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The Right Resistance: Biden and Harris hit the road to pass the Democrat Party fundraising plate

“Pass the plate.”

Folks often use the phrase at church, but may also start employing this overt appeal to generosity at a Democrat event near you in the coming weeks and months, as liberal party members turn their White House stars loose to draw out the cash from restless and worried donors across the United States.

With polls revealing the Democrats’ chances of retaining majorities in the House and Senate are bleak at best, it’s time for president senile Joe Biden and vice president cackling Kamala Harris to emerge from their Washington DC swamp cocoons and ignore the ongoing threat of COVID infection (at least according to the CDC and their own rhetoric) and get busy swapping stories on a personal level with supporters in the hinterlands. Of course yesterday’s announcement that Harris tested positive for COVID might keep her out of banquet halls and hotel ballrooms for a few days…

Democrat fundraising totals are comparatively better than their polling levels, so every little bit of extra loot could help jolt awake their sleeping liberal voter base. But with inflation raging out of control, the ongoing war in Ukraine and illegal aliens invading across the southern border at high ebb (only to get worse with the cancellation of Title 42), will anyone feel like giving money to a leaderless party soon to be shoved out of legislative power?

“President Biden and Vice President Harris are ramping up their in-person fundraising at a critical point less than seven months out from the midterm elections. The activity comes as Democrats fear losing the House and Senate majorities, and as donors clamor for more in-person events more than two years into the pandemic.

“Harris has appeared at two fundraisers in the past week and Biden is scheduled to headline two separate Democratic National Committee (DNC) events in Portland and Seattle on Thursday as part of his second trip out west as president. Democrats say that it’s crucial for Biden and Harris, as well as other well-known members of the administration, to take part in more fundraising events so that Democrats can protect their majorities...

“Biden’s fundraising efforts were limited during his first year in office, largely because of the pandemic. While Biden did some virtual events, he just recently held his first in-person fundraiser of his presidency last month in Washington, D.C.”

There they go again, using the pandemic as an excuse for not carrying on as normal in Democrat-land. Party poohbahs can only use sickness as an excuse for so long, can’t they? Has Speaker Nancy Pelosi put her money grabbing on hold for the past couple years too? How about senate Majority Leader “Chucky” Schumer?

Doubtful. Democrats have been keeping a tight hold on Biden and Kamala for fear that a generous dose of personal appearances by the DC political power couple would only heighten the anticipation of a total collapse at the top of the upper echelon of the liberal hierarchy. Now that Harris will have “survived” COVID in a few days, it makes the “keep people safe” excuse all the lamer. When will senile Joe test positive?

Let’s face it, neither Biden nor Harris offers much of an enticement for the well-off to open their wallets. Senile Joe wanders around aimlessly and Kamala, well, she can’t keep from saying something that will surely make the evening news… in a bad way. A thought occurred to me the other night as I watched a mini-lowlight reel of Kamala’s worst and most embarrassing gaffes, which must’ve been significantly culled and edited to get it down to the five or six that were presented: Harris is an awful executive officer, primarily because she doesn’t know how to deliver a speech. Let me explain. Harken, if you will, back to the days when the then freshman California senator questioned then Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in the Judiciary Committee hearing room in the fall of 2018. The longtime Golden State prosecutor and Attorney General stared directly at her “suspect”, then proceeded to pontificate over the background to her questions and demanded a simple “yes or no” from the originalist judge to queries that couldn’t possibly be covered by words of two and three letters in length. Kamala wasn’t interested in Kavanaugh’s replies, of course, unless they were sufficiently abbreviated to encapsulate the gotcha point she was trying to make. She simply sought to make a monkey out of the nominee in front of the “jury”, which were her Judiciary committee peers -- but also the national viewing audience.

