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Assault on America, Day 629: A week from first debate, Democrats already excusing Joe Biden

Democrats are already making excuses for a disastrous Biden debate performance

Assuming there won’t be any last-minute chickening-out by Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, one week from tonight will be the first of three presidential debates (a vice presidential event is slated for October 7) where Biden and President Donald Trump will go head-to-head in political boxing matches of epic proportions. It will be the first time the candidates meet in the fateful 2020 campaign.

The forum will be held at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio. Fox News’s Chris Wallace will moderate. The hour and a half-long program will begin at 9 p.m. EDT and won’t include any commercial breaks. It will be comprised of six 15-minute segments, with Wallace selecting the topics and questions.

As is true in every quadrennial campaign, the back-and-forth between the candidates and their surrogates has been intense, mean and full of exaggerations on both sides. Last week, Biden essentially accused Trump of causing the 200,000 Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus deaths as well as the noxious wildfires in the western U.S.; not to be outdone, the president said Grampa Joe was cheering on the violence in the inner cities.

No one expects them to be overtly civil next week, but hopefully citizens will hear a little bit more about their issue positions. As everyone knows, Trump relishes every opportunity to talk about his administration and its accomplishments as well as to land a few body blows on the opposition. Biden? Well, his people are worried about him holding up in front of the whole world.

Amie Parnes reported at The Hill, “Aides and allies to Biden say the Democratic nominee needs to be ready to fact-check Trump in real time and not let the president get away with exaggerating or distorting his record. And they say he needs to aggressively hold him accountable...

“Democratic strategist Eddie Vale [said], ‘If you or someone in your family has lost their job, is sick, died, or can't send their kids to school right now who the hell cares about ‘OMG Gaffe!’. Trump keeps mishandling the pandemic every day and people just want someone to make life better again and who cares if someone says a word wrong.’

“One Democratic strategist close to the Biden campaign said Team Biden has to set expectations that Trump ‘should be judged on his record, not on spectacles and showmanship.’ ‘They ought to use Trump's words against him,’ the strategist said. ‘He’s spent months telling America that Joe Biden has dementia and is incoherent. A Biden cogent performance should be a win, period.’”

What, you mean if Biden stays awake through the entire 90 minutes that he deserves a prize and a cookie for good behavior? The candidate managed to sound semi-coherent during his Democrat convention speech a month ago, though it was pathetically lacking in policy specifics and was fairly brief by modern-day standards. Trump’s acceptance speech at the RNC was packed with policy specifics and lasted an hour and a half -- so we at least know he can talk that long!

From reading the Democrat strategists’ quotes, it’s apparent these people reside in a parallel, nonsensible universe, but it’s not surprising considering every liberal party member lives in a reality-free la-la land which is a figment of their own warped imaginations. Or, more likely, they purposely say stuff like this (“He’s a liar -- raise your hand! Raise your hand!”) because they’re advancing a narrative to gain power, the only useful means to get what they want.

Particularly humorous was the strategists’ insistence that Grampa Joe must “fact check” Trump on the spot. Unless the subject is swamp politics circa 1974 or a pop quiz on the different scents of women’s shampoos, Biden doesn’t know any facts. If I’m not mistaken, Democrats basically argued the same thing four years ago when Hillary Clinton prepped to face the unpredictable and always-on-offense Trump. A version of the “advice” was also present in 2012 when Joe took on the wonk-ish Paul Ryan in that campaign’s vice presidential debate.

Those Democrats -- they have such a monopoly on facts and figures don’t they? Let’s try a few of our own:

60 million plus -- The number of babies aborted since Roe v. Wade was foisted on America, a tally that’s increased during the COVID-19 pandemic at the insistence of blue state governors and mayors who deemed the nation’s leading abortion factory as an “essential” business. Joe Biden and sidekick Kamala Harris have vowed to keep the infanticide working at full tilt -- at taxpayer expense, if possible -- while pro-life groups have described Trump as the best president on their issue since Ronald Reagan.

8.4 percent -- The unemployment rate in August, five months after the economy was virtually brought to a standstill by CCP virus restrictions and lockdowns. By comparison, the unemployment rate on Election Day, 2012, was 7.7 percent after four years of Obama/Biden policies. Before the coronavirus invaded America, unemployment was at 50-year lows for all groups including women, Hispanics and African-Americans. Consumer confidence was sky-high and Trump was virtually assured of a second term unless something was done to wreck his chances. Did China purposely interfere?

47 -- The number of years Joe Biden’s been in and around the Washington swamp. It’s no secret that the Democrat nominee has never worked a real job, having first been elected to the senate as a 29-year old in 1972. Talk about fact-checking -- Grampa Joe was in the upper chamber so long he’s had the chance to take both sides of every issue for practically his whole career. Don’t forget that once upon a time, Joe was opposed to mandatory school busing. And he earned a reputation as pro-law enforcement in the way-back-when. Those days are gone!

2 -- The total of Nobel prizes Trump’s been nominated for in recent weeks for his administration’s brokering of peace deals in the Middle East involving Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain (with more likely to come). In 2016, Trump promised to keep the military out of stupid foreign wars, a vow he’s largely stuck to despite furious resistance from neoconservatives and the Washington foreign policy establishment.

2 -- The number of years Democrats and the media persisted with the inane “Russian Collusion” narrative. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his deep state cohorts spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars overturning every rock, interviewing every hooker in Moscow and bending tradition and the law to drum up the dirt on Trump. The only problem? It was all phony, a lie concocted by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and furthered by enemies within the government.

