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The Right Resistance: Democrats thrive with half-brained politicians. The sad tale of John Fetterman

Tell the truth – Have you ever been concerned that your elected leaders aren’t smart enough? I’m surmising that everyone who reads this will nod their head without pause and instantly respond “Yes!”, so I’ll narrow the scope of the question a bit.

Have you ever legitimately worried that the people who make policy that effects your everyday living are psychologically or cognitively deficient, meaning, they’re either mentally ill or have some imperceptible physical impairment or disability that precludes them from functioning and thinking in a “normal” way?

Here’s guessing the second query responses were also close to the 100 percent “Yes!” range, but this might just be a kneejerk reaction to a past politician who’s wronged decent, patriotic people in some way but had acted in good faith while doing so. Practically all of today’s Democrats fit this category. Being dedicated liberals and entrenched members of the societal elite, Democrats believe they’re doing good for everyone by pursuing gobs of taxpayer money for “climate change” mitigation, demanding that the public treasury pay for abortions and by sending federal law enforcement goons to knock down doors and arrest innocent pro-life counselors.

Here in Virginia, for example, before conservative Glenn Youngkin replaced Democrat Ralph Northam earlier this year and reversed many of his predecessor’s stupidities, the Democrat ruling class in the governor’s mansion and state legislature imposed a slew of procedures designed to combat the ravages of COVID-19, or so they thought. The guidelines the Democrats set were so absurd that members of my son’s school baseball team (and parents, of course) were ordered to wear masks – outdoors. The rules were subsequently altered to mandating only that the catcher, batter and baserunners – and parents, of course -- had to wear them. How dumb can you get?

Democrats are misguided, definitely, but are they truly evil? Or just plain stupid? Or maybe it’s because they’re not able to function properly for a reason. Such is the case for Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman, a politician who carries an important and verifiable dissimilarity from most other office seekers everywhere he goes – that being cognitive damage from a stroke he suffered not long ago.

Despite the otherwise disqualifying brain anomaly, Fetterman presses on with his campaign to win the Keystone State’s open U.S. senate seat. The hooded bald man’s strategy for victory appears to be to rely on his state’s registered Democrat voter advantage as well as pounding the fact his opponent, Trump-backed Dr. Mehmet Oz, owns property in New Jersey. In addition, Fetterman hopes to hide his smarts insufficiency by mostly staying out of sight and refusing to debate Oz until after lots of Pennsylvanians have already sent in their ballots via early voting.

On the surface, Fetterman looks like the type of guy who protested “racism” during the summer of 2020, burned a lot of buildings and went around proclaiming “Black Lives Matter!” while never having held a real job in his whole life. John also bucks the fashion trend by never wearing business attire, probably seeking to identify with the average pampered and unmotivated schlep who doesn’t even own garments fancier than a pair of jeans and t-shirts with holes under the sleeves.

It’s Fetterman’s inability to speak – or apparently, to think – that is particularly worrisome about him. A reporter from NBC (Dasha Burns) of all places came away unimpressed that the Pennsylvania ogre could do the job he seeks. But current Democrat senators aren’t troubled at all! They just need a body to sit with them and vote when the light turns on! Having an operational brain is discretionary! Batteries not required!

In a piece titled “Senate Dems brush aside concerns about stroke victim John Fetterman’s fitness to join the chamber”, Ramsey Touchberry reported at The Washington Times:

“Senate Democrats are standing by Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in his bid to become the state’s next senator amid looming questions about his health after he had a stroke in May. In public appearances since then, Mr. Fetterman has stuttered and struggled to find words, including in his first one-on-one TV interview since his stroke. Because of auditory processing difficulties resulting from the stroke, Mr. Fetterman used closed captioning technology to translate interview questions into words on a screen.

“Critics, including Republican opponent Mehmet Oz, question his ability to serve in the Senate. But Senate Democrats … tried to reassure voters he’s fit for the job. ‘I was on the phone with him yesterday and had a long conversation with him,’ said Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin, Illinois Democrat. ‘John is ready for this job. It’s true that he is going through rehabilitation, and he’s making great progress. Physically, he feels he’s 100%. And when it comes to expressing himself, he’s making progress every day. He’s ready for the Senate’ [emphasis added].

“Sen. Richard Blumenthal also vouched for the candidate’s health, saying he sees ‘no difficulty’ in Mr. Fetterman’s ability to serve with auditory processing issues.”

