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BLM and The Trayvon Martin Hoax – Diana West Interviews Filmmaker Joel Gilbert

There is a coercive genius to the Black Lives Matter movement. Seven years after forming "in response" to the acquittal of a Hispanic civil rights activist and Obama supporter named

George Zimmerman, who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in self-defense, this Marxist-led organization has emerged at the forefront of a brainwashing campaign that has caused masses of Americans to embrace mob rule over law and order, racial strife over patriotism, lies over facts, and to develop a deep and abiding hatred of themselves and their country. How? By turning every statistically rare shooting of a black man by police into "another Trayvon," regardless of the circumstances around each shooting -- and regardless of the circumstances around Trayvon.

Today, when cities burn, stores are looted and policemen are attacked, these same BLM-brainwashed Americans, up to and including the leadership of the Democratic Party, regard the destruction and violence of these "mainly peaceful protests" as justified and legitimate. That's a revolutionary achievement of the highest order. If the Biden-Harris ticket prevails, BLM may be remembered as the most successful vanguard of Marxism in American history.

Never mind the entire movement is based on a gigantic, mind-blowing fraud.

Investigative journalist Joel Gilbert has identified, tracked and exposed this fraud in his riveting, tour de force documentary, The Trayvon Hoax (which you can watch here). The hoax of the title is really an elaborate criminal conspiracy built on perjury, subornation of perjury, witness tampering, and, most sensationally, witness substitution. That's right. It was an imposter who appeared in court to present the perjurious testimony that called into question the case for the defense, copiously supported by evidence, that Zimmerman acted in self-defense. The jury acquitted Zimmerman, but the nation, in folkloric terms, did not. That is because to this day, there is a force-field of journalistic and political and legal malpractice holding the line against the exposure of the hoax.

Learning the truth, however, is as easy as watching Joel Gilbert's film. But ... then what? How to change minds so deeply vested in lies? How to overturn a political movement based on a fraud?

I decided to ask Gilbert to elaborate on these and other questions.

Diana West: First of all, what is the quickest pitch to the BLM faithful?

Joel Gilbert: The power of film is incredible. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then film is worth 100,000. When those who have been manipulated for years by false media narratives watch just the 3 minute film trailer for The Trayvon Hoax they experience an "oh my God, I was so stupid to have believed the media" moment.

The trailer includes the prosecution's key witness, 250-pound Rachel Jeantel, who claimed to be Trayvon's girlfriend and said she used the fake name of "Diamond Eugene" to sign a letter to Trayvon Martin's mother. I juxtapose her with myself meeting with the beautiful and super sexy real Diamond Eugene, and that's pretty much it! The "I was so stupid" epiphany completely defeats what I call "The Trayvon Hoax," the concerted effort by the media and Democrat politicians directed at black Americans since 2012 to convince them there are armed white men in the streets itching to shoot them dead because of their skin tone.

In fact, I have found the biggest fans of The Trayvon Hoax film to be black Americans. They are the ones who have suffered the most from "The Trayvon Hoax" as it made its way from Sanford, Florida to Ferguson to Baltimore, and to Minneapolis in 2020. This comment I received from a young lady is typical: "I grew up on this Trayvon stuff. I have a black son and I was afraid for him to grow up in America. But now I realize we got played."

Diana West: What are the most important ramifications of this shocking case?

Joel Gilbert: The 2012 Zimmerman case was a turning point in United States history in many ways, all extremely negative. First, it established that even after someone is exonerated by a police investigation, as was George Zimmerman, that if a mob demands the arrest and "lynching" of an innocent man, that the justice system will oblige the mob. This was the turning point where the Democrat party abandoned "liberalism" and replaced it with "progressivism."

This new principle has gone to the next diabolical level whereby police officers are quickly charged with murder without any investigation or grand jury, as we saw in the cases of police officers in Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Atlanta -- all simply out of fear of what the mob might do. Also, the Zimmerman case marked the beginning of the modern era of fake news, whereby the mainstream media blatantly and collectively ignored the facts of the case in order to help stoke the mob and railroad an innocent man, all for their political agenda of motivating black voters in an election year to reelect President Obama. The mainstream media lying continues to this day on almost every current events topic.

