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4th Paul Revere Lantern - September 7, 2022

​I’m writing the Paul Revere Lantern to you and other grassroots conservative leaders to give ideas, information, material, and encouragement for you to provide the energy and leadership that’s missing from most national Republicans.

When I pioneered political direct mail/marketing for conservatives in the 1960s-1970s, Big Media was biased against conservatives. Of course, today the bias is far, far worse. However, the new and alternative media (mail, talk radio, cable TV, the Internet) has allowed us conservatives to bypass Big Media and go right into our fellow Americans homes and BRAND the Democrats with the message that they want to turn America into a socialist/Marxist country.

YOU are the leader you and America needs. Your leadership can take many forms, including using new and alternative media to forward articles, videos, emails, eBooks, etc. to your family, friends, neighbors, and others that you receive from these Paul Revere Lantern emails. You can blog, tweet, retweet, have a podcast, run for public office, become active and a leader in the Republican Party, volunteer for a key role in a conservative organization or a political campaign, etc., etc.

Why is this needed? Because Big Media and the leadership of every other major institution in America has signed on to the socialist/Marxist agenda. If conservatives like you don’t help educate your family, friends, neighbors, and others, they won’t learn the truth that national Democrats are ANTI: God, America, police, and FOR: open borders, indoctrination of school children, and are corrupt, elite socialists.


TO: Grassroots Conservative Leaders

FROM: Richard A. Viguerie

DATE: September 7, 2022

RE: 4th Paul Revere Lantern

SUBJECT: It is 1934. Hitler is in The White House. What can you do about it?

For conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters watching Joe Biden’s chilling speech in Philadelphia last week streamed from what looked like an evil Hollywood movie set—the message was clear, “They are coming for us.”

They Are Coming for Us

74 million Americans were suddenly declared less-than-human targets by the man who swore to represent all Americans. It was a shocking spectacle—but not without precedent.

Surely such a stunt will hurt the Democrats deeply going into the midterm elections, right? Well, not necessarily. But that is where you and I come in. The Democrats are desperately trying to craft the narrative about conservatives in order to take over yet another election. They are saying that WE are a threat to democracy. But it is actually them!

If Rush Limbaugh were alive today, he would be on full attack mode. But his voice is sadly silent. Patriotic, conservative Americans must rush, so to speak, to BRAND the modern Democrat Party, led by a clearly Hitleresque character, as so toxic to national unity and our constitutional republic that they must all be turned out on their ears. Immediately. 1930s German history should be all we need to know to decode what is at stake here. Rank-and-file Germans did not speak up when they still could make a difference!

We Must Learn from History or Be Doomed to Repeat It

What we witnessed in Philadelphia last week was truly scary. The unhinged Democrats are beyond frightening as they follow in the footsteps of their violent, tyrannical socialist and Communist heroes.

This was the ultimate display of the pot calling the kettle black as a dictatorial Biden, lit in red and flanked by U.S. Marines, called half of the country fascists who are endangering democracy. On the contrary, that was decidedly the most fascist speech ever given in front of a microphone by an occupant of The White House.

We Must Sustain Our Campaign to Show the Democrats’ True Colors!

While some Democrats in the media are trying to distance themselves from his hateful rhetoric, and Biden himself even tried to feebly backpedal the next day after facing backlash, the volley was lobbed. And we need to take this latest open assault and run with it—we cannot let the Democrats get away with portraying conservative Trump voters as not human and un-American. We must take control of this false narrative, and reverse it—both for the short-term, and so history will get it right. We simply have to do this—right now.

Is Humor a Good Weapon in This War?

Fox News’ Greg Gutfield mocked Biden’s speech as “Darth Vader in Depends.” He said it looked like a dystopian movie trailer with a dead president being played by a hologram. Gutfield noted that Joe Biden has launched a war on us, and perhaps the best defense should be one of humor—we should mock this speech as one of the funniest moments in American history.

It did not take social media channels very long to come up with hilarious memes to commemorate the speech. One meme asked, “Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Biden’s speech in the original German?”

Now, We Take Action—Spread the Word!

As a Paul Revere Lantern leader, we urge you to spread the word in your circles of influence and do not let the Democrats get away with this appalling stunt. Keep the conversation flowing on this bone-chilling speech. Post your opinions about it in whatever format you can produce—and repost the great work of others.

Please utilize the resources we have collected for you on this topic that are linked here—and share them far and wide! Do not let them galvanize the left to hate people on the right! Hardworking Americans just want to survive—and when they tuned in they expected to hear about what the Democrats plan to do about inflation and rising crime—not hateful, overly political vitriol.

If the Democrats insist on waging a sustained campaign against half the country, we had better be ready with sustained rebuttals as we hold their feet to the fire!

How Can You Help Save America?

You love this nation or you would not be on this mailing list, so all steps that you can take in an effort to educate others about the truth are excellent uses of your time and talent!

Check out our previous posts about how to activate your sharing network. Click here for a list of items, articles, and videos for you to use. Stay tuned for another helpful edition of The Paul Revere Lantern soon! You are the leader we all need.

We must all be talking about the Democrats’ outrageous policies—and the dangerous Marxist agenda behind it all.

P.S. I’m sending the Paul Revere Lantern to 400,000 grassroots conservatives weekly. However, in order to reach 100,000,000 voters 5 days a week with 15-20 new conservative news stories that the Big Media has kept from them, we’ll need to increase the number of conservatives receiving our daily Paul Revere Lantern to 5,000,000.

However, it will cost $8,700,000, and I will need your help.

Some can give a lot, others much less. But whatever you send will make a difference. No other conservative organization is doing what we’re doing. If we don’t raise the $8,700,000, tens of millions of voters won’t hear the truth before voting.

This project can help elect 5-10 more conservative U.S. House members, and several more U.S. Senators, governors, and hundreds of state legislators in tight races.

Because Paul Revere Lantern is a project of FedUp PAC, an independent expenditure PAC, we can accept donations of any amount, including corporate contributions.

P.P.S. By the way, the results of last week’s survey, as well as a new survey for grassroots conservative leaders are at our website,

​Paid for by FedUp PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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