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January 6 Committee Report Takeaway #1 – Ginni Thomas Vindicated

Regular readers of will not be surprised by the news that Virginia

Thomas, longtime conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, garnered nary a mention in the January 6 Committee’s final report.

(If you want to read an example of how a person with class responds to attempts at intimidation by human scum masquerading as elected officials and government employees click here to go to the transcript of the Committee’s interview of Mrs. Thomas.)

From the beginning we have shared the belief, so eloquently advocated by attorney Mark Paoletta, that what drove the Committee to summon Mrs. Thomas appears to be personal animus exhibited by Chairman Bennie Thompson toward Mrs. Thomas’s husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The despicable Rep. Thompson called Justice Thomas an “Uncle Tom,” for the views Justice Thomas holds, despite those views being in line with the majority of black Americans. Shockingly, Chairman Thompson made these remarks while speaking to The New Nation of Islam, a group that believes, among other things, “that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited.” Chairman Thompson later doubled down on his comments and said that Justice Thomas “doesn’t like black people” and “doesn’t like being black.

Mrs. Thomas’s attorney, Mark Paoletta, released the following statement in response to the Committee’s report, noting that, after all the smears and allegations, Mrs. Thomas is not mentioned once in the Committee’s final report:

Ginni Thomas is not mentioned once in the January 6th Committee's 845-page final report. Nor was Mrs. Thomas mentioned in any of the Committee's hearings. This is unsurprising as the facts and transcript demonstrate that Mrs. Thomas's post-election activities were minimal and mainstream, and the Committee had no legitimate reason to interview her.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Thomas was happy to meet voluntarily with the Committee for an interview lasting four hours to clear up the misconceptions about her activities surrounding the 2020 election. She answered every question by committee lawyers and Members to the best of her recollection. And she fully cooperated with the Committee's inquiry.

As she told the Committee, Mrs. Thomas had significant concerns about potential fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election, and her minimal activity was focused on ensuring that reports of fraud and irregularities were investigated. Beyond that, she played no role in the events following the 2020 election. She also condemned the violence on January 6, which was reflected in one of her texts to Mark Meadows at the time. In short, the Committee discovered nothing new because there was nothing to discover.

Yet the Left and its allies in the media have subjected Mrs. Thomas to a malicious and unrelenting assault since the 2020 election with unsubstantiated smears. These attacks were further fueled by someone on the Committee leaking her texts and emails - a despicable act.

Despite all the vitriol directed toward Mrs. Thomas, the Committee concluded that none of her activities merited a single mention. To any fair observer, that conclusion was obvious from the beginning.

The establishment of the January 6 Committee and the Committee’s final report will live in infamy as an unprecedented abuse of congressional power. We regard the report and its politically motivated “findings” with complete contempt: It has more in common with the proceedings of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s purge trials of the 1930s or, perhaps more accurately, a proceeding conducted by infamous Nazi judge Roland Freisler, than it has with an inquiry conducted according to congressional precedent, and American standards of procedural due process and constitutional liberty.

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