Most people, myself included, don’t give Harris much credit for possessing a gifted intellect, but she does come across as a forceful, skilled and experienced interrogator, like a trial lawyer who’s intimidated a lot of witnesses. Get her in an enclosed room with a bunch of onlookers who aren’t charged with liking her and she’s able to pull off the ruse. When Kamala’s solely in search of a result, she’s not bad at what she does.

As a liberal legislator solely charged with embarrassing conservatives, Kamala’s your gal. She was so capable of lending that impression that the clamor for her to run for president grew quite loud in the lead-up to the 2020 Democrat presidential race. In fact, she was one of the earliest to declare an intention to run, throwing her proverbial hat in the ring on Martin Luther King Day in January, 2019 (a few months after participating in the Kavanaugh circus). Never missing an opportunity to play the race and gender card, she launched her campaign ("Kamala Harris For The People") on the historic notion of being the first partially black female to serve as president.

The problem being she was positively awful at campaigning. When it came down to meeting with grassroots audiences personally or appearing on the same stage with her fellow Democrat office-seekers, Kamala couldn’t effectively respond to challenges and wasn’t all that good at answering fairly basic questions about policy. Not only that, she couldn’t put together a speech. She was no Barack Obama, put it that way. That’s bad when you’re a presidential candidate.

When her staff hands Harris a list of questions to pick apart a witness, her nasty side is empowered to shine through. But when she doesn’t have that safety blanket of notecards in front of her and actually has to provide the substance on her own, Kamala retreats to smiling, giggling and spouting platitudes. She’s awful. If only senile Joe and the Biden powers-that-be could’ve realized the mistake they’d made prior to settling for this particular pigmented woman.

But then again, Harris didn’t need to be a good politician. She had dark skin and female parts -- and identified as a she, complete with pronouns (she, her and I)! These ingrained qualities were all that Biden’s handlers required to gift her with the most valuable consolation prize in the history of the Democrat party.

And, to be realistic, her race and gender are all that’s necessary for Kamala to meet with Democrat big donors these days and beg for enormous checks to help the party. For if the Republicans manage to get control of the Congress and then the White House, race-baiting liberal identity politics losers like Harris won’t be in power any longer.

“Pass the plate!” Don’t forget to sign those checks! It won’t make one iota of difference that senile Joe’s gal pal veep doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in h--l of ever getting to be president. Her staff keeps leaving -- last week her chief of staff left and was replaced -- but there’s got to be a long list of party retreads waiting in the wings, anxious to try their hand at taming the rage of the worst second-in-command in American history. Someone’s got to do it, don’t they? Besides, it very well could be that small, intimate, one-on-one fundraisers are the only thing Kamala is capable of handling. She’s got that certain kind of charm that once led her to be a concubine of California Assembly king Willie Brown, and Harris also was seen on the arm of TV personalities such as Montel Williams. Who knows, when you’re a rich liberal and she’s standing next to you, the phony blather might actually be interpreted as possessing a future in Democrat politics!

That’s not suggesting that senile Joe Biden will attract more of an enthusiastic donor response than his VP does, but the nearly octogenarian half-century in DC swamp dweller presumably knows how to press the flesh -- including shaking hands with the air -- and certainly isn’t the least bit shy about shaking down wealthy liberals for spare change. With having spent his entire career in government, Biden’s personal fortune is a radar screen blip compared to the rich progressives, but he can pretend that he's a member of their club thanks to son Hunter’s ventures!

According to the Hill writers’ report, establishment Democrats actually like Biden better than they did Barack Obama, because the latter’s prolific fundraising talent apparently wasn’t devoted nearly often enough to the needs of the national party. The party’s congressional campaign entities are humming along at impressive speed, but the DNC needs a boost. Senile Joe and Kamala will do the work!

The minds behind the Biden administration must be exhausted trying to figure out the most productive ways to fill the president’s and vice president’s time without them further damaging the party’s prospects for success in November. Why not send them out to beg for money? If donors need to see the two up close, grant them their wish. Pass the plate!

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