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The Right Resistance: Laugh at the Democrats this year – make 2024 beyond the margin of fraud

Have you ever been in a situation where people around you were experiencing a moment of semi-horror but you just couldn’t help but laugh at the scenario? It’s an awful feeling, desiring to empathize with your fellow human beings in anguish yet almost feeling ill by working so hard to stifle an embarrassing guffaw.

Such is the case these days when watching formerly arrogant and obnoxious Democrats and president senile Joe Biden supporters – either in the establishment media or proud displayers of Democrat propaganda on their cars, yards or persons – basically recoiling within themselves like turtles into their shells, or snails that had salt poured on them (yeah, a mean, cruel kid trick) or eels in an aquarium showing no signs of emerging from their dens to menace the tropical fish around them.


It seems like the lamenting is all around us, diehard liberals who first trumpeted their liberation by the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and then having had their voices reinforced and validated by senile Joe’s supposed triumph four years ago. But they’re whistling a different tune these days. The ongoing college campus muggings of basic order and takeovers by the left have sapped all of the strength out of normal Americans’ guilt-reflexes to the point where Nixon’s “silent majority” are no longer acting coy about expressing their own frustrations.


Much of the “normal” folks’ vigor shows up in the form of Donald Trump, a man who could be considered both the unluckiest and luckiest politician of all-time. Trump showed up on the scene in 2016 to a thundering herd of naysayers, from both left and right (well, at least middle) who didn’t take to his outsider spiel, Trump’s anti-establishment populist bent turning off the sensitive lot by the millions.


In an opinion piece titled “Joe Biden’s biggest problem is that his presidency is an utter failure”, GOP establishmentarian Rich Lowry wrote at The New York Post:


“The problem for Biden is that many of the attacks on Trump — especially those based on his legal prosecutions — feel besides the point compared to the bigger questions in the race.


“Are more people going to care that Trump has been convicted of felonious bookkeeping related to a payment to a porn star eight years ago — or that they think he can do a better job handling inflation? And there’s more bad news for Biden: Besides disapproving of his job performance and his economy, people don’t particularly like him, don’t think he’s a strong leader and don’t think he’s fit to be president.


“If all that represents trouble for the incumbent, the biggest problem, again, is that he’s failing at his job. The most direct way for Joe Biden to improve his chances in November would be to become a good president — although it’s unfair to place such unrealistic expectations on him at this juncture in his presidency and career.”


Is it, though? Here’s thinking that a lot of Biden’s problems – almost laugh-worthy, as I hinted at above – is the fact he promised so much, intended to do so little and left it up to his legacy and reputation as “Lunch Bucket Joe” to pull him out of inevitable tight spots. Seeing people who used to go to the mat to defend senile Joe now conceding that he’s just an old, broken-down, tall tale telling moron doesn’t provide much satisfaction these days.


Joe Biden was going to restore the “soul of America”? By whose estimation? Senile Joe can’t even restore the classified records he stole from his former office spaces to a safe place. Why? It’s probably because he can’t remember any of it.


But nonetheless, senile Joe can’t – and shouldn’t – be discounted as a force this year. As mentioned before, the man has more political lives than Morris the Cat. Conservatives’ goal in this election, as it is in pretty much any year’s balloting that is bound to be close, is to ensure that their candidates’ victories are beyond the margin of fraud.


What is meant by the “margin of fraud”? Any well-informed person who’s paid attention to the facts and not just taken at face value the claims of establishment media personnel who perfunctorily state that the 2020 election was not stolen – you know, the usual “falsely maintains that the election was stolen” diatribe – understands that there’s some degree of fraud in every election.


If it could be said that all bull riders will get injured – it’s just a question of when and how bad – it should be agreed by common-sense thinking Americans that every election contains fraud in it. It’s just a question of how much and how bad. No system where the political opinions of millions of people must be collected and tabulated in a relatively short period of time is foolproof. Somebody, somewhere, is sending in a ballot that is outside the rule boundaries.


