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Tea Party Patriots Action: July is National Attend a School Board Meeting Month

Every day, there is another story of a local school board and their disdain for parents, students, and taxpayers. We can see what they really think about parents, what they will

force teachers to say and do (even if it violates the teacher’s conscience and religion), and what they really want to do with our kids.

We are also seeing parents standing up for their kids in fiery, passionate, well-spoken comments at school board meetings. These videos are going viral because parents across America are fed up, and the videos are inspiring to us all.

That’s why Tea Party Patriots Action has announced that July is National Attend a School Board Meeting Month, the future of our nation depends on getting as many people as possible to participate!

You might be thinking, but I don’t have kids in public school. Here’s the good news, you don’t need to have kids or grandkids in the public schools to participate!

It’s just as important to hear from local community members, and from parents with kids in private schools, because a) you pay taxes to support the schools, and b) you have a vested interest in the kind of citizen the students become as a result of the education they receive at the local public schools.

And right now, the education that too many kids are receiving in public schools is disastrous. For instance, they’re learning that their skin color is their most important characteristic and it will determine their futures, no matter what they do, how they act, or how hard they work.

They’re learning that socialism and communism are compassionate, advanced forms of government – but they don’t learn that hundreds of millions of human beings were murdered and starved under these systems.

They’re also not learning math, or proper grammar and reading, or actual American history and civics. In fact, these topics have been labeled as “white supremacist” by a lot of the people making decisions about our children’s education.

There has been more than one kind of unmasking in 2021. Too many school board members have worn an “I care about children” mask for decades, hiding their real agenda, which is to indoctrinate and recruit future generations to become foot soldiers in their power-obsessed political war against traditional American values.

It is June now, so you have time to sign up to attend your local school board meeting in July, do the research you’ll need to do, and to recruit others to attend with you. Your school district’s issues might be different than another district’s, and that’s the beauty of local action. You can focus your comments and activities on the issues that are important to you and your community.

So, we are asking every patriot who loves America to make a commitment to attend the local school board meeting in July. When you sign up, that is your commitment. We know from working on campaigns, that when people sign up and commit to voting, they are more likely to actually do it. The same concept applies here.

We will launch our school board toolkit in the coming week to help you know what to research and resources to help you with your visit in July, and beyond.

If we don’t take control of school boards across the country, we will be left with a future that hates our country and each other. It’s up to us to make sure that doesn’t happen! Sign up today!

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