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The Right Resistance: Joe Biden and Donald Trump, a divergent media tale of stubborn presidents

You heard it here. Joe Biden is a stalwart kind of guy because he apparently doesn’t change his mind very often.

Forget the fact that millions upon millions of Americans have witnessed nearly eight months of Biden’s administration, and, if they weren’t already convinced that the half-century swamp dweller didn’t possess a mind to change prior to his presidency, they are more than swayed now by the bumbling incompetent’s handling of several crises on his watch since January 20.

There’s been a heck of a lot of speculation surrounding Biden’s disastrous decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan before evacuating civilians, figuring he knew he’d made a mistake but refused to go back on it because, well, he just doesn’t change his mind once it’s made up. Now that the news media has returned to praising ol’ senile Joe as “principled” and right about stuff and he knows more than other people ever did about foreign policy and issues he oversaw during his tenure in the senate, Biden’s decision making style deserves another once-over.

In a story titled, “Changing Joe Biden's mind is no easy task,” Amie Parnes and Hanna Trudo reported at The Hill last week:

“After more than 40 years of public service — in the Senate chamber, the vice presidency and now as president — [Joe Biden] is firmly rooted in his beliefs, giving him a stubborn streak and even a temper on occasion, those around him say. Biden’s associates acknowledge he is more than open to other viewpoints — he welcomes them, in fact — but that he is tough to budge…

“’He does have the capacity to change, but convincing him that something is the right thing to do when he’s pretty set against it is hard,’ the adviser added. ‘He surrounds himself with people who have varying opinions and he wants to be proven wrong. He constructs his teams that way on purpose. But after 40 years of foreign policy experience, I don’t want to say he’s set in his ways, but trying to convince him that he’s off the marker is not easy.’…

“The heel-digging approach from the top is becoming a hallmark of the Biden era. The president and his closest advisers often stick with an announced strategy, changing it only at the last possible moment if it becomes untenable. That has mostly been the case even amid times of intense press scrutiny and pressure from his own party.”

Almost sounds like a Shakespearean fatal flaw, doesn’t it?

The Hill writers provided a few examples of Biden “evolving” on controversial topics and then changing course, specifically citing his decision as vice president to abandon his prior opposition to gay marriage (Joe switched to being in favor of it), or when the then Democrat presidential candidate, being bullied by his intra-party opponents, ditched his support for the decades old Hyde Amendment. Sure, having taxpayers shell out dough for abortions is a principled evolution, Joe!

Yet Biden couldn’t be persuaded that his Afghanistan withdrawal turned into a disaster. Biden’s narrow-mindedness was reflected in his ridiculous speech last week when the president insisted his operation was “an extraordinary success” despite the multitude of Americans and Afghans left behind in the terrorist enclave, subject to the whims of the fundamentalist Taliban.

You can almost hear it. “Gee, Joe, you were wrong on that one, weren’t you?” “No I wasn’t, Jack! I’ve been in DC since Nixon was president and you were still crapping in your diaper. I know everything there is to know about human nature and foreign policy. Get out of my office, loser!”

It’s sickening but not surprising to see how the media -- which certainly includes the establishment left-leaning The Hill newspaper -- considers Biden’s stubbornness to be a positive character trait but relentlessly assaulted Donald Trump whenever an unsubstantiated rumor surfaced that the former president wouldn’t “listen to contrary opinions” or “had already made up his mind” or “yelled at a subordinate over some disagreement within the administration.”

The talkers depicted Trump as brash, uncaring, unsympathetic, selfish, boorish, rude, egotistical, greedy, venal, self-centered, unrefined, racist, etc… I could go on and on and on, unpacking my bag of media adjectives. Journalists spent the better part of five years bashing Trump’s personal character and questioning his heart -- whether he even had one. How many chiefs of staff did he go through? How many staffers left his employ because they said they couldn’t deal with him? How many times did the establishment accuse Trump of not being able to fill important openings because potential applicants refused to work with him?

Didn’t they say Rex Tillerson and James Mattis were right and Trump was wrong?

Why was it considered nearly impossible to change Trump’s stance on things back then?

But now, the media brags it’s to everyone’s benefit that Joe Biden’s filled his inner circle with yes-men who allegedly have different opinions than he does (anyone truly believe this?) but it’s arduous to move Joe off the dime when he’s got a preset position. Gee, perhaps it’s also hard to get senile Joe to agree to eat Cheerios in the morning instead of Quaker Oats. Does that make him a superior statesman?

Sheesh, Trump was impeached by the Nancy Pelosis, Adam Schiffs and Jerrold Nadlers of the world over innocuous comments he’d made to the Ukrainian president during an official phone conversation, when the American leader hinted that the Eastern European nation could start rooting out corruption by looking into the Biden family’s sleazy business dealings within their borders.

Remember how the media made hay earlier this year when it was said Trump was livid with former Attorney General William Barr over the federal law enforcement leader’s refusal to delve deeper into volumes of evidence of apparent voter fraud? Or how about when the media repeatedly and falsely reported that Trump had pressured people into doing something for him because he was elected by the people?

How much sympathy was thrown to hapless Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger when the Peach State’s establishment elections overseer swore there wasn’t any funny business going on under his nose, even though it was proven that Dominion voting machines could easily be compromised and video emerged of unsupervised election workers pulling containers full of ballots from underneath tables and counting them?

While it was sometimes hard to pin down Trump’s principles on certain issues and his positions occasionally clashed with conservatives on key policy, one never doubted that he formulated his opinions based on experience, practical knowledge and consulting the best of the best in affected industries and working closely with social conservative leaders. The thrice married Trump wasn’t considered the most moral of men yet he did more for religious freedom and the pro-life cause than any of his predecessors. And he kept his word to appoint only originalist judges and justices so there wouldn’t be unconstitutional legislating from the bench.

Trump believed in a strong military and he beefed up its budget and took care of veterans. He consistently promoted his America First views to foreign leaders, to the point where they understood he wouldn’t tone down his rhetoric or withdraw from his principled demands just for political expediency. Trump met with allies and dictators alike to advance America’s interests. Did he ever change his thinking when the media criticized him?

While it may be true that Joe Biden doesn’t change his mind easily, whenever he does, it’s always in a leftward direction, stepping on traditional American values, spending bigger and bigger amounts of taxpayer money and allowing our nation’s enemies to have their way regardless of how many citizens get hurt. Perhaps Biden should make a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border and see for himself how his absurd open borders rules are affecting border states and cities.

The media often grants Biden an emotional pass because he’s persevered through a number of personal crises, and they dwell on the tough circumstances he’s been dealt, including having his wife and baby daughter killed in an auto accident before he took office in 1973. Then he had two brain surgeries to repair brain aneurysms in 1988, which could’ve been life threatening. Then, his son Beau died of cancer in the second to last year of his vice presidency. Not to be left out, son Hunter’s been a total failure and public relations embarrassment for decades.

Joe Biden digs in when he’s told he’s wrong. He’s found that defending the defenseless and never giving an inch has brought good results for him his entire life. Biden will lie about anything, most definitely about his background. He’s been wrong so many times he probably doesn’t remember what it feels like to be right. Does this make him principled or just a dupe that others take advantage of at every turn? You decide.

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