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Assault on America, Day 684: What do ‘The Bern’, Kamala Harris and prostitution share in common?

Before Joe Biden can do anything, he must first deal with Bernie and the commies

It's safe to say, the blame game is one contest most people would rather avoid, yet most folks still willingly partake with full vigor when the occasion arises.

With the media’s and pollsters’ “blue wave” having miserably failed to materialize in this year’s elections, Democrats are left dumfounded by what they’re up against in the near future. Sure, it certainly looks as though the decrepit and mentally faltering Joe Biden has a better than even shot to move into the White House, but aside from this fact, practically everything that could go wrong did go wrong for America’s liberal party two weeks ago.

It turns out that not offering a governing agenda wasn’t a winner for the political blue meanies at the ballot box. The media’s four-year smear campaign against President Donald Trump might’ve worked to gin-up enough hate to defeat him, but what’s left below is a skeleton of futility for the rest of the Democrats. The party establishment blames the radical lefties. The leftists simply raise up their hands and say, “Don’t look at me, we didn’t do anything.”

Who’s right? Senator Bernie Sanders wrote at The USA Today last week, “[T]ruth be told, the election results in the House and Senate were disappointing. Despite Joe Biden winning the popular vote by more than 5 million votes, the Democrats lost seats in the House and, so far, have only picked up one seat in the Senate.

“Now, with the blame game erupting, corporate Democrats are attacking so-called far-left policies like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal for election defeats in the House and the Senate. They are dead wrong...

“The lesson is not to abandon popular policies like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, living wage jobs, criminal justice reform and universal child care, but to enact an agenda that speaks to the economic desperation being felt by the working class — Black, white, Latino, Asian American and Native American. People are hurting, and they are crying out for help. We must respond.”

The way Sanders sounds it’s as though every income classification and racial group didn’t see significant, measurable improvement in their economic fortunes the past four years under Trump and the Republican Party. The 79-year-old makes it seem like half of America is eating rats for dinner like they do in totalitarian Venezuela or certain ethnic populations are in danger of being imprisoned in reeducation camps like the Muslim Uyghurs in western China.

Capitalism is bad, ain’t it? That’s why so many free peoples are voting themselves into Soviet-style demand economies where the elites flourish and the common people find nothing but empty store shelves and squalid housing conditions to live in. Bernie’s seen it all, hasn’t he? The Green Mountain State is so bad off, isn’t it? There’s never been someone so patently unqualified to express opinions on the “desperation” people are allegedly feeling. Sanders is like a throwback to a different time and place -- 1950’s eastern Europe. It’s astonishing that he’s gotten so far. Only in America.

It doesn’t take a genius to declare that Sanders is “dead wrong” on most things, but this piece of writing is particularly off-base, even for his crackpot cranium. Far be it from me to try and crawl into the skulls of people who voted for Joe Biden, but it seems clear from the election results that there was outright rejection of Sanders and the leftist agenda at every level -- including the top one that everyone obsesses over. Sure, the bluer than blue cities and enclaves of “woke” liberalism appear to welcome the concept of socialism, but everywhere else, it’s a non-starter.

Sanders is particularly proud that 112 co-sponsors (presumably he means both House and Senate) of Medicare for All were on the ballot this year and all won reelection. “The Bern” also points out there were 98 co-sponsors of the Green New Deal at issue, with only one electoral casualty. The Vermont senator conveniently neglects to name names here, but a quick perusal of the list of bill-backers includes all four members of “The Squad” and the likes of Adam Schiff and Gerald Nadler. Needless to say, these districts are populated by the safest of safe Democrat supporters, the gimme-gimme crowd of low-information voters who would choose Joseph Stalin over a Republican if the Soviet purge-master were to be retrieved from hell.

The hilarious thing for conservatives and Republicans is the fact Democrats appear to be fracturing down the middle between the radicals and the stodgy dying-off breed of “corporate” liberal establishmentarians. The Bidens, Obamas and Clintons must cringe whenever they see Sanders enter a room, probably wishing they could run through a ward of COVID-19 patients with him in tow and leave the old coot near a bed that says, “Come on in, no mask required.”

Darkness entered the Democrat world when Sanders decided to run for president in 2015. Democrat elites didn’t take him seriously, figuring they had to slog through the formal nominating process but knowing full well that Hillary Clinton would win it. No one admits it now, but the price of Clinton gracefully bowing out of the 2008 party race was an assurance from the poohbahs that it was her turn after the Big “O” was done transforming America. Like a couple of hockey players approaching an open net, Obama would just leave the puck short of the goal line for Crooked Hill to slap it home and get credit for the easy score.

Joe Biden wasn’t the next in line, and never was -- until this year. He’d done terribly in the lead-up to the 2008 primaries, leaving the race after finishing well behind in Iowa. Why would he be considered higher up the totem pole than Hillary?

The problem being Democrats didn’t fully grasp how much their party had changed under Obama. After eight years of giveaways and a daily dose of race-baiting, fearmongering, class dividing propaganda, the Obama coalition demanded more intensity from the anointed one’s successor. Clinton was too indelibly linked to Big Bubba Bill’s so-called “moderation.” Leftists, which now made up a near majority of the party’s primary base, weren’t about to buy-in to the establishment’s assurances that the stupid and pathetic would be accounted for.

