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More Evidence The Border Invasion Is Planned

Democrats, their Far Left allies and the wreckers in the Biden administration would like you to believe that the ongoing invasion of our southern border is a “humanitarian crisis” or a

lack of resources or even incompetence – anything but a planned operation to bring millions of Third World invaders into our country.

However, back in November of 2020 the Trump Department of Homeland Security predicted a massive influx of illegal immigration in 2021. As Todd Bensman summarized the Bulletin for

The collaborative intelligence community assessment, written by career analysts, sees an increasing likelihood that a new mass migration wave will come out of the Caribbean and Central and South America, especially Cuba and Haiti, next year. Two main push-pull factors will converge to cause this: A) lifting of pandemic-related border restrictions among Latin American countries, which will release postponed, pent-up plans to cross the U.S. border; and B) economic distress from the pandemic coupled with a resurgence in the American economy.

So, don’t tell us this invasion is some kind of unanticipated humanitarian crisis or disaster.

And our friends at Americans for Limited Government have added another item of evidence to the growing body of information that points to an intentional effort by Democrats to simply open the southern border to anyone who wants to enter.

In a recent column ALG President Rick Manning explained 208,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border in August 2021, a 317 percent increase over the number of crossers in August 2020. And it is the second most in 21 years, exceeded only by the 210,000 who crossed in July, the previous month.

Why are so many making the treacherous journey northward through deadly heat rather than waiting for the cooler months of autumn?

Amnesty. The golden ticket of becoming an American citizen is at stake. And whether these people are coming because of the welfare state or the opportunity to make their lives better through work, there is no dispute that they are jumping the long line of people seeking to legally come to America.

And the amnesty promise lies in the Biden/Pelosi/Bernie Sanders $3.5 Trillion free enterprise destruction bill being considered through a process called Budget Reconciliation. In this process, the Senate filibuster rules are negated and budget legislation only needs a simple majority to pass.

The Biden – Pelosi – Schumer amnesty plan would give people who arrived in the United States illegally work permits with a pathway to citizenship as well as the ability to move their relatives into the United States due to chain migration.

And the most important point in Mr. Manning’s column was this: The numbers themselves indict the Biden border policies, but perhaps the most incredible part of all of this, is that people who live in desperately squalid conditions in central America and around the world, know that our border is open and amnesty may be theirs if they get a foot on U.S. soil, and you probably didn’t.

While most Americans have no idea that’s the Biden – Pelosi – Schumer plan, everyone in the Godforsaken slums of the Third World knows it. Word gets there from relatives and people from the same slums who have already made it to America, and it gets there from treasonous non-government organizations that facilitate their pleas for asylum and of course it gets there through human traffickers who profit from this mass violation of our laws.

But wait a minute some readers will say, didn’t the Senate Parliamentarian just rule amnesty for illegal aliens can’t be included in the reconciliation bill?

The short answer is yes, but it doesn’t matter.

Going back to the 2020 presidential campaign, and in statements since, Biden’s amnesty proposals have been completely open-ended. There’s never been a cutoff date proposed, a definitive way of verifying residence in the United States before a given date, or any other limiting factor stated.

To paraphrase Andrew R. Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies, there is no reason to believe that Biden will expand the detention of illegal aliens, in fact he has a policy of NOT detaining them, and therefore an untold number of foreign nationals would almost definitely enter the United States illegally and will continue to be released into this country under the Biden administration.

Once released, there is no reason to believe that they will ever leave. Why? Because Biden has stated that he will only remove aliens who have committed felonies in the United States (not including DUI), and will fire any ICE officer who transgresses this mandate.

Unless Biden gives way on either the legislative amnesty, the de facto one, or both, that will mean that millions — if not tens of millions — of aliens will remain in and/or enter the United States illegally and stay forever.

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