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Assault on America, Day 728: With Joe Biden in line, predicting 2021 ain’t as hard as you think

2021 Prediction One: Joe Biden will turn hard left at his first opportunity

Ah, the end of another year. Usually an occasion containing at least a smidgen of remorse, nearly all Americans -- or at least the 75 million-or so who voted for President Donald Trump’s reelection last month -- aren’t the slightest bit sorrowful to bid 2020 goodbye.

Starting with the Democrats’ inane impeachment sideshow and continuing through the liberal party’s pathetic, boring and anticlimactic presidential primary race and then the mostly media generated hype and panic over the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus pandemic and resultant economic collapse, 2020 was a unique set of 366 days (Leap Year! It was even a day longer!) that will go down in history as one of the sorriest in memory.

While it’s safe to say most observers’ predictions from a year ago spectacularly failed to materialize in truth, nevertheless, it’s time to go out on a limb and forecast the happenings of 2021. It’s always challenging to pinpoint the topics and events of the future, but where next year is concerned, it actually seems a little easier. Why? Democrats are eminently foreseeable.

The first prediction: new President Grampa Joe Biden (assuming he’s inaugurated) will face intense pressure to move left from the get-go. Niall Stanage wrote at The Hill, “The tug of war between President-elect Joe Biden and the left wing of the Democratic Party is shifting onto policy grounds now that nominees have been selected for key positions in the new administration. The left knows it will have a tough battle to get action on its priorities — partly because of Biden’s centrist outlook and partly because control of the Senate for the next two years is still up in the air...

“Many progressives are investing hope in the joint proposals that were established by a task force comprised of Biden supporters and backers of his main left-wing rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), earlier this year.

“The document produced by the task force ran to 110 pages. But Charles Chamberlain, the chair of progressive group Democracy for America, said there were ‘probably four’ key issues being eyed by the left. ‘That’s adding a public option to ObamaCare; significant moves forward on climate change; expanding and protecting voting rights; and then police accountability.’”

Gee, even Niall Stanage sure is drinking the Democrat Kool-Aid these days, labeling Biden a “centrist” who must do battle with both the heartless opposition Republicans and also the Democrat Socialists within his own party, typified by crazy Bernie Sanders and the empty air-filled skull of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad” of misfits, terrorist sympathizers and anti-American anarchists.

Whereas Biden might’ve matched the “centrist” description in the early part of his Washington career, the term hasn’t fit him for decades. On each one of the issues Chamberlain mentioned above, it would take little or nothing to convince the 78-year-old dope to adopt the farthest left position they desire, with the possible exception of healthcare. During the primary campaign, you might recall, Obama’s veep was challenged a time or two to defend the Obama record, particularly on Obamacare’s “shortcomings” -- basically, universal, government funded insurance coverage.

Getting him to champion a public option on Obamacare is a no brainer, since he’s already agreed to it. It will be called “Bidencare” the bumbling dolt bragged in his second presidential debate with a much calmer and more reserved President Trump in October. More giveaways, more bribes, more mandates the government can’t pay for. Joe Biden’s no fiscal watchdog, believing as all liberals do that his schemes can be paid for by obliging the wealthy to “pay their fair share.”

A pipedream, all of it. But what else would you expect from Joe? He’s never had a real job, having “served” in Washington since January, 1973. To put things in perspective, the number one single on the Billboard music chart when he entered office was “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. How fitting! He probably thought the song was about him!

As for the other issues on the leftists’ demand list -- climate change, expanding and protecting voting rights (translation: abolishing Voter ID laws, preventing states from scrubbing their old voter lists, Motor Voter registration for everyone and the worst of them all, universal mail-in voting) and “police accountability”, Joe will be with them on all of them! Local police forces will likely be required to endure federal racial “sensitivity” training as well as have liability protections stripped from individual officers.

By the end of Biden’s first hundred days there will be no semblance of “centrism” left in his being and executive policy might as well be originating directly from Kamala Harris’s office. Bernie Sanders is still in Congress, but he’ll be the first one the White House calls when they need a shove in a policy direction. It’s as predictable as the tides.

Why? Because there’s precedent. Barack Obama styled himself a “centrist” in his campaigns, too, but he ended up being as liberal as they come. The Big O promised to “transform America”, didn’t he? Biden will be worse, if it’s even possible.

Prediction Two: Joe Biden will work overtime to distinguish himself from Obama

Everyone knows Joe Biden is an empty (brain?) suit without any true core beliefs, a teeth-gritting, loud-talking, wayward son shielding loser of a politician who miraculously stumbled and bumbled his way into the presidency. But another aspect of Biden’s personality doesn’t receive much attention from the biased liberal establishment media -- his gigantic ego.

Joe Biden wants to slap every man’s back, sniff every woman’s scalp, massage every human shoulder, squeeze every arm, swim naked in every pool, speak uncomfortably close to every child’s face, deny every woman’s accusation of sexual harassment, dress down every unfriendly media questioner and dismiss everyone who dares ask him about his son’s or his own business dealings. No corruption on this guy -- nothing to see here!

