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The Right Resistance: Hillary Clinton teaches class on how to be a sore establishment loser

Oftentimes in American politics there are moments that simply defy description, such as seeing the stunned looks on Democrats’ faces on midterm Election Night in 1994 as the so-

called “Gingrich revolution” swept over the nation and ushered Republicans into control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. Then there was the fateful 2000 election, where Al Gore was prematurely deemed (by some in the media) the winner of the presidential contest only to then halt his celebration when the state of Florida switched from being called for Gore to indicating a narrow, less than a thousand vote triumph for George W. Bush. Bush prevailed in the Electoral College, and that’s what matters on the scoreboard. Of course there was last year’s presidential contest where politics observers thought they were witnessing a virtual repeat of the 2016 election where opinion polls showed Hillary Clinton with a comfortable lead only to “shock” the universe when Donald Trump came out ahead in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan to take the presidency away from the Democrats. 2020 smelled funny as those same seemingly insurmountable vote advantages in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada all reversed themselves by daylight. I recall going to bed with a good feeling and getting up the next morning wondering what could’ve happened to have the momentum swing so quickly while Americans slept. Funny business? We still don’t know the half of it a year later. But one of the oddest moments in any political period came just last week when 2016 loser Hillary Clinton appeared in the media to tearfully read a portion of what would have been her “victory” speech to the gathered crowd of liberals at her 2016 New York City Election Night party. We never got to hear her utter (slur?) the words on that fateful evening, as she refused to address the nation until the following morning. What did she plan to say? Do we even want to know? Judy Kurtz reported at The Hill:

“[Hill said] ’I've never shared this with anybody. I've never read it out loud. But it helps to encapsulate who I am, what I believe in and what my hopes were for the kind of country that I want for my grandchildren and that I want for the world,’ the former Democratic presidential nominee says in a portion of her upcoming lesson on MasterClass. The course, focused on the ‘power of resilience,’ debuts Thursday, but a preview was released Wednesday on NBC's ‘Today.’

“In the video, Clinton reads the words she says she would have delivered on election night in New York in November 2016, had she not lost to former President Trump…”

Of course, she did lose to Trump but had already set in motion the “Russian Collusion” scandal that plagued the victor for the entirety of his four years as president. Why, after all that’s come out, is Hillary Clinton even given a platform to spout her nonsense? Does anyone -- other than perhaps the hags at The View and Nancy Pelosi -- even care about her anymore?

If you’re really interested in reading what ol’ Crooked Hill would’ve said, click the link to read her actual words. I can tell you that her speech was pretty standard boilerplate political-speak where the former first lady bragged about how a “coalition” of voters came together to deny the politics of division and she’d be an inclusive leader, marriage would be honored no matter who you love, blah, blah, blah.

“Unity” was achieved… and she would represent the people who didn’t vote for her, too. Fueled by enough wine on the evening, it sounds as though Hill planned to extend an open palm to the “deplorables” while simultaneously grasping a weapon in her other hand behind her back to bury in our chests at her first opportunity.

Oh yeah, also that history was made because a “she” was elected president, the first one with female genitalia. Clinton didn’t exactly put it that way, but that’s what she meant, as though bad policy articulated through a woman’s mouth is somehow superior to bad ideas spit out by a dude. Living through ol’ senile president Joe Biden and his contemptuous gal pal veep Kamala Harris for this year has demonstrated the folly of such an assertion.

I didn’t see the show, but the Crooked one apparently teared up while mentioning her mother in the speech. The poor woman (Hill’s ma died in 2011) didn’t get to witness her offspring ascend to the presidency following the daughter’s philandering, lip-biting, skirt chasing and fib telling machine mate, Bill Clinton. And curiously there was no mention in the address of any of the multitude of scandals that hounded the couple like a dumb dog chasing a moving car.

But rejoice! The establishment lost! Democrats would need to try another time to sneak in a broken-down ruling class elitist to the White House. Simply apply a fresh coat of paint to the deteriorating façade and you have your candidate! Instead, there were only shocked looks on Democrats’ mugs in 2016 and lots of booze to drown their sorrows. There were just as much celebratory spirits flowing over on the Trump side, if my family and friends were any indication.

One can only imagine the tearful faces of the major networks’ pundits as they commented on Hillary’s “victory speech” if it’d been delivered as intended. They’d have been gushing with pride that identity politics had followed up the first (half) African-American president with the first woman president. It would’ve been the triumph of the racist, sexist “what you are” vs. “who you are” champions. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

There’s more to this story, too. Kurtz additionally reported, “Clinton is one of several high-profile political figures that MasterClass announced last month will be teaching some of its online lessons. Former President Bill Clinton will instruct a class on ‘empathetic leadership,’ while former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush will ‘share lessons from their experiences on the world stage.’ Former secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice are also poised to teach courses debuting next year, MasterClass said.”

Question for folks: Would any of you want your children or teens to see a video series featuring Hillary Clinton speaking about the “power of resilience”, or hubby Bubba Bill sharing his experiences on “empathetic leadership” and the still with-us Bushes droning on about what they’d learned on the “world stage”?

This is the stuff of late-night TV comedy, isn’t it? Too bad there aren’t many conservatives to do the commentary. Bill Clinton’s lesson would go a little like this… “Hi kids, I’m the 42nd president of these United States and I served two terms in office. During that time, I had multiple extramarital encounters including showing a heck of a lot of ‘empathy’ for a 22-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky. I related particularly well to her when she wore a blue dress and I demonstrated my affinity for fine cigars while Yasser Arafat waited outside.”

George W. Bush could preach, “I got the country mired into unwinnable wars that we’re still paying for while paving the way for open borders and selling out the conservative cause whenever the opportunity presented itself. On my watch we federalized education (No Child Left Behind) and created a new entitlement (Medicare Part D). I left office with near record low approval ratings. And I refused to support Donald Trump because he was mean to my little bro.”

If MasterClass were serious about instructing on “leadership” or the “power of resilience” one would think there are a number of conservatives who would do a better job of it, starting with former President Donald Trump. Rather than featuring a lying multi-time loser like Hillary Clinton, wouldn’t it be better to hear the views of a winner? Trump took on the entirety of the political class and beat them, including the mighty Clinton Democrat machine.

You can just hear the uproar from the ruling class if Trump were selected to discuss his history with students. This is the type of thing that you’d encounter only in home schools… but you wouldn’t need a subscription to access Trump’s victory speech, you can merely go back to November 9, 2016 -- or watch his Inaugural Address two months later.

These were moments in political time that I’ll never forget. We’ve all witnessed elections -- including last year’s -- where the candidate who was “supposed” to win, did win. Trump’s was different. The New Yorker was written off from the start, but the people responded to a blunt-talking reality TV celebrity with a message. There’s a lot to be learned from it.

The only thing to be garnered from Hillary Clinton is how to be a sore loser. What’s the value in that?

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