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Biden’s Disinfo Board 2.0 Spawns Global Censorship

It took the Biden administration just 28 days since “pausing” his Disinformation Board to authorize the "White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse". This next phase of state censorship is not confined to DHS.

The Whole of Government

His task force involves the Secretaries of State, Defense, Commerce, HHS, Education, DHS, VA, and more.

Their task is to develop a method to address online abuse and harassment by preventing and protecting against “technology-facilitated gender-based violence.”

Specifically, the administration wants to resolve issues like “psychological distress and self-censorship to economic losses, disruptions to education, increased self-harm, suicide, homicide, and other forms of physical and sexual violence.” (Apparently causes like lockdowns, zoom classes, and pandemic fearmongering haven’t entered the discussion.)

Helping Groups or Using Them?

As usual there is a targeted beneficiary. In this case it includes women, adolescent girls, and LGBTQI+ individuals, who may be harassed and abused because of their race, ethnicity, religion, and other factors.

So far, this makes sense. No one wants to see any people harassed for their race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. But Biden’s order takes a sudden shift to include political leaders, public figures, activists, and journalists. Does that mean the new board has James O’Keefe’s back?

Biden links violence and abuse to online radicalization that “spans the digital and physical realm.” The order calls for increased education in, among other areas, health and mental health services, and education. He plans to accomplish this by enhancing and expanding data collection and research across the Federal Government.

Where does this stop? Online radicalization can easily mean groups that speak out against the experimental vaccines that the CDC claims endanger adolescents by spreading confusion and self-harm.

A Global Initiative

But Biden is not interested merely in policing speech the US. He expects his task force to develop “concrete recommendations to improve prevention, response, and protection efforts through programs and policies in the United States and globally.”

There you have it. Like Build Back Better, and his WHO amendments to the International Health Regulations, what I call ‘disinfo 2.0’ is meant to be a global effort.

Make no mistake. This is pure censorship. The only purpose of the task force is to decide how to target broader swaths of enemies of the official narratives by linking them to the so-called protected groups. If that fails, the force will expand the protected groups.

Since the start of the COVID-19 event, censorship has been fundamental to the success of global fake narratives.

Early in the pandemic I posted a LinkedIn comment stating that a positive PCR test result did not automatically mean you are a “case”, have the COVID-19 virus, or are even ill. That 100% factual remark was immediately censored. My account was closed when I exposed the procedural flaws in one of the CDC’s preferred studies of vaccine effectiveness.

Since then, lies about the ability of masks to deter transmission, vaccines to end the pandemic, and the lethal “safe and effective” mantra have gone virtually unchallenged in the legacy media and are fiercely “fact-checked” in social media.

The Biden administration wants to institutionalize government disinformation.

As a people who want to remain free, we cannot allow that to happen.


Tell your Senate and House representatives to speak out against Bidens newest censorship board. Hiding behind women and the LQBTQI+ community is cowardly and dishonest. The Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044), call today and demand your Senators and Representative oppose any actions that institutionalize government disinformation.

Share this information with your neighbors and church members. Most important is to speak up and speak the truth. The lies will only win if we shrink to the sidelines and say nothing. Lies cannot survive when forced out of the shadows.

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