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House Democrats To Remake Elections First Week Of March

Multiple sources have informed us that House Democrats, led by Far Left Speaker of the

House Nancy Pelosi, plan to vote on HR1, their bill to remake American election laws some time the first week of March.

HR 1, which contains changes to campaign finance, voting and ethics laws, was the first big bill Democrats passed in 2019 after their return to the House majority.

Lindsey McPherson, reporting for DC-based Roll Call magazine, reminded us that not a single Democrat opposed HR 1 last Congress, but they knew it was just a messaging bill that would never pass the then Republican-controlled Senate or get support from then-President Donald Trump.

As Ms. McPherson noted, this Congress, House Democrats have partners to advance their agenda with the party narrowly controlling the Senate and President Joe Biden in the White House. But that makes the vote counting for HR 1 and other party priorities more difficult as the House — where Democrats have a narrow majority with 221 seats — considers how to transform bills written largely for aspirational, messaging purposes into legislation that can become law.

This means we conservatives must turn up the heat on the vulnerable House Democrats, of which there are more than you might think.

We have complied a list of 45 vulnerable House Democrats and their district office phone numbers. We urge every CHQ reader and friend to call these Democrats at their District office to politely but firmly demand they vote NO on HR1.

Here are three key points to make:

1.) HR1 would set up an Un-American speech police czar to monitor the political speech of everyday Americans who might make a political comment on their social media or personal email list, this is contrary to the First Amendment and our traditional understanding of freedom of expression.

2.) HR1 is an assault on privacy; it would allow the Federal Election Commission to track and catalogue more of what Americans are saying, register even very small political donations, and make public those who donate to different charitable and nonprofit organizations thereby overturning the landmark NAACP vs Alabama Supreme Court case.

3.) HR1 mandates that states adopt new redistricting commissions, which removes state legislatures from the redistricting process, contrary to many state constitutions. This undemocratic provision removes the representatives of the people from the redistricting process and replaces them with unelected bureaucrats.

Our elections will not be more honest, more informed, or more secure from foreign interference if we sacrifice the privacy of American citizens. But our democracy will be weakened if voices are eliminated from public debate through intimidation and overregulation and redistricting is turned over to unelected bureaucrats.

If you can’t reach these vulnerable Democrats at their District offices, call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), urge them politely, but firmly, to oppose H.R. 1.

  • H.R. 1

  • S. 1

  • First Amendment

  • Free Speech

  • Political Speech

  • Donor lists

  • Charities

  • NAACP v. Alabama

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Online advertising

  • For the People Act

  • Mail-in voting

  • Voter ID

  • Voter integrity

  • Speech regulation

  • intimidation

  • redistricting

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