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The Right Resistance: GOP Drumbeat now deafening to impeach president senile Joe Biden

Coming out of the Independence Day holiday, it’s hardly going out on a limb to assert that things can change quickly in American politics.

A recent case in point was when I wrote, a month and a half ago, that it would be foolish for Republicans (led by Marjorie Taylor Greene) to impeach senile president Joe Biden, and I offered seven reasons why doing so wasn’t the smartest thing to do at that juncture. While I still believe impeachment would be mostly fruitless, revelations since that time make it more feasible in the current political atmosphere.

A slow trickle of damaging information relating to presidential sleazebag son Hunter Biden’s infamous truth-telling laptop has morphed into a full-on flood, joined by whistleblower claims from IRS agents who’ve sworn, on the record, that the Merrick Garland-led Justice Department interfered in the investigation into the Biden family’s dirty dealings. The Republican Congress is continuing to put pressure on the Bidens, so much so that even presidential mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre is starting to lose her grip.

Simply stated, the Democrat administration is running out of excuses and denials regarding the allegations spawned by the authenticated Hunter Biden laptop. As CHQ Editor George Rasley pointed out in a brilliant 3-part exposé of Hunter’s foibles last week, the Bidens as a group have been knee-deep in sex crimes, drug crimes and business crimes – for years. The family’s committed so many illegalities that it’s nearly unfeasible to synopsize them.

Reading Rasley’s reporting (which itself was based on a thoroughly researched treatise on Hunter’s twisted mind by The Marco Polo Project - @MarcoPolo501c3) leads to the inescapable conclusion: Hunter Biden is a very, very, sick human being deprived of anything good and decent – and so are the rest of the Bidens, including father Joe. The Bidens have done more than game the system, they’ve thumbed their nose at the notion of accountability and the Democrats’ oft-stated platitude that “No one is above the law.”

The Bidens apparently believe that no crime is beneath the Bidens, but there’s plenty above them. Longtime political observers understand that there’s no sense of reality in Democrat-land, as they believe in a two-tiered system of justice for Republicans (even more specifically, Donald Trump) and their own transgressors. The slap on the wrist that Hunter received a couple weeks ago by Attorney General Garland’s department would be laughable if it weren’t so disgusting. Even in today’s warped Joe Biden version of America, the Hunter episode is shocking.

So yes, things have changed since late May when I argued that it wasn’t the right time to impeach the current president. The facts and the wording of the Constitution itself are leading straight to a different conclusion: Joe Biden has to go. And even if the effort in Congress wouldn’t likely lead to senile Joe being frog-marched from the White House after a conviction, it could very well be worth the effort to try it. More members of Congress are getting onboard the impeachment train itself. In a piece titled “Jim Jordan: Impeachment is On the Table For Biden”, Debra Heine reported at American Greatness last week:

“As the Biden family’s corruption scandals heat up, an increasing number of Republicans are calling for Joe Biden to be impeached, including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee. During an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo [on June 25], Jordan said impeachment was definitely on the table.

“’We’re driven by the facts and the Constitution. If the facts show there were high crimes, misdemeanors, bribery, treason, whatever—if the facts show there’s a crime there that warrants impeachment, our duty compels us,’ Jordan said. ‘But first we have to first get all the facts on the table.’ …

“’They’re piling up: 150 suspicious activity reports, 20 different companies they’re running money through, all kinds of Biden family members getting paid,’ Jordan told Bartiromo. ‘Now credible whistleblowers coming forward with more allegations.’”

They definitely are, almost on a daily basis, it seems. It’s hard to keep up with the ongoing story because the pieces are being discovered and sewn together so rapidly. It’s a rather slow process. One can’t help but think that there will be many, many more truth speakers as it becomes increasingly evident that the Bidens can’t hide from the volume of plain-as-day evidence. You almost feel sorry for the Biden administration personnel trying to spin the latest eye-openers – or ignore them altogether.

What’s the old saying? The “walls are closing in.” Democrats and their establishment media pals must’ve used that one a thousand times during Donald Trump’s first term. Only then there were no walls, just high-level leaks to make it appear that there were. The Biden hunters (pardon the pun) have bank records, emails, texts, photos… you name it. Courtesy of Hunter Biden’s abandoned computer!