Simply put, Biden will do something dramatic and noteworthy to step out of both his predecessor’s and his former boss’s shadows. A war perhaps? A sudden beef up of U.S. military forces in the Middle East or in South Korea? A formal announcement suspending immigration case adjudication? A blanket amnesty of all illegal aliens, not just the “Dreamers”? Or what about a declaration that all energy exploration on federal lands be suspended for six months for a “cooling off period” on climate change? Maybe strip First Amendment liability protections for so-called “white supremacist” groups? An executive order compelling churches and religious affiliates to provide birth control and abortifacients?

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in his first year in office. Grampa Joe will definitely crave his own global acknowledgement. If Obama could heal the world’s divisions and stall the rise of the oceans, just think what a great personality force like Joe can do!

It's scary to think about it. Biden must feel slighted that it took him until age 78 to win the presidency when he’s been seeking the office for more than 30 years and was passed over time and again for lesser known and more combative personalities. Everyone loves Joe Biden, remember? He’s no longer anyone’s man servant, he’s the head guy in charge!

Biden won’t settle for something as basic as a national mask mandate or a nationwide six week quarantine to get control of COVID-19. No, Grampa Joe knows he’s on borrowed time and all eyes are on him to see if and when he will falter. Donald Trump was seen as someone who sought the spotlight on everything -- and so will Joe in his own unique way.

Prediction Three: There will be gridlock like we’ve never seen before

Should the Democrats somehow win both Georgia U.S. Senate seats next week, giving the party a 50-50 split in the upper chamber and a theoretical majority with Biden sidekick Kamala Harris occupying the Vice President’s seat, there will be enormous pressure on the few lingering “moderates” in the liberal caucus to either switch parties or defy his or her colleagues on the biggest issues.

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is widely regarded as the only remaining upper chamber member who isn’t a diehard liberal (the media, for example, claims Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is said to be a swing vote, but there’s not much evidence indicating she’d buck the Democrat leadership on anything significant). In the minority during the Trump years, Manchin won reelection and got by with occasionally voting with Republicans on judicial nominations. He’s also seen as a “moderate” on the Second Amendment, which is perfunctory in a state like West Virginia.

Manchin will be wined and dined by both sides on practically everything, as his vote alone could decide the fate of the senate filibuster -- and logically speaking, the entire Biden/Democrat agenda. Republicans will court him to switch parties, in essence emulating “Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords” from the year 2000. Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski -- and maybe even Mitt Romney -- will similarly be sought out for turncoat votes.

But if Mitch McConnell remains majority leader -- and even if he doesn’t -- the House’s more extreme bills will either be watered down to the point they’re unrecognizable or shuttered completely. Gridlock will ensue. Party congressional heads and back slappin’ Joe Biden will split the difference on government funding and tax increases, which guarantees more continuing resolutions and headline grabbing and stalling by the attention-seekers. That’s our future.

The old saying “Every nation gets the government it deserves” -- that’s our reality with the ethically challenged and compromised Joe Biden in charge. The media savaged Donald Trump because of his personality and his affronts to the ruling class, but he got a lot done and would’ve accomplished great things in the next four years if he were given the chance. Now nothing will be resolved.

Prediction Four: There will be lots of political violence.

You could see it in their faces and hear it in their voices: Democrats believed the answer to all of theirs and the nation’s woes was to be rid of the combative and relentless Donald Trump. They blamed the Chinese manufactured virus on him. They assigned the world economic depression to him too. Naturally, when the country exploded in “protests” and violence in late May (after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis), liberals everywhere screamed that the angst was spurred on by years of insensitive Trump tweets and quotes.

To the last one, Democrats accused Trump of being a racist. Joe Biden bragged he would “restore the soul of the nation” that was sacrificed during the August, 2017, Charlottesville (Virginia) riot. (Note: The clash between the black masked Antifa vermin and the white supremacist scum was made possible by the state’s Democrat leadership removing the police from the scene. It’s a fact.)

Therefore, 2020’s “mostly peaceful” protests were because of the current president. And now that Trump won’t be in office, the nation will calm down, right?

The opposite will happen. As soon as there’s an incident involving a policeman and a seemingly unarmed black suspect, the same social justice warriors will be out on the streets complaining that all lives can’t matter until black lives matter. Or something like that.

Biden will then invite “leaders” to the White House for a race summit. Shakedown artist Al Sharpton will demand federal dollars for slavery reparations, race seminars (conducted by black activists, of course) and police departments will need to explain how they plan to shift resources into “community development” or some other meek sounding program that has nothing to do with law enforcement.

Businesses will leave big cities. The quality of life will further erode for urbanites. Racial tensions will escalate. And Joe Biden will wonder where the nation’s “soul” went. Wasn’t getting rid of Trump enough? Weren’t they happy that a half black woman was chosen for vice president? Don’t they deserve more than empathy?

It'll only get sorrier. Give the vandals what they want and you’ll get more demands and threats. They don’t want peace. They want power.

2021 promises to be a heck of a year. Not necessarily a good one. For those who are glad that 2020’s hours and minutes are limited, perhaps they should give more thought to what’s ahead of us with Joe Biden set to take over in three weeks. After the Democrats have had time to screw things up, 2020 might not look so bad after all.

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