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The Right Resistance: How can the GOP still blow the 2022 midterms? Let us count the ways

On Barack Obama’s 61st birthday, a look to the recent past and the probable future.

It’s a common liberal tactic in American politics today to try and scare voters ahead of an important election with wild tales of what will happen “after” the ballots are counted and conservatives and/or Republicans wrest control of the government away from Democrats.

To be fair, conservatives and Republicans do a similar type of electoral prognosticating too, though I’m racking my brain searching for a single prediction I made about senile president Joe Biden and a potential Democrat controlled Congress prior to the 2020 election that failed to come to fruition when the Delaware dolt and his merry band of leftist goons, incompetents, shills, grifters, Obama holdovers and ideologues succeeded Donald Trump in the White House.

Let’s see… myself and other conservatives hypothesized that Biden and crew would, one, blatantly ignore federal immigration laws so as to encourage a wave of illegal invaders from all parts of the world to not only make the journey to get here, they’d be welcomed once they crossed over the border. Democrats would greet them with amnesty and a complimentary plane trip and then try to turn the lawbreakers into legalized voters at some future time, hoping to permanently purchase the group’s support.

Two, clear as day I foresaw the Democrats bowing at the altar of the “climate change” God and then working to stifle any kind of traditional oil and gas exploration forever.

Three, Biden’s “he’s been wrong about every major decision for the past four decades” foreign policy would return the United States to its pre-Trump status quo where NATO “allies” walked all over us and the liberals then looked the other way as the real enemy, China, advanced its military claims and took aggressive stances on spreading communism all over the world.

Four, I repeatedly stated that liberal Democrats would work overtime to foster a “woke” dystopia where men could pretend to be women and vice-versa, and “pregnant” women would become “humans capable of childbirth.” Further, the LGBTQIA+++ lobby would not only have a seat at the negotiating table, they’d control the levers of power with Biden at the helm.

Lastly, I speculated that Democrats would use every means at their disposal to blow the doors off the federal treasury and then sprinkle dollars by the billions and trillions to favored constituencies, creating massive inflation, public debt and increasing demands for major tax increases.

There are more realized predictions in my portfolio, but why pile on?

All of it’s come true. In the course of trampling on the Constitution and justice system, Democrats have screamed and yelled, threatened, bribed, griped, made tons of excuses and set off on wild fantasies like the January 6 Committee’s Trump witch hunt. It used to be liberals at least tried to disguise the socialistic transformations they were initiating. In the post-Donald Trump era, they’re emboldened to do it right out in the open – and then claim they’re proud of it.

What would a Republican takeover of Congress next year really look like? It’s not exactly clear, though liberals are pulling out all the stops to prevent a massive GOP victory from happening. In a piece titled, “GOP will stop at nothing if it wins midterms”, Fox News’s favorite liberal Juan Williams wrote at The Hill earlier this week:

“What will the White House do if House Republicans subpoena President Biden to testify at hearings on his son Hunter Biden? Get ready. If Republicans win a House majority in the midterms, the current minority leader, Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), is openly making two promises.

“First, the GOP majority will investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Next, there will be hearings on Big Tech’s alleged censorship of conservatives. And get ready for House Republicans to investigate the Jan. 6 committee.

“With no proposals to ease inflation, stop gun violence or reform immigration, the House Republicans are set to govern as sensation-seeking, right-wing talk radio hosts. At the top of their agenda is revenge for House Democrats’ investigation into Trump-inspired mob violence against Congress…”

Hmpf. I don’t know if Juan Williams went to law school, but if he did, he must’ve been very adept at advancing the contrarian arguments law students are required to formulate and recite without succumbing to the “laugh test.” In trial preparation, we were told we could pose any theories on a case that we liked as long as we could keep from bursting out laughing in the doing.

Williams doesn’t seem like he’s serious, but then again, liberals say and do anything without shame. Republicans aren’t nearly as good at it. Have times changed?

Republicans have plenty of plans to combat inflation, “reform” immigration and “stop gun violence”, but Democrats in Congress never act on them, or even acknowledge them. Remember Donald Trump’s wall? Or how about full energy production? Reducing regulations? Fair, America First international trade? Support for police departments and “get tough” crime measures? The Right to Bear Arms for self-protection? Ever heard of these things, Juan?

