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The Right Resistance: Democrats learning first-hand how the casino House always wins

Let the good times roll! Why can’t they last forever?

Ever been to a party or an amusement park or a day at the beach and thought to yourself that life couldn’t get any better? Then, over the course of time, the music becomes monotonous, the party food and drinks start wearing on you (dehydration and stomachache) and suddenly, the people around don’t seem nearly as interesting or stimulating as they did a few hours before. Or at the beach, you realize sunscreen didn’t protect from what promises to be a painful burn, and there’s nothing that can be done about it now. Or, after the second and third go-round on the roller coasters, that $100+ you dropped for each person at the amusement park seems dreadfully wasted.

These moments are like a sugar induced high. The feelings don’t last. It’s a fact.

Such is the case for Democrats these days. It shouldn’t be forgotten that it was just a short time ago that Joe Biden and his lockstep followers crowed about all his “accomplishments” during the new president’s first hundred days. The administration was successful in following a preordained plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine distributed to millions upon millions of enthusiastic takers and they didn’t offer Donald Trump any shared credit for it.

Together with the Democrat majority Congress, Biden pushed through a “relief” package that sprinkled free money onto an outwardly grateful public. The economy was continuing to recover from its yearlong COVID-19 funk; Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi promised bigger and better things from Capitol Hill and Republicans -- at least according to the journalism profession -- were in disarray over the fallout from January 6 and an obsession with Trump that would doom them. The party almost went to pieces because of Lynn Cheney, right?

Heck, even presidential prodigal son Hunter Biden appeared to be undergoing a reputational makeover in the public’s consciousness thanks to time and a total lack of interest on behalf of the establishment media to investigate his crooked business dealings or more-than-sordid personal associations with scummy people as revealed by his infamous laptop and Tony Bobulinski. Hunter’s new book “Beautiful Things” allowed the poor guy to talk about addiction and seeing the positive side of misfortune and bad luck. Lots of warm and fuzzies among liberals, for sure.

Hunter’s lies are catching up to him, though. Uh-oh. How long before Joe’s asked about them?

Unfortunately for Democrats, the swell of good tidings was all a façade. Perpetually lurking in the shadows was the inevitable clash between so-called “moderates” and the never-satiated leftwing. Time after time Biden bowed to the lefties in his first few months in power. Now it looks like the formerly masked and hidden intra-party scrum is seeing the light of day.

“Tensions between centrists and progressives in the Democratic Party are flaring — and they are going to get worse.

“One accelerant is the fact that President Biden’s legislative agenda is slowing and could soon stall. This is fueling impatience on the left with the president’s consensus-seeking approach. On top of that, next year’s midterm elections are starting to loom, upping the stakes in the debate over where the White House — and the party — should go between now and then…

“Most of all, though, progressives and centrists are digging their respective trenches on three vital issues that look different but are in fact intertwined: Biden’s effort to pass an infrastructure bill, the future of the Senate filibuster and the need to safeguard voting rights.”

As examples, Stanage’s report detailed the uncomfortable back-and-forth between the racist, brother-marrying Rep. Ilhan Omar and Jewish Democrats over her recent comparison of Israelis to terrorists. Then there was the always good for a laugh Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s comments about Guatemalan migrants and their “right” to come to America, contradicting Joe’s gal pal’s (Kamala Harris’s) stern warning for them not to come. Finally, there was the perfunctory overview of the left’s dissatisfaction with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and his frustrating defense of the minority-protecting senate filibuster.

What, Manchin doesn’t automatically conform to everything the “Democrat Socialists” tell him to do? When did they suddenly realize this?

What was like a festive social gathering, a beautiful day at the beach and a fun-filled family memory at an amusement park in the honeymoon period after Biden’s inauguration has suddenly morphed into a collective Democrat hangover. Anyone with common sense had to know their unmerited glee with the multi-topic-challenged Joe Biden wouldn’t last very long. Biden himself has always been a dedicated liberal who cloaked his keenness for destroying American culture in a suit of “moderate” clothes.

The problem being that the value of Biden’s traditional liberalism has been surpassed by the rabid nutcases in the Bernie Sanders faction. The average Democrat voter is now more like AOC and Omar than he or she is akin to Manchin, Sam Nunn or nice guy Joe Lieberman. Thanks to eight years of Barack Obama, grassroots liberals now demand true believers who won’t hesitate to brand an opponent racist or uncaring or unfeeling or a denier or in the way of “progress.”

It’s more than a little curious how the media is starting to criticize Democrats for playing to the party base the way they alleged Donald Trump and Republicans did during their time in power. It’s almost as though advocating for the things your voters elected you for is seen as a cancerous boil on the backside of forthright politicians. One almost experiences a measure of respect for Democrats like “Chucky” Schumer and Nancy Pelosi because they don’t shy away from a fight.

But there’s a big difference between promising a basketful of new socialistic spending and delivering it. In Manchin’s case, he’s never indicated a willingness to jettison his fondness for the filibuster because ultra-liberal group x commanded it. Similarly, Republicans like the late John McCain similarly vowed that they’d never relent on the principle.

These dumb dreamers are so simple and obtuse, aren’t they? To borrow an irony-filled line from the movie “Gladiator”, they should realize when they’re conquered and just join with the others in a rousing rendition of “For he’s a jolly good fellow” and then argue over who’s going to pick up the tab.

The truth is, the party in power will always experience bumps in the road in enacting their agendas, and shouldn’t go out of their way to demonize the “moderates” that hold up their steam train of takeover. Republican campaigns famously promise to battle for smaller government, lower taxes, the conservative cultural agenda and responsible spending. They don’t have directors willing to go to the mat for these things, with the exception of Donald Trump.

Democrats do have leaders who leave it all on the proverbial playing field, yet the typical American voter doesn’t follow along to their putrid-smelling music like rats to the Pied Piper of Hamelin. That’s what makes it tolerable to have a Susan Collins for the Republicans or Joe Manchin for the Democrats. Both are from states that wouldn’t go for a down-the-line conservative (Collins) or an Antifa-embracing, critical race theory touting leftist (Manchin).

Problems mount when a Republican representative or senator originates from a solidly conservative district or state and then diverges from the crowd. Need an example? How about Mitt Romney. The grandstanding former GOP presidential nominee is the epitome of a loser from a conservative state yet still votes -- on some very important subjects -- as though he were worried about attracting liberal support.

The same could be said for former Speaker Paul Ryan. A gutless coward. Is there a better way to describe him?

Joe Manchin is neither a gutless coward nor a traitor to his party nor anything else for that matter, other than a senator from a bigtime Trump-backing state who hears the roars from his voters and seeks a way to keep everyone happy. He’s neither a hero nor a goat. As long as the senate remains equally divided, his word carries a lot of weight.

Even assuming there would ever be a fiesta where Republicans and Democrats were represented in equal numbers, it likely wouldn’t produce a lasting memory either way. Momentary strong feelings almost always fade. The media is never satisfied and the swampy establishment is like the House at a gambling casino. The odds are in their favor, and they almost always win.

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