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Can 1 Million Patriots Make A Difference?

Yesterday, in consultation with constitutional lawyers, conservative activists and

constitutionalist state legislators we launched a petition to state legislators in states where Democrat election officials are stymying efforts to count only the legal votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.

While the evidence of irregularities continues to mount and the “errors” that have been brought to light seem to only favor Democrat Joe Biden, patriotic Americans have begun to say, “There is so much wrong, this can’t be right.”

And it isn’t right.

Because in addition to the magic thumb drives, overlooked ballot boxes and memory cards, and affidavits alleging bags of unverified ballots being brought in the back doors of counting centers, a great deal of concerning information about the foreign origin and malign influence behind the Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic election systems has come to light.

All of it pointing to the illegal manipulation of the election to defeat President Donald Trump and elect Democrat Joe Biden.

That’s why we are asking 1 million patriots to stand with us to demand the Republican legislatures in states where the evidence of Democrats hiding election irregularities is overwhelming; states, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia to name the most obvious examples.

And, as the petition states, in the face of the vast evidence of the election being corrupted, Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution provides a backstop remedy.

Legislatures where such voting illegalities, material irregularities, and outright voter fraud occurred can remedy these wrongs by:

Conducting full election audits to ensure only legal votes were counted, and to ensure illegal ballots are not used in the process to elect the President;
Refusing to certify the votes for President until it is certain the counting of only legal votes is completed; and
Since state election officials and even some courts have failed to follow, uphold, and properly enforce Article II, Section 1 under which state legislatures exclusively have authority under the will of the people to establish the process for voting, using the extraordinary remedy of appointing electors for Donald J. Trump if there is credible and consequential evidence that the election was stolen.

We urge you to sign this petition and forward it to friends, family members, church fellows, and others so they will sign it too, and to use social media to ask people to sign. One million patriots standing together to demand that state legislators appoint Electors untainted by election fraud cannot be ignored. Please click the link to add your name to the petition today

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