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Assault on America, Day 665: Trump parades, flags, stopping traffic and the heart of the grassroots

Something’s happening here, just what it is ain’t exactly clear… Stop, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down…

What’s going on?

My wife and I traded off asking the query as we rode home from lunch over the weekend. She suggested that we deviate from our usual direct route to see how many folks were out and about on this sunny and warm seasonal day in southeastern Virginia. We were travelling -- or more aptly, not travelling -- on a divided four lane state road that typically moves along just fine through the business part of town at all times of the year, even during peak tourist season and Christmas time.

But that day, for some reason, it took several cycles to go through a single traffic light. Seeing as there’s no football at the College of William and Mary this season, it couldn’t have been homecoming or something else of that nature. And the “Black Lives Matter” protests were months ago, the participants having expended their woke energy last summer. So what gives? A bad traffic accident, perhaps? No emergency vehicles in sight. No real sense of urgency on anyone’s part, either. No impatient drivers turning around in the center divider. No clues to the nature of the delay other than lots and lots of stop-and-go cars inching forward in front of us.

After ten minutes and two blocks, we cut though an outlet mall’s parking lot and made it to a less travelled two-lane road that would take us towards home. Even then, there were way more cars than usual making the turn at the intersection.

Back at the house, my son checked his social media networks and discovered there was a Trump 2020 parade in town. We’d seen a few cars, trucks and motorcycles proudly waving Trump flags and various other partisan indicators, but weren’t aware there was anything organized here in our neck of the woods. For the past few weeks/months we’d heard about similar demonstrations and celebrations taking place in other parts of the country, but not in this “purple” region where it appears there are equal numbers of Biden/Harris and Trump/Pence signs dotting the landscape.

We felt regretful for having missed the parade. If we’d known, there would’ve been at least one more mini-van joining the show of force.

Who organized the extravaganza? Not the Trump campaign, apparently. And there are lots of these things going on where the president’s enthusiastic backers display pride in their candidate while urging others to join in the movement to reelect him.

Writing on a much larger such rally in Pennsylvania, Byron York reported at The Washington Examiner, “It was the biggest political rally no one saw. And gatherings like it have been happening for months in some of the places President Trump needs most to win if he is to be reelected. And, remarkably, the rallies are not the work of the Trump campaign. The road rally in Washington, Pennsylvania, was organized and staged by local Trump supporters, linked together largely by Facebook, who want to show that enthusiasm for the president in western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas is not just strong but stronger than it was when Trump eked out a victory in Pennsylvania in 2016. If Trump wins this critical state, it will owe in significant part to this organic movement and the energetic organizers who have nothing to do with his campaign...

“There were so many cars — organizers estimated the number to be 2,000, many of them with whole families inside — that it took a very long time to pass through the lot. As that happened, people honked and waved American flags, and Trump flags, too, and talked about why they think it is critical for the president to be reelected...

“Political strategists often refer to the ground game, the work that campaigns do to knock on doors and make personal contact with voters. Certainly the Trump campaign is doing a lot of that. But if the president wins Pennsylvania, and that would mean he'd have a good chance at winning a second term, he might well owe his victory to his grassroots supporters' work on the road. Jumping in their cars and trucks and inviting others to come along has heightened the enthusiasm in oil and gas country. Look for them to keep driving all the way to Election Day.”

Our Williamsburg rally didn’t have 2000 cars (maybe five hundred?), but it was big enough to draw the local press to cover it. My wife looked on the local social media network and there were a handful of liberals complaining about the impromptu gathering -- and even more responses of “I voted for Trump” to answer their griping. The mostly “shy” population in this area is becoming slightly less bashful about expressing their views. And we haven’t seen anything even close to a Biden “parade.”

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 recovered president is barnstorming the country this week traveling to swing states and speaking to thousands of people in outdoor settings. Many thousands more (based on aerial photography of the venues) are standing outside in a human throng, not getting to see the “show” but still willing to mingle with other Trump voters. The grassroots reception continues to be exceptionally strong, which contrasts remarkably with the tepid treatment Biden and Kamala Harris -- and Barack Obama -- receive everywhere they go. And don’t go.

The media rages on about the most recent spike in positive Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus infections. And the death toll continues to tick upward, more people who succumbed with the virus (not necessarily due to it). But the question is how many of these unfortunate people perished because they lacked proper medical treatment for other serious conditions. Certainly the young and healthy aren’t dying from the Chinese plague. News stories about more NFL players and staff testing positive are frequent, yet none of these people die or are hospitalized due to the virus.

The media-fostered hysteria is waning for a lot of Americans. Treatments have drastically improved. Biden and his cohorts can’t get away with scaring people any longer. The terrified have long since filled out their mail-in ballots and voted for the fearmonger party. The rest are out riding around in Trump parades, watching them from the side of the road or viewing them on TV at home. Fox News’s ratings much be through the roof lately. When the election is over, what then?