Finally, Zimmerman's acquittal, which was based on the evidence that exonerated him in the first place, was cited as the excuse and rallying call for 1960's radical socialist revolutionary organizations to reemerge in the name of "anti-racism." They formed the socialist front group "Black Lives Matter" which has since 2013 led a nationwide crime wave while making such demands as eliminating all police and abolishing prisons, among other Marxist "reimaginings" of human society. Unfortunately, because of the clever moniker and slogan "black lives matter," this group has been largely mistaken for the NAACP, when it fact it is a classic revolutionary Marxist group hell-bent on the destruction of America. A simple look at the BLM website reveals their goals to be socialism, transgenderism, and globalism - absolutely nothing to do with helping black Americans, who ironically have suffered the most from BLM activities. (NB: Last month, Black Live Matter deleted its "What We Believe" page, where its mission to "disrupt the nuclear family" in favor of collectivism and other radical tenets were logged.)

Diana West: Let's talk about the hoax. What is involved, and who are involved?

Joel Gilbert: I believe there was massive perjury, witness tampering, and suborning of perjury surrounding the substitution of Trayvon Martin's girlfriend and actual "phone witness" Brittany Diamond Eugene with imposter Rachel Jeantel in the Zimmerman case. I sent a copies of The Trayvon Hoax, both the book and DVD versions, to Judge Debra Nelson, who presided over the 2013 Zimmerman trial. I also sent copies to the current district attorney for Seminole County on instructions from the Florida state attorney general's office [as to] who had oversight for witness tampering. I got no response or further inquiry from either. In The Trayvon Hoax, I provided substantial evidence that Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, attorney Benjamin Crump, and, obviously, Rachel Jeantel and Brittany Diamond Eugene were in on what I call "The Trayvon Hoax." The state bar of Florida would certainly have jurisdiction over Benjamin Crump and the Florida state attorneys who were involved in the case. It's almost impossible to think of a scenario that these attorneys were not all in the know.

Diana West: That's just incredible. Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the Trayvon Martin family and featured in your film, has made a specialty out of representing the families of every “next” black victim of alleged police violence, up to and including the Kenosha case of Jacob Blake. Do you have any further thoughts on the role Crump plays? Are there any other principals from the Trayvon case who continue to show up in or drive these recurring riotous events?

Joel Gilbert: In March 2012, Benjamin Crump famously introduced Al Sharpton to a mob in Sandford, Florida which was demanding Zimmerman's arrest. Crump shouted, "We called up to New York City for a man with a track record." Al Sharpton's track record was incitement to racial violence. Sharpton was known for inciting the 1985 Freddie's Fashion Mart Massacre (8 dead), the 1989 Tawana Brawley race hoax, and the 1991 Crown Heights riot. Sharpton and Crump have a tried and true formula to make money and achieve political power.

It goes like this:

1) Make a baseless charge of a tragic incident being based on racism.

2) Claim that exculpatory information from police can't be trusted because they are racist themselves.

3) Demand big money compensation (and start a Go Fund Me).

4) Provide a list of political demands to "reform" the police and the entire US political system.

Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, has become a race hustler herself. She cashed in on a huge insurance settlement, made hundreds of thousands on speaking fees, and signed book and movie deals. She did this by pushing "The Trayvon Hoax," stating to her audiences over and over, "people hate you so much because of the color of your skin that they want to kill you." Fulton recently failed in taking political power when she lost the Miami-Dade commission race to Oliver Gilbert III (no relation) by only 300 votes

Diana West: Over the summer, a black man named Jacob Blake was wanted in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for breaking into a woman's home, sexually assaulting her, and stealing her car. When police were called to apprehend him, there was a struggle and police shot Blake, paralyzing him. The pending investigation (which revealed Blake to have been in possession of a knife) didn't stop Black Lives Matter from immediately claiming Blake as another icon. Kenosha and other cities would be devastated by rioting in his name, after which Joe Biden and Kamal Harris made political pilgrimages to visit Blake's family. Any thoughts?

Joel Gilbert: Candidates Biden and Harris' meeting with alleged sex offender Jake Blake's parents, including his anti-Semitic ranting father, were papered over by the media as just an act of kindness and respect. In reality, "The Trayvon Hoax" formula was on full display. The starting point is for Crump and the media is to declare that the "person of color" is completely innocent victim in every way, was doing nothing wrong, and had no criminal background of any kind. In fact, the victim is typically "a student" or "looking forward to going to college" or "a family man" who was outrageously attacked only because of his skin color. The visit to Jacob Blake's parents by Biden and Harris was staged to reinforce the false narrative of a Jacob Blake being a normal kid from a normal loving home with no issues who was attacked by police solely because of his skin color. Biden and Harris' audience was black voters. They were trying to motivate their critical voting block to see them as their protectors against hate by police.

Rest assured, if Blake had succeeded in grabbing his knife or a gun from under the car seat and had killed a police officer, there would be little media coverage and the Biden-Harris ticket would not be visiting the police officer's family.

