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Joe Biden Is The Controlled Opposition To Red China

Our friends at the Epoch Times had an excellent analysis of the Biden administration’s first

disastrous face-to-face engagement with Red China. The article identified four “traps” set by the Communist regime into which Biden’s hapless diplomats obligingly fell.

We found author and expert on the Chinese Communist Party Wang He’s point #2 of particular interest:

Secondly, Yang Jiechi broke diplomatic protocol by speaking for 16 minutes, which was eight times longer than usual, and his speech was obviously scripted. In particular, Yang said in his speech, “I don’t think the overwhelming majority of countries in the world would recognize the universal values advocated by the United States or that the viewpoint of the United States could represent international public opinion.” This is a clear indication that in the future the CCP will no longer abide by the rules set by the United States.
This is a very serious provocation. U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn told The Epoch Times in an email: “Just as the Chinese delegation refused to comply with the agreed-upon rules of the meeting, Beijing refuses to comply with the rules-based international order.”
The U.S. side, however, sat there obediently and listened to the end. American conservative commentator Jack Posobiec tweeted: “The obvious move would be for Blinken and Sullivan to stand up for the U.S. and kick out the CCP delegation after being disrespected. But they aren’t. They’re going back tomorrow to lose even more face. Hard to say how they could be any worse at this.”

Mr. Yang went on to accuse Biden’s diplomats of condescension and hypocrisy by citing specific examples of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Capitol Riot, and endless American wars. He said the U.S. has no qualification to lecture China about values.

We agree with Mr. Wang, Senator Blackburn and Mr. Posobiec – this was a serious provocation, and it is hard to say how Biden’s diplomats could have done much worse – but they were playing the role their Boss, China Joe, set for them.

The truth is, unlike President Trump, Joe Biden is happy to play Red China’s game on the field Red China has laid-out. He and his diplomats are not going to get up and walk out in the face of a provocation like that because they agree with the Red Chinese that the United States is condescending and hypocritical, and due to our own history of racism and slavery, the United States has no business lecturing other countries on human rights.

What’s more, the Chinese Communist Party has an extensive propaganda and influence network that works to influence and support the Far Left of the Democratic Party, which hews to the same line the Communists used to harangue Biden’s diplomats.

As Mike Gonzalez documented in an article for the Heritage Foundation, the Chinese Progressive Association, founded in San Francisco in 1972 and still working in chapters across the United States, is a vital link between the Chinese Communist Party and America’s Far Left radicals.

And chief among those Red Chinese clients is Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza. Indeed, as Mr. Gonzalez pointed out, CPA-San Francisco drew praise from China’s mouthpiece China Daily just a few weeks ago, for taking part again in Black Lives Matter demonstrations in San Francisco.

Why would the CPA sponsor various revolutionary enterprises by Garza? The answer is simple: they espouse the same desire for world communism.

As Mr. Gonzalez documented, the BLM organizations have been the nerve center of this year’s riots and protests: “They have been laying the groundwork for years, carefully cultivating a network of groups that could organize protests when the moment came and amplify the message through social media.”

The involvement of an outfit as closely associated with the Chinese government in the funding of one of Garza’s ventures is something else entirely, however, concluded Mr. Gonzalez.

It may be “something else entirely” but it makes perfect sense if the Red Chinese want to create a controlled opposition in the Democratic Party.

What Communist China has done over decades is put in place a means of controlling opposition from America anytime Democrats are in power. One of the final pieces of that strategy was to put its vast propaganda apparatus to work in support of the mayhem that wreaked havoc in American cities last year – mayhem that Democrats supported, aided and abetted. Once Democrats agreed that the riots were legitimate, no one should be surprised that the Chinese Communists are now using those riots and their propaganda-based grievances to deftly maneuver the Biden administration into a position of agreeing that the United States lacks the legitimacy necessary to hold Red China accountable for its abuses of human rights and flagrant disregard for international norms in other areas.

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