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this. Do these Democrats listen to themselves? Both Durbin and Blumenthal basically just argued that a guy possessing less than a full functioning deck is still qualified and ready to serve alongside them in the vaunted United States Senate, once regarded as the greatest deliberative body in the world! Like sure, you might not be all there because you’re recovering from a degenerative brain defect, John, but no matter – you’re good enough to be one of us!

I don’t think the Democrats meant to make people chuckle – liberals rarely possess much of a sense of humor – but the end result is still the same. How could anyone sporting a half a cranium really think that a stuttering, slurred speech political candidate like Fetterman could handle the daily intellectual workload of participating in committee hearings, conducting press conferences, negotiating verbiage on bills, dealing with caucus priorities and voting for potentially life-altering legislation?

Are there any volunteers out there to turn over the budget ledgers of the United States Treasury to a man who currently requires a computer to translate questions into simple enough language so he can then formulate an intelligible response? Seriously, is this man “smart” enough to represent a state with over 13 million people? Should we faithfully take the word of today’s senate Democrats that Fetterman is competent to dress himself and come to work every day come January?

Of course, through decades of observing Democrat voters accepting and then casting ballots for a host of “dumb” political hacks, one could understand how liberal senators like Durbin and Blumenthal are willing and eager to welcome any bipedal being into their chummy elitist club – even one as obviously ability challenged as John Fetterman is. No problem! Come on in, John! That hired peasant over there in senate administration will set you up with office space, some staffers and a coloring book to pass the time until your brain returns from its stroke-induced sabbatical!

For a culture full of folks who regularly complain whenever their computer isn’t working properly – or is too dang slow for our preferences – how can any rational person stomach the notion of being ruled by a man who’s not working on an entirely operational brain?

It doesn’t make sense, but then again, Democrats seem to almost prefer slower-than-average leaders. Lord knows the party’s 2020 primary voters didn’t have any qualms about choosing a late seventies gaffe-making, memory-lapsed doofus who goes around calling everyone “Jack”, telling whopper after whopper and spouting “Here’s the deal” for their presidential nominee.

Don’t overlook Democrat acceptance of vice president cackling Kamala Harris, who’s just as reality-challenged as her aging boss, a woman so obtuse that she thinks North Korea is a U.S. ally and also had the gumption to insist that the U.S./Mexico border was secure despite two million illegal invader aliens having crossed the line in the past year under her watch. Kamala literally slept her way to a political career, which doesn’t bother Democrats – it’s a bonus and grounds for advancement in their book!

The House and Senate is full of Democrats with only half a proverbial deck. Test yourself: who’s the dumbest Democrat senator? You’ve got a healthy representative sample to choose from, including Washington’s tennis shoe wearing Patty Murray, the 1/1024th Cherokee Indian, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, moron to the nth degree Mazie Hirono (from Hawaii) and, not to be outdone, Dick “I served in Vietnam” Blumenthal (Connecticut).

This is only a partial list, mind you. If you pondered hard enough you could likely find some brain abnormality in most of the upper chamber’s liberals. And equally true in the House, too. Need a name? How about Maxine Waters? I bet Tulsi Gabbard could provide an entire roster of Democrat dunces!

As would be expected, Democrats are further trying to turn objections about Fetterman into a discrimination against disabled people issue. From Touchberry’s article comes this gem: “President Biden’s digital director, Rob Flaherty, took a shot at reporters who have questioned [Fetterman’s] health. ‘I mean, would reporters cover a deaf person this way? Or a blind person?’ he tweeted. ‘Or is this kind of sneering reserved only for people who have had strokes?’”

Well, deaf people can read lips and communicate via sign language. Blind people can listen to questions and respond to them with a brain that isn’t impacted by their lack of seeing ability. They don’t need a computer to rephrase questions, do they? A stroke victim whose cognitive function was damaged by a serious life-threatening incident? Not so fortunate.

It’s a sad sign for our times when people are debating over whether a recent stroke victim with verifiable impairments should even be allowed to be a major party candidate for high office. When he suffered a stroke, John Fetterman should have resigned as Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor and also bowed out of his candidacy for U.S. Senate. But he didn’t. Why? Because he’s too dumb. Or maybe he just couldn’t think straight. Same thing.

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