Diana West: We have not yet discussed the central role the news media play in these recurring cycles of violence, and in what may be thought of as media obstruction of the public’s “right to know.” What are your thoughts on media responsibility for these hoaxes, which, undebunked, are being used to tear the country apart and drive a revolutionary agenda forward?

Joel Gilbert: The media always has the power to set the record straight, and that's their job of course, or at least people think it is. I often think of the Journalist's Creed, which includes the principles, "accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism" and "suppression of the news is indefensible." I doubt most of today's journalists have ever even heard of the Journalist's Creed. Unfortunately, the pattern of today's media is to simply repeat Benjamin Crump's false narratives with no questions asked, and anyone asking questions is quickly dismissed as a "conspiracy theorist". Typically, a year later, the public finds out everything they were told about an incident isn't true. They got played.

In the Zimmerman case, ABC's Matt Gutman led the charge to railroad George Zimmerman. He falsely claimed that Trayvon's body lay unidentified for 3 days in a morgue, and he worked closely with Benjamin Crump to pressure and coerce Trayvon’s real girlfriend, Brittany Diamond Eugene, into making statements favorable to Crump's media narrative. She ultimately bailed on them and Rachel Jeantel was substituted in to pretend to be her

In the book version of The Trayvon Hoax, I go deep into the history of how the Soviet Union and American Communists viewed black Americans as "raw material for revolution," according to Soviet defector Konstantin Preobrazhensky, and used them by stoking fears of racism. That's what I dubbed "The Trayvon Hoax", where politicians and the media make black Americans feel they are being hunted down by armed white men in the streets because of their skin tone. What's their solution? Vote for Democrats of course!

Diana West: But what about media on the conservative side of the spectrum?

Joel Gilbert: How ironic is it that Breitbart, Fox News, and The New York Post and all their talking heads are bitterly complaining about the media refusing to cover the Hunter Biden email scandal, when they censored The Trayvon Hoax! I had personal contacts within every conservative news organization, as you can imagine, including connections to all the hosts on Fox News. Most of them received a copy of The Trayvon Hoax book and film, many directly to their home addresses by way of FedEx. I explained to those who would listen in September 2019 that the Democrats would pivot back to race and race hoaxes to motivate their critical voting block of black voters in 2020, and that The Trayvon Hoax could go a long way to exposing the Black Lives Matter movement as being based on a hoax.

Despite this, not a single major conservative media outlet sent a representative to my press conference at the National Press Club. In fact, the overwhelming response from conservative media was silence.

Some of my contacts were honest. They openly told me they were too afraid of potential backlash on social media if they touched the Trayvon Martin case due to the issue of "race." I could actually hear the terror in their voices! Others made the excuse that they had a book coming out themselves and couldn't afford time to cover or even mention my work, regardless of my evidence that the biggest race trial of the century was a proven hoax. Others claimed that race and BLM were just not current stories. That's how I found out the hard way that even our best conservative warriors, including people I consider friends, live in fear of the mob or fear of losing deals of their own. I have been told by their fans that they have begged these personalities to watch and comment on The Trayvon Hoax, but they are all still silent to this day.

Fox News booked me on Jesse Watter's show and flew me to New York City for the taping in December 2019. After the Fox News limo picked me up at my hotel for the taping, the producer called urgently to tell me that there was no longer space to have me on the show! Perhaps not coincidentally, HarperCollins, which is owned by the Murdochs, had published attorney Benjamin Crump's just released race hoax book called, Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People. I'm almost certain I got flagged by higher ups at the Murdoch organization, and they canceled my appearance.

Overall, conservative media failed their audiences by refusing to cover The Trayvon Hoax. Had they done so in late 2019, the race hoax industry would have been dealt a severe blow. If Benjamin Crump had been disbarred and charged with witness tampering, he never would have appeared with Reverend Al to inspire rioting in Minneapolis, Louisville and elsewhere. Bottom line is that conservative media personalities have their own agendas, book deals, fears and egos, and all too often their self-interest drives the news.

Diana West: Turning to the election next week, I wanted to ask you about remarks Vladimir Putin recently made about it in which he surprisingly chose to highlight the common ground he sees between the Democrat Party and "Soviet" values.

Joel Gilbert: In his recent interview with Rossiya TV, Russian leader Vladimir Putin recounted the historic slogans of Marxism and Soviet communism of "equality" and "fraternity" that he was trained in during his years in the KGB. Putin opined that because of this, he shares a common language with American Democrat politicians today. However, in reality, "equality" in communism meant that everyone was equally impoverished, while the "brotherhood" was only amongst the Communist rulers and their elite socialist comrades in other Marxist countries.