Hear my confession: I, for example, when I first headed east from California in the mid-90’s still maintained that I was a California resident for voting purposes – and I voted in at least a few elections by absentee ballot, as a I recall. I didn’t register to vote in my new home domicile of Virginia, so it’s not like I double-voted, but I technically was no longer living in The Golden State, yet participated in their elections.


In truth, I wasn’t 100 percent sure I was going to remain in Virginia, so I didn’t want to get my driver’s license, voting registration and various other things (couldn’t escape the state and local tax man, unfortunately) switched over, but since I wasn’t in the military, I was, again, technically committing fraud by doing so.


How many spouses have voted for their husbands or wives over the years when said individual was physically or mentally incapacitated? It’s what’s always been considered a little white lie, but it’s still election fraud even if the person’s wishes were carried out on the ballot itself. Therein lies the absolute danger of non-Election Day voting, something that used to be frowned upon but now has become all-but accepted as “normal” and, in some places, “preferable”.


As shown by the post-2020 election counting debacle in places such as Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, it just was not possible for all of the signatures on those states’ ballots to be verified and checked against those that were on file. What were the authorities going to do, hire millions of handwriting experts to compare signatures to determine if they were genuine? How many school kids have forged their parents’ scribble on a note from school or, these days, signing the daily agenda?


Then there’re illegal aliens participating, probably by the millions. Any fool who accepts the ruling elites’ guarantees that non-citizens aren’t voting in large quantities (their standard line) is one out-of-touch loser, indeed.


Fraud is everywhere. We probably even get some in the precincts themselves, as was revealed by Project Veritas’s videos a few years ago (which were supposedly debunked, the establishment swears). This is especially true with mail-in-only states. How could it not be?


Do you trust the Postal Service? How many ballots are delivered to incorrect addresses? Even if it’s a tiny, tiny fraction, the problem still exists. How many ballots are sent to vacant or false addresses? Does the system catch every one of the bad ones? Why are there sometimes more ballots cast in localities than there are registered voters?


Therefore, there most definitely has been a “margin of fraud” in the past and will exist again in 2024. How large? Who can say for sure. But in those states where the counting difference is within a few thousand votes – or less, like in Florida in 2000 – it can make for one heck of a mess. There’s a human element involved, too – both a sinister one and a mistake-prone one. One can be helped. The other, can’t.


And what Lowry wrote was true – mostly. The reason why senile Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy is failing is because he hasn’t been a good president. Americans’ dissatisfaction with Biden goes much deeper than the fact he is utterly incapable of fulfilling even the ceremonial aspects of his job and he doesn’t answer anyone’s questions – about anything.


Senile Joe is just the figurehead for the Democrats’ problems that are cropping up in leftist-inspired protests all over the country. Biden, for what it’s worth, hasn’t been all that un-successful in implementing the party’s agenda. Senile Joe has called for and pushed for massive Democrat-like spending flourishes that Congress largely crammed through in his first two years. Thanks to the acquiescence and help from an identifiable group of RINO Republicans in both houses of Congress, Biden has added trillions to the national debt with nary a mention as to how any of it will be paid back within his presidency – or his lifetime.


But the main reason why Biden continues to enjoy wide intra-party support – including on his handling of the Israel/Hamas war – is because he’s dutifully done whatever he’s been directed to do. The old “unity” Joe Biden (if such an animal ever existed) is long gone in favor of “MAGA Fascist” bashing embittered old scumbag Joe.


A majority of the country sees senile Joe as having fallen well short of his promises. All of the federal dictatorial control or government goodies in the world won’t alleviate the pain Americans feel because of Biden’s policies. Plus, as the protests demonstrate, he hasn’t improved the tone of political debate or the prospects of American citizens one iota.


Are you better off than four years ago? Voters will answer the question this year.


So it’s rather funny, now, to see Democrats wrangling with their frustration with senile Joe Biden. The “replace Biden” talk has subsided for a time, but if the polls continue to show the president trailing the hated Donald Trump, expect a boatload of turmoil and unhappiness at this summer’s Democrat party convention. Will it bring a smile to your face? It sure will to mine.

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