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Assault on America, Day 719: ‘Tis the season to be jolly and gay -- and Transportation Secretary

Democrat diversity is about more than just DNA, it’s sexual orientation and age, too

“Get your DNA checked at the door.”

You might think I’m referring to the current political battle over the worldwide pandemic caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and the various vaccines developed under order of President Donald Trump’s administration -- but I’m not. Many liberals have suggested that some sort of verifying evidence, such as an ID-type card, should be included with receiving a dose of vaccine. That way, wherever you venture, just flash the “I’m safe!” government issued stamp of approval and go about your business! But you’ll still need to wear a mask and social distance though!

That’s a subject for another time. With apparent President-elect Joe Biden continuing to select hardened liberals for various cabinet positions within his upcoming administration, it’s become clear that the 78-year-old leader is very much interested in DNA. Not the kind that soon-to-be FLOTUS “Dr. Jill” Biden would be concerned with (oh wait, she’s not a medical doctor, she’s got a doctorate in education, so she’s a bureaucratic doctor!), but more like the stuff that’s in our cells.

I won’t bother going through the ethnic backgrounds of Biden’s selections. Suffice it to say, Democrats and liberal cable news hosts are falling over themselves praising the “diversity” of Biden’s future department heads. No one has quite said it, but it’s a politically correct nirvana of brown and black skin, interesting sounding names, human beings with female genitalia, and now, with the elevation of “gay” former South Bend (Indiana) Mayor Pete Buttigieg, diverse sexual orientations.

Rejoice! ‘Tis the season to be jolly and gay, isn’t it? Oops, that’s a different kind of gay. Buttigieg will be donning his own brand of gay apparel for his new digs. And some say he’s positioned himself for bigger things after he’s done working for Grampa Joe, too. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner, “Biden's decision to pick Buttigieg, 38, for his Cabinet provides the two-term South Bend, Indiana, mayor and former White House hopeful with the ‘perfect’ springboard into a second presidential bid, according to political analysts...

“Buttigieg's supporters are just as jazzed about him becoming Biden's transportation nominee-designate because the department's work will undergird Biden's ‘Build Back Better’ agenda. The McKinsey and Company consultant turned Rust Belt mayor will be the public face of major investments and projects. And he'll have the beefed-up credentials of having spearheaded a federal agency the next time he pitches himself to voters…

“During his address, Biden underscored his Cabinet's historic nature, including Buttigieg as potentially the first openly gay Senate-confirmed secretary. Yet, he went to great lengths to highlight Harris's trailblazing status, too, as the first woman and minority woman voted vice president. Buttigieg thanked Harris as well for her ‘leadership,’ ‘encouragement,’ and ‘friendship.’”

How nice, isn’t it? Grampa Joe is making a point to reward the people who made his victory possible by removing themselves as better smelling alternatives to his candidacy last spring. Because of the crucial partisan balance in the senate, the president-elect wouldn’t dare tap one of the 2020 Democrat senators for a post in his administration, several of which are from states with Republican governors (who theoretically could appoint a GOPer as a replacement). So, Joe found a perfect parking spot for Buttigieg, who’s about as qualified to lead a federal transportation department as a janitor is a multinational food service corporation.

“Where do we put Pete? To be inclusive, he’s got to be included in my cabinet.” Biden must’ve asked. “Well, Transportation contains the word ‘trans’ doesn’t it?” replied a transition aide. “The transgender thing is all the rage these days. Put two and two together, Joe. Buttigieg is therefore the perfect choice for Trans-portation! Get it!?”

Of course with Democrats, it matters a lot more what you are than who you are. How’s that for instilling confidence in the new regime?

Within the race obsessed Democrat Party, Buttigieg found just about the only way a thirty-something white guy -- who looks and speaks like a college fraternity president -- could ever be considered for high position with DNA conscious liberal voters. No DNA check needed here -- Buttigieg is LBGTQ! He's got a “husband.” They kiss in public! Just imagine the young and (stupid) impressionable crowd flocking to a Buttigieg for President banner in 2024! Paint the White House in rainbow colors! Would they rename it the “Rainbow House” then?

Sadly, this is no joke. As Lim pointed out in her article, Buttigieg won in Iowa earlier this year (even though the state Democrat party badly botched the counting of caucus ballots, remember? These people were probably shipped out to places like Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc. for the general election so they could screw things up in an even bigger way!). The guy stood out on the debate stage, too, sandwiched in between the ancient hangers-on (Biden, Bernie and Liz “Pocahontas” Warren) and the wannabe “diverse” hopefuls to the sides (Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Julian Castro, etc.).

Because the potential choices in the field were so pathetic, Democrats temporarily got interested in a young man (Buttigieg) whose main resume qualification was presiding over a medium sized midwestern city and having served in the military. But none of that mattered, because liberals swooned over “Mayor Pete’s” sexual preference. It’s the only way the dude could’ve stood apart. And now that he’ll be traveling the country talking about building bridges and roads and connecting people and whatever else Transportation secretaries do, it won’t matter that he looks pale as a corpse in the snow!

Senate Republicans wouldn’t dare reject him, either. Buttigieg doesn’t have a long enough public record to truly assail. Having accomplished nothing makes him the perfect Democrat nominee for something important. Just ask Barack Obama!

DNA is only crucial in Democrat-land if it gives you distinguishable surface characteristics. You may recall “Pocahontas” Warren made a career out of telling people she had Native American ancestry, only to have a test reveal she was 1/1024 Cherokee. Liz’s chances fell through the floor at that moment -- how could she hope to compete against real ethnics, older ancient radicals and then, a friendly-looking young homosexual?