Diana West: He also gave a shout-out to African-Americans for being "a stable electorate" of the Democrat Party.

Joel Gilbert: Manipulation of American blacks to further the agenda of socialism and communism has a long history in America, beginning in the 1930's. Socialists always viewed American blacks as easy targets because of their relative lack of education and historic grievances over racism and economic differences. I have interviewed FBI informants who were placed within violent American revolutionary Marxist groups, the 1960's Weather Underground and the 1970's May 19 Communist Organization. Both informants explained that blacks were highly valued as front men who could help swell their ranks with other blacks.

Barack Obama was one such front man. In my 2012 film, Dreams from My Real Father, I explained that Weather Underground terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers, with an assist from his father Thomas Ayers, brought Obama from New York City to Chicago to head up a socialist front group called "The Developing Communities Project." Obama's job was to infiltrate and recruit from the black churches, all under the guise of "fairness" and "equality." American blacks were historically religious people who wanted no part of Marxism, which was atheist, and no part of a Marxist war between the classes, as they believed in the Christian concept of "love thy neighbor." Because of his skin color though, Obama was able to recruit many blacks for the Chicago socialists. Obama, in fact, would become President twice by benefiting from this ruse as over 95% blacks voted for him, and in turn he did relatively little for black Americans. Now the proven successful "anti-racism" mantra is at the forefront of all of today's socialist movements, from BLM to the Democrat party.

Diana West: Putin specifically mentioned Angela Davis in his remarks. Do you think that is significant?

Joel Gilbert: Sixties radical and Communist Party USA member Angela Davis recently re-emerged as a 2020 political commentator, in part because of her admirers in the Marxist Black Lives Matter leadership. Not surprisingly, Davis endorsed Joe Biden. Why? Davis said Biden was "the candidate who can be most effectively pressured,” or, in other words, "manipulated." In his recent interview, Putin mentioned that his generation of apparatchiks grew up in Soviet Russia with huge portraits of Angela Davis adorning their classroom walls. The Soviet Communist Party's promotion internally of a black American communist woman served to reinforce the idea that America's free market system, and capitalism, were evil by nature. For a young Vladimir Putin, Angela Davis verified the Soviet Marxist dogma that capitalism was oppressive and communism was on the right side of history. In old the days of the Soviet Union, internal propaganda was critical to maintaining control over an oppressed and often starving population who were daily witnesses to the failures of the socialist experiment. Instilling fear of Western society and lifestyles was a big part that propaganda, and even more important than overseas dezinformatsia. Enter black American female comrade Angela Davis as living proof that America as an unjust and oppressive society.

While Angela Davis' legacy is that of a useful propaganda tool for both American communists and the Soviets internally, she may yet have another role to play. Angela Davis, despite her past criminal history that included smuggling a gun into San Quinten prison used to kill a corrections officer, is a heroine to Black Lives Matter. Vladimir Putin is also a lifelong admirer of Angela Davis and has cited Davis as common ground for future dialogue with the radical American left. Sounds like a match made in Utopia!

Diana West: Our interview is ending as it begun, with Black Lives Matter rioting, looting in American cities, this time Philadelphia and Washington, DC. How would you advise the next president on restoring law and order and peace and unity?

Joel Gilbert: I would start by advising the President that Black Lives Matter is a revolutionary socialist movement that hijacked the cause of civil rights to create a crime wave across America, and that revolutionary Marxist groups always use benevolent slogans like "People's Republic of China" to mask the goal of communism. Accordingly, I would advise the President to consider using the Insurrection Act to quickly restore law and order in the face of rioting and looting. I was in Los Angeles during the 1992 LA riots, and it worked! Most important is for the President to educate Americans that the failure of Democrat policies in most major urban cities controlled by Democrats for the past 50-60 years is the main cause of inequality, economic differences, and suffering of minorities, and not "America."

The President should explain that just as Hispanic Obama supporter and civil rights activist George Zimmerman was used as a racial scapegoat for the parenting deficiencies of Trayvon's parents, so, too, are the media and Democrats using America and "the system" as a racial scapegoat for their policy failures for a political agenda. Further, the President should emphasize that the true path to success is the embrace of American values and the constitutional arrangement, rather than the Marxist revolution espoused by BLM and today's Democrat Party. Finally, of course, the President should screen The Trayvon Hoax film at the White House to help expose how politicians and the media used a hoax to pull us apart, when, in fact, Americans are all brothers, no matter our skin tones.

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