300 and 1 -- The number of judges Trump hopes to have nominated and confirmed by the end of his first term, and the current Supreme Court vacancy after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week.

Zero -- The number of Republican votes contributed towards the passage of Obamacare. Biden’s vowed to do whatever it takes to “restore” the federal government’s healthcare monstrosity, and, thanks to persistent pressure from the Democrat left wing, to move towards a single payer system or Medicare for All. Trump has consistently advocated for giving consumers more choice in health insurance while insisting that pre-existing conditions be covered.

Our own “fact-check” could go on and on. If anything, Trump will be the one having an exceedingly difficult time highlighting all of Biden’s tall tales, truth bending and outright fabrications. Among them will be smears and slanders of “systemic racism” and all-out attempts to hide the fact that all of this summer’s violence took place in Democrat political strongholds with spineless “leaders” who refused to name the criminals, much less stop them.

Democrats realize they’ve got a weak candidate who can’t compete with Trump in a debate

The media likes to depict Joe Biden as a master debater, but it’s anything but the truth. The Democrat is easily rattled, doesn’t have a good (or reality-based?) grasp of policy and can’t explain many aspects of his questionable record. And oh yeah, watch the man’s eyes explode out of his skull whenever someone mentions the corruption in Grampa Joe’s family. Biden’s primary opponents mostly left the Hunter Biden topic off the table -- Trump won’t be so kind.

Let’s not forget, Barack Obama was personally popular with one segment of the American electorate but his administration wasn’t. An outsider like Trump would never have had a chance to win four years ago if people were satisfied that the big O’s “Hope and Change” mantra had been satisfied. Instead, traditional American culture lay in ruins, racial tensions were rampant and people craved a president who would shake up the swamp and keep his promises. That perfectly describes Donald J. Trump.

Make no mistake, this “Trump needs to be fact checked” nonsense is merely laying the groundwork to defend whatever lies and less obvious distortions the Democrat candidate himself says. It wasn’t all that long ago, for example, that Biden said 150 million Americans were killed by gun violence and another 120 million more died from COVID-19. As I’ve said before, Biden talks so fast that his age-dulled brain couldn’t possibly catch up with his mouth.

Grampa Joe’s always been regarded as a collegial good guy who got along well with senators from both sides of the aisle. If you’re in need of a back slappin’, hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, child repellin’, nude swimmin’, sexual assault denyin’, plagiarism perpetratin’ and fact bendin’ swamp creature, he’s your man! What he’s never been known to possess is a great intellect.

It could very well be that the Biden camp is keeping the option open to withdraw from the debate up until the last minute and they’ll use the “Trump will lie his way into a debate win” excuse to keep the Democrat standard bearer safely locked up in Delaware. The party’s been dropping hints about the need for an independent truth verifier for Trump, but what about their own man?

The very fact (pardon the term) Democrats are arguing that Biden needs to remain on the offensive means they’re already conceding that Grampa Joe has a lot to defend. Trump has a pretty stellar track record to cite with enough accomplishments to fill two administrations. Biden will not only be answering for the failures of the Obama years but also will need to explain his own policies that supposedly would bring an improvement to people’s lives.

Biden will need to be a gymnast doing logic backflips to explain how he’s for and against everything at the same time. How can you support the police and yet seek to cut their funding? How can you be for American workers and give credence to the Green New Deal? Too many contradictions to defend. No wonder his handlers are downplaying his performance in advance.

Polls continue to show Biden is ahead yet Trump’s approval rating is steadily rising

Every day, it seems, there’s another major establishment media poll showing Biden with steady support, this despite the candidate’s lackluster performance on the campaign trail and utter absence of an issue platform to capture Americans’ imaginations. Not surprisingly, Grampa Joe keeps emphasizing the COVID-19 pandemic, but it looks like citizens are wary of hearing the same old song.

Trump, on the other hand, is favorably viewed by a majority of Americans. Paul Bedard reported at The Washington Examiner, “[Last Friday’s] Rasmussen Reports said Trump’s approval rating is 53%, a height it has reached only three other times since his first month in office when support jumped to nearly 60%. Ironically, Rasmussen noted, the last time Trump was at 53% was when Pelosi announced that the House would begin impeachment proceedings.

“For the past few weeks, Trump has been on a steady climb in Rasmussen’s ratings. In its weekly rating of the presidential race between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, Trump, for the first time this week, had an edge over Biden, 47%-46%.

“At this stage of his reelection campaign, former President Barack Obama had a 49% approval rating in the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.”

It should be noted that other polls don’t echo what Rasmussen found and the Real Clear Politics average of Trump’s approval rating is a shade under 45 percent. Rasmussen’s surveys include results from likely voters -- and tends to be more friendly to Republicans than other polling operations. It doesn’t mean they’re inaccurate. Trump also enjoys excellent favorability ratings with minority voters, something other tallies are beginning to show as well.

It begs the question: if Americans are seeing Trump more favorably, how could a doddering substance-less dolt like Joe Biden still be ahead in the race? Who in their right mind would trust the polls? They don’t add up, unless people are lying about liking Trump but intending to vote for Biden anyway. Sure, that makes sense.

The tension will be tangible a week from tonight when Donald Trump and Joe Biden take the stage in Cleveland for 2020’s first presidential debate. Biden’s backers are already laying the groundwork for a poor performance from their candidate, excusing the man’s lack of wherewithal on Trump’s “lies” and an absence of fact-checking. It’s sad, isn’t it?

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