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Ted Cruz: House Should Impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

“Alejandro Mayorkas, today, is the world's largest human trafficker. His business model is funding the Mexican cartels to the tune of billions of dollars as they bring in fentanyl and

opioids that are killing Americans. The house should impeach him and the American people should see and hear the facts of the horrors that are unfolding on our southern border,” said Senator Ted Cruz.

Speaking with Stuart Varney on FOX Business, Senator Cruz later said, “We're now looking at more than 5.4 million illegal immigrants [who] have crossed the border under Joe Biden. It's the worst illegal immigration in the history of our nation. Just last month, in December, we had the highest rate of illegal immigration that has ever been recorded in a single month in the history of our country.”

Senator Cruz is right about impeaching Secretary Mayorkas, and Democrats are finally taking the impeachment of Mayorkas seriously after two impeachment resolutions have already been introduced in the House.

On Friday, February 10, POLITICO reported the Department of Homeland Security has hired impeachment attorneys as the new House GOP majority moves to boot Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his handling of the southern border, according to three DHS officials familiar with the agreement.

The department has signed a contract with New York-based firm Debevoise & Plimpton to advise administration officials on how to handle document requests and questions from congressional investigators and to defend the department if Republicans move forward with an impeachment trial, according to one of the DHS officials. The firm will represent both DHS and the secretary in his official capacity. The department will pay legal fees.

The Biden administration has said repeatedly it views the GOP threats as a political ploy, but the decision to hire outside lawyers shows it’s nonetheless taking the situation seriously. It also speaks to how unusual this process is: Impeachment proceedings haven’t been brought against a Cabinet member since 1876, reported Myah Ward of POLITICO.

Some of the more conservative members filed an impeachment resolution against Mayorkas last month, reported Ms. Ward, and Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), launched his own proposal last week. But even Republicans who want to impeach Mayorkas acknowledged they don’t have the support yet within their own conference. If a vote on the impeachment resolution comes to the floor, the party could afford to lose only four GOP votes.

Rep. Pat Fallon (TX-4) filed the first articles of impeachment against Mayorkas.

The resolution accuses Mayorkas of not “maintaining operational control” over the U.S. border. Fallon cites the secretary’s attempt to eliminate Title 42, ending the Migrant Protection Protocols and terminating contracts for additional border wall construction.

Fallon’s resolution also claims Mayorkas lied to the House Judiciary Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee in 2022 by testifying that the southern border was under control, reported the Texas Tribune.

“Secretary Mayorkas has violated the law and has implemented policies that undermine law enforcement activities at our southern border. … His willful actions erode our immigration system, undermine border patrol morale, and imperil American national security. He must be removed from office,” Fallon’s office said in a statement.

Our friends Hans von Spakovsky, Lora Ries and Steven Bradbury writing for the Heritage Foundation, agreed with Reps Fallon and Biggs, noting in their report that Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has intentionally instigated an unprecedented border, national security, and humanitarian catastrophe. Mayorkas has violated his oath of office, abused the powers of his office, and betrayed the trust of the American people, endangering the constitutional republic, and his misconduct is so reckless, so irresponsible, and so serious that he should be impeached, removed from office, and disqualified from holding any further office.

As the Heritage report establishes, Secretary Mayorkas’s reckless policies of encouraging and facilitating the entry and release of millions of illegal aliens into the U.S. have pulled limited law enforcement personnel off the front lines, away from their national security mission, and have allowed cartels to flood America’s communities with fentanyl, violent criminal aliens, gang members, and potential national security threats. Secretary Mayorkas has also acted inexcusably to denigrate and abuse U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers, lied to Congress and deceived the public about the nature and consequences of his policies, and acted to suppress the constitutional and statutory rights of Americans.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has said the House will investigate Mayorkas’ policies and look into whether they warrant an impeachment proceeding, but has not explicitly committed to pursuing Mayorkas’ removal from office. We urge CHQ readers and friends to click here to use the Americans for Limited Government tool to send an email to Congress demanding Mayorkas be impeached.

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