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7th Paul Revere Lantern - September 21, 2022

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

​I’m writing the Paul Revere Lantern to you and other grassroots conservative leaders to give ideas, information, material, and encouragement for you to provide the energy and leadership that’s missing from most national Republicans.

When I pioneered political direct mail/marketing for conservatives in the 1960s-1970s, Big Media was biased against conservatives. Of course, today the bias is far, far worse. However, the new and alternative media (mail, talk radio, cable TV, the Internet) has allowed us conservatives to bypass Big Media and go right into our fellow Americans homes and BRAND the Democrats with the message that they want to turn America into a socialist/Marxist country.

YOU are the leader you and America needs. Your leadership can take many forms, including using new and alternative media to forward articles, videos, emails, eBooks, etc. to your family, friends, neighbors, and others that you receive from these Paul Revere Lantern emails. You can blog, tweet, retweet, have a podcast, run for public office, become active and a leader in the Republican Party, volunteer for a key role in a conservative organization or a political campaign, etc., etc.

Why is this needed? Because Big Media and the leadership of every other major institution in America has signed on to the socialist/Marxist agenda. If conservatives like you don’t help educate your family, friends, neighbors, and others, they won’t learn the truth that national Democrats are ANTI: God, America, police, and FOR: open borders, indoctrination of school children, and are corrupt, elite socialists.


TO: Grassroots Conservative Leaders

FROM: Richard A. Viguerie

DATE: September 21, 2022

RE: 7th Paul Revere Lantern

SUBJECT: Democrats Want Sky High Fuel Prices to Force Electric Cars on Americans Quickly—Here’s What You Can Do

Because Democrats have declared war on fossil fuels, Americans are facing massive increases in gas, heating fuel, and electricity for years to come.

Conservatives know that Democrats have framed the narrative that they fervently care about the environment, so that is why they discourage consumption of fossil fuels. But if we look at how the high-profile Democrat leaders live, we will see that their professed values are complete shams. It is not enough to just fume about the Democrats anymore. We must add fuel to the fire and smoke them out! Here’s how…

The Democrats' Policies Will Give Us an Entire Nation of Hungry, Cold, Dependent Pedestrians

We all know what problems arise from high and rising fuel prices—electricity costs skyrocket along with all necessities including food and housing. This affects all of us—rich or humble, single or married, provider or dependent, young or old—regardless of where we live in the United States. That is why we conservatives must use this issue to hammer home to American voters that Democrats want sky-high gas, fuel, and electricity prices to force Americans to abandon our gas-driven cars and quickly buy electric cars.

Well, we do not comply. No—instead we will use all of the tools in our arsenal this season to share with every voter we can reach that the national Democrats want to hijack the nation’s prosperity and the quality of life of every American in the false name of fossil fuel reduction. This is across the board. This issue is pertinent in your local city council race, in your county supervisor election, in your state representative’s campaign, and in your incumbent Congressmen and Senator’s re-election efforts. This is what we mean when we say we must nationalize election discussions around conservative issues in order to give all worthy Republicans office-seekers a lift.

How Can You Stop This Rapid Descent into Poverty?

The number one way you can help today is to forward this email right now to ten or more people. Any voter who is concerned about the sky-high prices at the pump will likely be receptive. Encourage them to forward it along, as well.

Yes, the Democrat master planners are actively pushing for hyperinflation. Their alliances are questionable, at best. You know, the shocking increases in food costs are not nearly as visible to consumers as is the price of a gallon of gasoline. Bread and milk do not have their own neon price-per-unit signs visible from the highways. So, this is a great angle to really stick it to the Democrats and BRAND them as fiscally evil, anti-American zealots. Reminder: share this memo right now.

We Figured Out What the Democrats Really Want—It is More Sickening than Shocking

Why share this information? Because Democrats do not want to reduce fuel prices at all. They must realize that we all know that electricity and fuel are in a long-term relationship, yet they relentlessly push for “the great American road trip” to go completely electric. Democrats are delusional. Americans don’t want to drive lightweight cars with wimpy battery life across an enormous, rugged nation with horrifyingly-few charging stations simply because the wing nut Democrats cancelled the Keystone Pipeline.

If they were serious about reinventing the American road trip, they would have spent the last year investing trillions in infrastructure dollars on Electric Vehicle charging stations and related infrastructure. But they did not. Biden and the Democrat Party are sitting on that money and waiting to spend it until it buys even less for the American taxpayers that financed it and it enriches their pet companies and favorite donors even more. None of the Democrats in charge really think any of this will change any environment except their own personal ones that consist of more money and more power. They pull the strings and they make the profits. Truly despicable.

What is more disturbing is that they want to remove our consumer choices in an effort to control how we live, where we travel, how we get there, and what it will cost us. Honestly, this shouldn’t even be a conservative vs. liberal issue—it really comes down to freedom. Does the Democrats’ harebrained energy policy make Americans more or less free?

You Must Take Action Right Now

You are undoubtedly fuming again. This is a good sign. Now take action—forward this email if you have not already done so. Record that podcast that has been on your mind. Write that blog post. Call into that radio station you know your neighbors listen to! Attend that public meeting and make your voice heard. Contact the Republican candidates canvassing your area and urge them to nationalize their talking points around issues like intentionally high fuel prices that all Americans care deeply about.

One more thing. Consider helping financially. FedUp PAC’s Paul Revere Riders are doing what no other conservative organization is doing—providing news, information, articles, videos, etc. to millions of conservatives so that they can share information with family, friends, and others.

Together, we can take the fight right to the Democrats’ doors—in our gasoline-powered vehicles—while we work for their defeat.

P.S. I’m sending the Paul Revere Lantern to 400,000 grassroots conservatives each week. However, in order to reach 100,000,000 voters 5 days a week with 15-20 new conservative news stories that the Big Media has kept from them, we’ll need to quickly increase the number of conservative leaders/activists receiving our daily Paul Revere Lantern to 10,000,000.

However, it will cost $10,000,000, and I will need your help.

Some can give a lot, others much less. But whatever you send will make a difference. No other conservative organization is doing what we’re doing. If we don’t raise the $10,000,000, tens of millions of voters won’t hear the truth before voting.

This project can help elect 5-10 more conservative U.S. House members, and several more U.S. Senators, governors, and hundreds of state legislators in tight races.

Because Paul Revere Lantern is a project of FedUp PAC, an independent expenditure PAC, we can accept donations of any amount, including corporate contributions.

​Paid for by FedUp PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman • P.O. Box 1370, Manassas, VA 20108

FedUp PAC is an Independent Expenditure political action committee in support of electing a conservative Republican Congress and President.

Because FedUp PAC works to BRAND Democrats as anti-God, anti-America, anti-police, open borders, school children indoctrination, corrupt, elite socialists, and elect conservatives -- donations are not tax deductible for income tax purposes FedUp PAC can accept unlimited-size donations as well as corporate donations.

Contributions may be used to cover costs of communications, compliance, administration, and fundraising for FedUp PAC's projects to achieve a governing constitutional conservative majority.

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