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We Want Eazy Instrumental

the two songs are actually the same, a beat called the intro and the first verse on the intro. the intro has been sampled in many songs since, and dre has confirmed that he wrote the song for eazy. one reason why this song is important is that it illustrates how eazy wanted to make hip-hop songs that didnt sound like it was coming from a south central background, but rather, was the style of the east, west, and middle. and when youre a kid from that area, this was pretty damn important.

We want eazy instrumental

eazy-duz-it eazy did write this song, and it was the second single released from the album. it is a very short track, and its a good example of the style and sound that eazy had in mind for the album. he sampled a funky organ track, then he added his own rap. he created a song with a slow, funky beat and a hook, which was very important in the days before it was commonplace for songs to have hooks. this song also features a very short bridge, which dre uses as a hook as well. this song was a huge hit and was also important for the fact that it was one of the few songs on the album that was not sampled by dr. dre. it was very important to eazy as well, and he uses the song on his next album, eazy-duz-it.

eazy-duz-it the album that followed this hit was an album that not many people are aware of, but that many agree is one of the greatest albums ever released. the fourth single released from the album is another song that not many people know is on it. in fact, this song is one of the few songs on the album that dre did not sample. he takes a very short section of a james brown song, raps a little bit over it, and then it ends. this is one of the only songs on this album that i actually like. it doesnt have a great hook, but the little section that dre samples is pretty solid, and it sounds like james brown.


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