The rest is history. COVID-19 hit, Grampa Joe retreated to his basement and the media went to work omitting every positive thing Donald Trump did in four years to make it sound like he didn’t care about old people dying and that he had a vendetta against the Post Office. Biden ramped up his calls for early mail-in voting and loved donning a mask, and the combination worked! Now Buttigieg looks primed to be Transportation Secretary. What a weird (queer?) world we live in.

Democrat diversity okay in lower levels, but at the top they’re all old and white

It's strange and more than a little curious that Democrats continue to fixate on “diversity” when the faces of party leadership aren’t the least bit pigmented. Lest we forget, liberal voters chose between two near-octogenarian white guys for their presidential candidate. True, Bernie Sanders is Jewish, so he’d arguably earn a diversity * next to his name; but he didn’t make an issue out of it, something that would have possibly set a distinction in worldview for him. If only “The Bern” hadn’t tried so hard to make himself palatable to Israel-hating and socialism-loving liberal Muslims (Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar?) and atheists, he could’ve been considered “diverse”.

Think about it. 78-year-old Joe Biden is purportedly of Irish ancestry. Therefore, the demographic category Biden supposedly represents is old and frustrated career government employees whose DNA originates from western Europe, the ones who retired with little fanfare after spending a lifetime shuffling papers and “serving” the public on the taxpayers’ dime. Real 9 to 5-ers with ultimate job security! A fat pension awaits such a person if he or she played their cards right. Or, in the alternative, if they’d managed to attain college faculty tenure, they could be making more in their golden years than surgeons or scientists. But not head football coaches!

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi still presides over the House, though upstart brown person Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said last week that both she and “Chucky” Schumer should be replaced by younger and more diverse human beings. Pelosi ably serves as the figurehead for another rock-solid Democrat constituency, typified by the aggravated and angry haggish crones on ‘The View’ who are pissed off at the world despite being personally wealthy and privileged beyond the wildest dreams of your average resident of Appalachia. These are the limousine liberals who feel guilty about everything -- their skin color, their marital status, their kids’ job titles, their country club’s ranking. You know, like Barbara Streisand. Pelosi will be 81-years-old in March. Not very diverse!

Over in the senate, “Chucky” Schumer will be reelected Democrat leader, mostly because no one else wants the position. With Kamala Harris’s new hangout down the street in the Old Executive Office Building, the “diverse” Democrat options for leadership shrank even further. Who would liberals rather have, Cory Booker? There is Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, but her ethnic background isn’t readily recognizable to the lay observer (she’s Asian). Tammy Duck does fulfill another “special” category -- she’s physically challenged due to combat wounds -- but Democrats don’t seem to care about stuff like that. It’s not DNA, is it?

The pickings get pretty slim after that. How about Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono? She’s certainly crazy enough to steer the Democrat herd. There’s also Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema and Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin, who, like Buttigieg, are LGBTQ (Sinema is a “B”, Baldwin is a “L”). Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto is Hispanic, but Trump won a larger percentage of these folks, so they’re on the outs with the Democrat big wigs now.

In the coming years, once the current crop of old, tired, white, used-up and mentally spent Democrats passes from the scene, who will take their place? Are there truly a sufficient quota of brown-enough, black enough, Native American enough, gay enough, whatever-enough genitalia-confused humans out there for the party to choose from? Sooner or later the selection criteria will shrink down to zero.

Then what?

Joe Biden can’t count on “diversity” to get his agenda passed. What about Congress?

It sounds strange, but getting Pete Buttigieg confirmed to head the Transportation department might be one of the highlights of Joe Biden’s first hundred days. There are dark clouds on the horizon for the incoming chief executive, and unfortunately for him, these ominous shadows have nothing to do with climate change. David Sherfinski reported at The Washington Times, “President-elect Joseph R. Biden is about to walk straight into a buzzsaw in Congress after saying during the campaign that Republicans would have an ‘epiphany’ once President Trump was toppled, a stance many on the left dismissed as hopelessly naive.

“Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that Republicans can’t be expected to reach across the aisle if Mr. Biden and his team stake out far-left positions on issues such as immigration.

“’If he wants to undo border security, we’ll have a fight,’ Mr. Graham said. ‘The question for me is, who will he respond to? Is he going to respond to the most radical elements of the Democratic Party or will he respond to more moderate voice[s] in his party?’”

Answering Graham’s question is an easy one, since there really aren’t any “moderate” Democrats left anymore and the radicals won’t settle for compromise when they’ve labeled everything a “crisis” and an “existential threat.”

Biden will face a more or less divided government scenario, which will force him to take the executive order fork in the road. Expect him to blame Trump (even out of office) and intractable and unreasonable Republicans for any failures. “They won’t let me do anything” he’ll complain to the nearest media microphone. If the GOP blocks a transportation initiative, for example, Grampa Joe will say it’s because they’re homophobic and afraid of Pete Buttigieg’s husband.

Joe Biden was primarily a legislator during his decades in the swamp. True, he spent eight years in the executive branch as Barack Obama’s loyal yes-man, valet and chief bootlicker, but leading from the front is different than back slappin’ and makin’ deals with senators and representatives in the backrooms. It’s an entirely different reference point and requires a distinct skill set. Too bad for Joe. He ain’t no Donald Trump, that’s for sure.

The president-elect’s honeymoon period has already started, with Joe Biden receiving kudos for the “diversity” of his cabinet choices. DNA checks aren’t mandatory in Biden’s limited world, but being a good demographic fit is a must. Real governing requires leadership skills. Donald Trump has ‘em. Biden? Not a chance.

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