For his part, senile Joe is so obtuse and out of it from his deteriorating brain that he can get away with saying what he’s always said, namely that none of it is true and he can’t interfere with ongoing investigations. Blah, blah, blah. Once again, there’s nothing to trust coming out of official Washington these days. No wonder the public’s faith in institutions is virtually nonexistent.

The situation has reached a level where Democrats aren’t even coming to the Bidens’ aid like they’ve done throughout his life in politics. I could be wrong, but has “Chucky” Schumer said much lately? And ol’ Nancy Pelosi isn’t heard from any longer. They’re all engaged in a child-like contest of who can stay silent the longest. And so far, it’s a tie score! Jordan is right. As the holes in the picture are filled with more and more color and clarity, and it’s evident on who did what, the totality of the case for impeachment could be so strong that it can’t be ignored. Through the impeachment process, Congress charges and then tries an official of the federal government for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Bribery being specifically mentioned, if it can be definitively shown that the Bidens accepted a bribe – and it certainly looks that way – then impeachment is compulsory.

Could it be that Democrats secretly wouldn’t mind if Biden were impeached? There could potentially be some advantages to them if he were:

One, he’d never be convicted. This was the primary reason why I suggested Republicans shouldn’t try impeachment in the first place. But Democrats could rest easy that the process wouldn’t result in any change in the political status quo, and it might help Biden blather on about “unity” and “restoring the soul of the nation” and other things he does well to sway the gullible.

Assuming one or two Democrat senators would vote with Republicans to impeach Biden, there’s no way the House managers could attract seventeen me-first liberals to the cause of justice.

Two, impeachment could turn Biden into a somewhat sympathetic character. Can’t you hear it now -- “Oh, the heinous MAGA Republicans are going after my innocent little boy. No one has ever said Hunter did anything wrong… and he’s the smartest person I know.” The Democrats in Congress would churn out their “victim” platitudes and by the time they were done – with generous aid from the establishment media – the Biden family would look like waifs being oppressed by the dominant and mean folks who talk about “law” and “punishment” and “accountability” and stuff. Maybe senile Joe could fall a few more times – intentionally -- and Karine Jean-Pierre could attribute his vertical challenge to the stress of facing impeachment. The hags on “The View” and the entire evening lineup of MSNBC and CNN hosts will shame the impeachment managers and wimpy RINO Republican senators wouldn’t dare vote to convict, fearing a non-existent voter backlash.

Three, a prolonged impeachment inquiry and eventual trial would provide time and cover for those liberals looking to dump senile Joe in favor of a Democrat who’s slightly less obviously crooked (does such a person exist in the Democrat faction?).

Someone within the party could concede that the charges leveled against Biden are “serious” and deserve a once-over. Someone else, maybe even Hillary Clinton, could accept interviews where she would say Biden’s age, along with everything else, is fair game. Gavin Newsom and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez could stage a rally for all Democrats in 2024, vowing never to stop fighting the MAGA powers of evil that brought ill-fortune down on the America-loving Biden clan.

The spin job would be massive. And the establishment media would pretend to defend Biden while simultaneously floating the names of possible 2024 party stand-ins, should something unexpected happen to Biden. Who knows? This could be their chance, right?

Lastly and most importantly, impeachment would allow Democrats and the media to concentrate their animus towards Donald Trump – “Look! Republicans are only impeaching poor senile Joe to take attention away from twice impeached – and should’ve been convicted – awful former president Donald Trump! Trump’s as crooked as a gnarled branch on a two-hundred-year-old oak tree! Don’t make it easy for them to take focus off of him at this crucial moment.”

Things can and do change quickly in American politics, and the notion of impeaching senile Joe Biden isn’t as ill-advised as it was just a couple months ago. Biden’s deteriorating mental condition isn’t the reason why he needs to go, though it’s certainly prescient. Joe Biden must be removed because he’s the most corrupted leader of all-time. Is it really time for Joe to go?

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