As Victor Davis Hanson rhetorically asked the other day (in, Are the new Progressive Rules Reciprocal?), will Republicans simply follow the Democrats’ new roadmap and turn the power of government against the left? Here’s hoping they would, but I doubt any such day (or week or month or year) of reckoning is bound to transpire. If the GOP were even a tenth as nasty and vindictive as today’s Democrats are, then the nation’s prisons and the DC gulag would be overflowing with purveyors of fraud, outright liars – and Hunter Biden.

But no! Up until now, Republicans have lacked the leadership and stomach for turning the tables on the evil party. In fact, based on a number of signs lately, it looks as though GOPers are working hard to pass up this juicy 2022 midterm opportunity. How can Republicans blow the midterm elections? Let us count the ways.

First, Let Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove determine which issues to emphasize and which candidates receive party resources. The longtime Republican senate leader and “Bush’s Brain” have displayed talents for sabotaging candidates who could present a challenge to their wishy-washy, surrender-at-all-costs leadership styles.

Here’s thinking “Cocaine Mitch” will repeat his past heresies this campaign season, telling the media that certain citizen-selected candidates aren’t qualified, are “dangerous” -- or both.

Two, if establishment Republicans rally behind Liz Cheney and focus on the “bipartisan” nature of the January 6 Committee investigation, it’s a certain loser.

Any fixation with January 6 is a Democrat trap. I was in the Costco parking lot the other day and noticed a bumper sticker that read, “Remember January 6 and the attack on the capital.” There were no other outward signs of ideology on the car (other stickers, scratch marks from rage, images of Donald Trump with a bullseye over his face, “Coexist” messages, etc.) to indicate that this particular auto owner is/was a liberal, yet it seems evident that Democrats are attempting to equate January 6 with 9/11 or other earth-changing occurrences.

Like sure, to liberals, an attack masterminded by radical Islamic terrorists that was months (years?) in the making that was not only successful, it destroyed the entire World Trade Center and leveled a portion of the world’s largest office building, the Pentagon, in addition to killing almost 3,000 innocent people -- is just the same as a few hours of protest, selfies, QAnon Shaman-types sitting in the legislators’ big boy seats, and the only casualties being Trump-supporters who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Democrats are trying to make the connection. Will Republicans let them succeed?

Three, ignore, as usual, the cultural and moral issues that sets the GOP apart from the Democrats. Establishment Republicans run from stating opinions on social issues just like the White House staff flees the dual-positive COVID-infected president these days, but said topics are what really draws out the marginal conservative voters.

Dumbing it down for the elites: when Republicans champion social issues, they win. When they act like Mitt “Black Lives Matter” Romney, they lose.

Four, should the bluebloods start defending the Bush presidencies as the “good old days” when the Republican party stood for things and “made the world safe for democracy,” America First voters won’t take it well. This line of argument is mostly made by the neoconservative remnants of the pre-Trump GOP, but if the Russia/Ukraine aid matter was any indication, there are still a good many adherents to the intervene-everywhere philosophy. Lots of Republicans seem to think that U.S. military action translates to national strength. If you don’t believe it, go ask Sen. Lindsey Graham.

If Republicans get suckered into the trap of promoting increased action to bolster NATO or save the Ukrainians, the Trump backers will simply stay home.

Five, Republicans will fail if they join with Democrats and climate alarmists to hold Europe up as example of sound environmental and energy practices, along with emphasizing the importance of taking the lead on combatting “climate change” to serve as a test case for the rest of the world. Let’s not forget, if it were up to the Europeans, Greta Thunberg would be setting world policy and there wouldn’t be another gasoline powered engine in use for the rest of the century.

Lastly, Republicans should never allow the media to get away with the generally accepted ruse that Big Bubba Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were “moderates” and Republicans were the “obstructionists” who forestalled real change. Similarly, GOP commentators should not continue using Joe Manchin as an example of a “moderate” who Republicans might be able to work with to achieve “bipartisan” cooperation.

Wishy-washy low information voters might be attracted by the notion of getting along and accepting compromise to “get things done.” Well-informed conservative Republicans want advocates with some fight in them. The days of “working with” Democrats are long gone. GOP leaders must wage this fall campaign as if there’s no tomorrow, because there might not be one if we lose. How’s that for a prediction?

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