These simple citizen gestures aren’t supplying the Trump campaign with the type of dollars Joe Biden is attracting, however. The doddering Democrat may rail about “Wall Street” being on Trump’s side, but Biden’s the one getting most of the financial industry’s contributions. The “average” American is giving time, energy -- and votes -- to the man who has made a difference in their lives and will continue to do so, starting on Nov. 4 if he’s reelected.

No transition needed this time, even if there will be some turnover from one Trump administration to the next. Trump makes promises he knows he can keep. Biden tosses out wild claims about “existential threats” and offing the oil and gas industry if he takes power. It’s not exactly the stuff parades are made of. If you don’t believe it, just ask the people with the huge blue Trump banners on their cars. Talk about a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Yes, a Biden presidency would be bad; but a Trump second term would be stellar

Much has been written about all the bad things that would likely happen if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the election and take over for Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the third week of January next year. Perhaps it’s time to look ahead and highlight all the good things that will take place if Trump and Pence are granted four more years by the voting public.

In no particular order, there would be: a vaccine for COVID-19. Various pharmaceutical companies are drawing nearer to receiving approval for widespread distribution of a vaccine to combat the CCP virus. President Trump has said the military will be involved with disbursing doses quickly. Public skepticism abounds as to the viability of the vaccine, but within a span of time, when cases draw down or disappear, Americans will trust that it’s safe to lead normal lives again. I’ll make sure to keep my “Trump 2020” masks as souvenirs and remembrances of a time when hope and optimism overcame the Democrats’ doom and gloom “We’re all going to die!” pessimism.

Next, at long last, immigration will be dealt with. Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer have held off on making a deal with the Trump administration over the fate of so-called “Dreamers” and the future of legal immigration in this country. Staring at the prospect of four more years of Trump, they’ll realize that the best they’ll get is some sort of compromise involving possible legalization for the law abiding “un-documented”, but not citizenship. Or, Trump could simply step up deportations if they refuse to bargain. The liberal outcry would be enormous! Here’s thinking the issue will be resolved in a positive way.

The transformation of the federal courts will be complete. A second Trump term would include lots more qualified, Constitution-revering judges in the federal court system. While it’s true that the Senate majority may swing to the Democrats, they can’t stall everything forever. There could be a wave of retirements as well, since a lot of liberal judges probably would not want to risk going four more years only to have another Republican replace Trump. In addition, Justice Stephen Breyer is 82. Trump could easily have more Supreme Court nominations in term two.

The U.S. military will get even stronger. A reelected Trump will definitely push to keep the U.S. military at proper readiness without engaging in any “stupid wars” that a President Biden would commit us to. The last thing Trump would want for his legacy is to bog the country down in a foreign Iraq-like quagmire. With domestic energy production churning along, there would be no incentive for adventurism in the Middle East. Trump would get some sort of concessions from North Korea while continuing to wage fierce resistance to China.

Trump would sanitize the deep state. Much of the good work done to root out the corruption and sleaze in the deep state would be wasted if Trump isn’t reelected. A second term Trump would demand a wholesale cleansing of the nation’s intelligence apparatus, perhaps led by someone like Rick Grenell. The FBI, CIA and other federal law enforcement agencies would regain the reputation of upholding the law rather than engaging in witch hunts and political targeting.

Big Tech will finally meet its match. No one doubts that the big tech barons are powerful people, but even they can’t compete with the long arm of federal law. The social media giants cower behind walls of legal protection, but if they’re deemed to be publishers, those barriers will come tumbling down like a masonry structure in a Silicon Valley earthquake. Free speech will be restored, and America will become itself again. The media can run, but it can’t hide.

Low taxes and reduced regulation will rebuild the economy. We’re already seeing it in the improving job numbers and the dramatic increases in GDP, but the economy will come roaring back in Trump’s second term. As soon as people get a taste of what it’s like to be “normal,” they’ll rush back to living life again, including traveling and partaking in the freedom to move around. Biden will keep people scared indefinitely. Trump will bring America back quickly.

Politically speaking, there’s still much to do. If they lose, Democrats will be angrier than hornets attacking nest invaders on a hot summer day. Never Trump Republicans will be out of power forever. A new electoral coalition will be formed including liberty-loving African-Americans, Hispanics and middle-class whites. The future looks good for conservatism.

As America’s Trump parades, gatherings, rallies and picnics have demonstrated, there’s a ton of enthusiasm backing the president’s reelection efforts. Joe Biden can’t even draw a parking lot full of cars to his pathetic appearances. A Trump victory next week would inspire a wave of optimism and plans for the future. What would a Biden win arouse?

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