has been said of late about how Hispanics and other traditional Democrat voting groups are angered by the liberal party’s taking them for granted. Trump received a significantly greater percentage of Hispanic votes in 2020 than he did four years prior, and in the areas most affected by illegal immigration, it was even higher. The hard-working and economically climbing Hispanic legal population isn’t wild about the Democrats’ utter incompetence on border policy. Here’s thinking we’ll see more of this political exodus in the elections to come.

In his op-ed, Biden repeated his oft-employed falsity that the greatest terror threat our nation faces today is from within -- acts and schemes purportedly planned by “white supremacists” who wear permanent chips on their shoulders against people with pigmented skin. It’s curious how Democrats continue using this excuse to deny basic human rights to January 6 defendants while simultaneously looking the other way at mostly white leftist groups like Antifa, or blatantly racist multi-ethnic Black Lives Matter.

Where are these “white supremacist” groups anyway? Look around… has there been a Ku Klux Klan march in your town lately? How about neo-Nazis or skinheads? Seems a lot more likely that you’ll see gatherings of black hooded Antifa morons and pale college kids holding “Black women’s lives matter” signs than you would the white racist scum that showed up in Charlottesville about four years ago (on August 12).

But the biggest attempted Democrat “diversion” here is to distract attention away from the crisis along the United States/Mexico border. There was another estimated record number of crossings in July, with no end to the flow in sight. Not even the intense heat of summer in the southwest is deterring the would-be crossers. Democrats would have gullible people believing that anti-illegal immigration sentiment is the same as “white supremacy” or being “anti-immigrant”, when conservatives and most Americans simply demand that the laws be enforced.

We send representatives and senators to Congress to make the laws, don’t we? And we expect the president and the executive branch to enforce them. It’s not that hard to understand.

The Biden administration just released its budget request for border enforcement, and let’s just say, Democrats aren’t even asking for the resources that the border patrol needs to do its job, much less stem the tide. Liberals supposedly love all kinds of “infrastructure”, but not the type that prevents illegal crossings or helps law enforcement get ahold of the problem.

It's similar to the way liberal Democrats protest gun rights and the Second Amendment to distract from the real violence plague in this country, the daily shootings and murders in inner cities, mostly among minority populations, that don’t grab the headlines the way the perpetrator did in El Paso. Crusius piled up a lot of kills in a short time, but Democrats prefer dwelling on this type of crime rather than admitting that their own policies allow for hundreds if not thousands of deaths every year.

And don’t get me started on their most deadly diversion of all, legalized abortion.

You can’t hardly blame Joe Biden for trying to get Americans to look the other way these days, because the problems are everywhere. There’s exploding inflation, an ongoing pandemic that begs for leadership and truth but instead only receives grandstanding and inconsistent policy. There’s the illegal immigration issue that wasn’t addressed by Kamala Harris. And the list goes on and on.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Biden has his own “diversion” planning team. Maybe he just screamed “diversity” and liberals came a runnin’ to sign up for it.

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