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Sam Faddis Makes The Case For Biden 25th Amendment Removal

In the latest issue of AND Magazine our friend Sam Faddis, former CIA operator and expert on political warfare, has made a compelling case for removing Joe Biden through the mechanism set forth in the 25th Amendment.

We’re going to start where Mr. Faddis ends by pointing out that there is open debate now about whether or not we are already in a recession. Such discussion is irrelevant. We will be in a full-scale depression within six months at this rate. We may also be in a shooting war with both Russia and China by then and facing threats right here in our own hemisphere. We will, as a bankrupt nation, torn apart by internal division, be plunged into conflicts on a scale we have not seen since World War II.

It is time to recognize the obvious. Joe Biden must be removed from office. The 25th Amendment must be invoked in order to save the republic. We cannot sit idly by and watch as this man drives the nation off a cliff.

We agree, and the evidence we are already off the cliff and in freefall is compelling. As Sam Faddis pointed out, the damage done to this nation by Biden and his administration is already so massive that it almost defies belief. We may, in fact, not survive another two years of this madness.

Consider this short recitation of the damage Biden and his cohorts have already accomplished:

* We are dancing along the knife’s edge of a nuclear exchange with Russia in defense of Ukraine, a nation half a world away with whom we have no defense treaty and to whom we have no legal obligations of any kind.

* We are waging war on the fossil fuel industry, impoverishing our own people, and deliberately tanking our economy.

* The Chinese are emboldened by our impotence and openly threatening to retake Taiwan.

* The Russians are moving forces into Nicaragua and there is speculation they may place nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles in Venezuela.

* Food shortages are already appearing. Families cannot find baby formula. Container traffic across the Pacific is dropping off precipitously. The world economy is shutting down.

* Internally, while violent left-wing groups attack churches and wage war on civilization, our law enforcement and intelligence agencies have been weaponized against the American people. Parents appearing at school board meetings and expressing an interest in their children’s education are a “national security threat.” Groups that kill police officers and burn cities are given a free hand.

* We have abandoned all control over our southern border. The federal government is operating what amounts to a conveyor belt to bring illegal immigrants into the country and then disbursing them at taxpayer expense all over the nation.

* Afghanistan has been abandoned to the Taliban. It is once again a safe haven for the most dangerous terrorist groups on the planet. Jihadists there, armed now with our weapons, are free once again to plan and execute terror attacks worldwide.

* Crushed by rising fuel prices and staffing shortages caused by insane federal covid-19 vaccine requirements, airlines are canceling thousands of flights a day.

* Truck traffic, the lifeblood of the American economy, is dropping precipitously. Shippers cannot afford to move goods even when they are available. Independent truckers cannot afford to fill up their trucks with diesel.

* Americans are increasingly getting by charging everyday purchases. In the very near future, when their cards are maxed out, even this extreme option will be unavailable to them. They will begin to go hungry. Food banks are seeing ever greater numbers of families who never had to rely on them before.

You may choose to believe that all of this is happening because Biden is the most incompetent President in American history. Or, as we and Mr. Faddis believe, that such a conclusion is too kind. A man whose family has taken untold millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party over the years must at least be suspected of being subject to some degree of foreign influence. Everything we are seeing makes a lot more sense if you view it as a deliberate wrecking operation designed to destroy the United States from within.

Regardless of why it is happening, however, what is indisputable is that all this is happening. Our nation is being torn apart. Perhaps worst of all, there is no sign of any change in course or policy. The response of the Biden administration to all complaints is to deny reality and double down on demonstrably dangerous and damaging decisions.

Removing Joe Biden through the process set forth in the 25th Amendment would require an unlikely display of integrity from Vice President Kamala Harris and Cabinet, plus an implausible level of bipartisanship in Congress, which seems unlikely to occur given the level of corruption built into today’s Democrat Party, but we can’t discard the idea simply because carrying it through to a successful conclusion looks hard.

Call Vice President Kamala Harris through the White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414 or use this link to send her an email tell her to do her duty and to invoke the 25th Amendment to begin the process of removing Joe Biden for mental inability to conduct the affairs of state.

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