Instead, along came Sanders, who fed the sorry lot everything they wanted to hear. Combined with a general unwillingness of any prominent establishment Democrat to go up against Hillary, there was a huge opening for someone like “The Bern” to run as the Clinton alternative. If Democrats could’ve run Mickey Mouse this year and still reached the high 40’s in votes against Donald Trump, they just as easily might’ve offered a crash test dummy against Hillary and achieved a similar result four years ago.

With Sanders either winning or earning a close second in this year’s first three primary contests, Democrats hit the panic button. South Carolina’s African-American Democrats may have saved the party from “The Bern,” but that’s not going to make him go away. Thanks to COVID-19 and the various lockdowns and general hysteria over health concerns, the 2020 Democrat competition was cut short. Biden was predestined to win, but he didn’t have to work very hard for the nomination.

Now Democrats are stuck with Bernie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a burgeoning faction of socialists. Rep. Rashida Tlaib said last week that she “can’t be silent,” and therein lies the problem. Should a President Grampa Joe Biden try to shove the leftists into the hallway while he chats with the establishment Dems in the conference room, there will be a virtual revolt.

Bernie and the reactionaries don’t believe in the Second Amendment or citizens owning firearms, but they’ll begin to threaten violence of their own if they don’t get their way. Stay tuned.

Who would’ve ever thought Democrat hopes would hinge on Georgia?

They certainly didn’t draw it up this way, but if Democrats are to have any prayer of imposing their agenda on America during a Biden administration, they’ll need a huge stroke of luck in a state that hasn’t shown them much love of late (at least until this year’s presidential vote) -- Georgia. As everyone knows by now, Republicans held onto 50 U.S. senate seats and Democrats control 48 (including two “independents” who are anything but non-partisan).

Thanks to Georgia’s unique laws, candidates must achieve the old standard of 50 percent-plus one to win an election outright. Senator David Perdue “only” got 49.7 percent and faces a runoff versus ultra-liberal “Beto” O’Rourke clone John Ossoff. Meanwhile, Senator Kelly Loeffler came in second in a 20-candidate field to earn a run-off against Democrat Raphael Warnock, who belongs squarely in the Sanders wing of the party.

Both sides will dump countless millions into advertising and get-out-the-vote operations for the January 5 election day. Democrats will ramp up the fraud machine to full throttle. Common sense says the two seats will likely go to one party rather than split the ticket. If anyone in Georgia doesn’t recognize the stakes, they definitely will by the time they head to their precinct. Bernie Sanders’ agenda will be on the minds of many voters, since a Democrat senate majority is the only real chance Democrats have to pass such schemes.

Republicans traditionally do better in lower turnout special elections, since the showy quality of a presidential race is lacking. Democrats will take their probable victory in the presidential race to argue they’ve got all the momentum. Politicians like Stacey Abrams will lead the Democrat effort tying to convince the gullible and impressionable that Republicans are suppressing the vote. Perdue and Loeffler must try and motivate the Trump coalition to accept a clear senate majority as a consolation prize if the presidential race doesn’t turn around.

It’ll be a free-for-all. Trump himself may visit the state and hold rallies while he’s deciding what will be his next step. (Rumors have it that he’s working to build an alternative to Fox News after the network botched Election Night so badly.)

Logic says the suburban voters who were turned off by Trump won’t be wowed by the prospect of handing full power over to the Democrats. Biden was the ultimate default candidate who lucked out when COVID-19 cropped up to dampen Trump’s chances for a second term. The rationales for voting -- or not voting -- are vastly different now. Here’s thinking Republicans will respond to the challenge. No one’s excited about “Chucky” Schumer deciding the fate of the country.

Legalized prostitution, the Democrats’ next great cause célèbre

The subject didn’t come up during the recently concluded campaign, but one of the legislative pushes we could be seeing from Democrats -- if they have the power to do it -- is to pass some sort of national protection for prostitution. You can’t make this stuff up.

Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times, “The decriminalization debate among Democrats spilled into the 2020 presidential race last month when Sen. Kamala D. Harris of California said she was supportive of the idea — although the legalization crowd complained that she was still too timid…

“For now, Ms. Harris appears to be leading the 2020 pack. She told The Root last week that she would back decriminalization as long as safeguards remain in place to protect sex workers against exploitation by human traffickers and pimps. ‘But when you are talking about consenting adults, I think that you know, yes, we should really consider that we can’t criminalize consensual behavior as long as no one is being harmed,’ she said.

“It’s a major shift from 2008 when, as San Francisco district attorney, she called the idea ridiculous.”

There are a lot of things Harris the prosecutor once considered ridiculous that she now supports. The woman is for anything that gets her votes, and now it seems she’s taking the side of street-walking hookers and “sex workers” at the expense of decent community standards. The same police Harris bashed during this summer’s “protests” and riots are in charge of trying to keep the neighborhoods clean.

Legalized prostitution? Is it really only about two consenting adults or are there other serious societal problems that go along with the “world’s oldest profession”? Elect more Democrats and this is what you get. Hopefully the voters of Georgia will hear about it.

Whether they admit it or not, today’s Democrat party is completely under the influence of its radical leftist fringe led by Bernie Sanders -- and now Kamala Harris. Joe Biden is a puppet for the true believers, and as soon as he proves too inconvenient for them, they’ll toss him to the side. Georgia voters have a chance to stop it all on January 5. Will they take it?

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