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The New Anarchy of the Modern Left

There’s a new type of anarchy going around, and the modern American Far Left thrives on it

and rational people are in danger.

How is it new? That’s a fair question. After all, anarchy is just anarchy, right? Well, yes and no.

You see, historically anarchy has almost always been used as a means to an end. When you study history for a living as I do, you tend to pick up on these things. The axiom that history repeats itself is (mostly) true, at least when it comes to revolutionaries getting their way.

Vladimir Lenin, that questionable grandfatherly figure of Soviet Russia, used the anarchy and social unrest in his country mixed with the chaos of the First World War to help bring about the beginning of the Soviet Union. That government would be the bane of the United States and the world for much of the last century. Similarly, the friendly faced Mao Zedong would utilize insurrection and civil war in China to establish the Chinese Communist Party and modern China as we know it. Today, the murderous Chinese serve as the new bane of the United States’ existence.

What then, you ask, is the big difference between Lenin, Mao, and their spiritual descendants?

The answer is simple; Lenin and Mao, for all their other faults, at least had an endgame in mind, tangible goals for all their talk of utopia. They, at least, had ideas on government and order, albeit order built on anarchy and propped up by more atrocities than there are stars in the sky. Contrarily, the modern American Left seemingly has no end goal for all their talk of “justice” and “equality.” They are, pure and simple, anarchists.

If the modern Left does have a goal, it seems only to make the whole country look like Minneapolis or Portland.

Consider the former, where the trial of the police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck is currently underway. The courthouse is being protected by National Guardsmen and metal fencing. Meanwhile, the street where Floyd tragically lost his life was appropriated as an “autonomous zone” that is currently being monitored by the FBI. Since when did we need the National Guard to protect a courthouse? Given the fact Minneapolis voted last year to defund their police, it’s not a surprise.

Or how about Portland, where the “mostly peaceful” Antifa protests never really stopped. I’m not sure what they are even protesting at this point. The city cut its police funding by $16 million, so they can’t be protesting to defund the police. Donald Trump is no longer president so presumably these thugs aren’t still setting fires because that’s what’s upsetting them. All I know is the situation is so bad that the Mayor of Portland recently called for a $2 million increase in police funding. All because, almost a year on, mobs of crazies who apparently have nothing better to do are still rioting and killing.

Let’s not even get into the weeds of all the pain these brutes caused in places like Seattle, Chicago, and Atlanta last year. In cities where the taxes are already incredibly high, there was only broken glass and burnt out buildings in the wake of the new Left. The poor folks who pay those taxes were the ones left to clean up the mess. And these lefties will always find something to protest as a means to destroy America.

These so-called activists and Left-Wingers claimed they were protesting (again, mostly peacefully) because they wanted police reform and equal treatment under the law for African-Americans. Some of them probably were, and those are just issues worthy of civil demonstrations.

But the violence and chaos we saw from the bulk of them does not scream to me that these are folks with a plan. What it does show are people with no direction, no purpose in life. People with no center of gravity or sense of meaning filling that void and venting their pent up frustrations by letting their base human instincts run wild.

These people, many of them in their twenties and thirties, have been told for years by liberal teachers still stuck in the 1960’s that America is Satan. They’ve had it beaten into their heads that no matter what they do, how hard they try, their country is hopelessly racist and inherently against the working class.

All this pent up rage, this cult like nihilism, twisted any noble intentions these folks may have had and burned away any sense of reason. That’s all to say that the maniacs still running around in Portland have no goal.

This is the new anarchy of the modern Left. It’s to cause as much damage as possible and have a rip roaring time while doing it. It doesn’t matter how many get hurt in the name of “justice” or even if there’s a Neo-Marxist utopia standing when the dust settles. Come to think of it, utopia is probably somehow racist too.

Somewhere underground, Lenin, Mao, and Fidel are all scratching their heads thinking “Where did we go wrong with these kids?”

Conservatives are like the boy from that old story with his finger in the dyke, holding back the flood. We find ourselves caught in the middle of all this, jerked back and forth while trying to hold the country together. Some days the situation seems dire. But for all we are mocked for our adherence to traditions, we will endure, because tradition brings clarity and clarity usually means a plan. It is not an easy battle we face, but face it we will, because unlike the Marxists of yore and the anarchists of today, our values are built to last.

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